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Soul Calibur Thread - Return of Neclord's Waifu

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Just noticed we don't have Soul Calibur thread. My personal favorite fighting game franchise from Namco, sorry Tekken fans. It seems SCVI is going back to more of a SC2 style of game. Hopefully they don't forget to put in the series stalwarts while they are wasting slots on guest characters. @Neclord , I got a present for you for all your tournament steam updates.




















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4 hours ago, misterBee said:

Never been seriously into SC. If this one's fun I'll give it a shot. 

They REALLY pissed me off when they took my boy Kilik out.  I know why they brought monkey boy in and I don't care.  Add that fucker as a skin if you want, but leave my homey alone.  I MAY try six.  That's a big if since I barely play at all anymore.  


Also:  Ivy?  Just throw the clothes away.  You want to do it, and we want you to do it.  

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Yeah I think he is high %. They seem to be pushing this as a psuedo-reboot of the franchise so I figure they are gonna pull a SFIV and try to hit all the favorites.


My one concern is that in this modern era of waifus I'm not sure a creepy old bondage guy can still get a release spot. But failing that Xianghua and Sophitia are in so the game is already off to a strong start for me.

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As a long-time fan of the SoulCalibur series, I'm excited for SCVI. However, I'm also kind of guarded about the game because of Namco-Bandai's track record of treating the series like a red-headed stepchild compared to all of the attention, marketing dollars and development each and ever Tekken game gets.


Personally, I'm waiting on Taki, Astaroth, Raphael, Cervantes and new characters.

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Namco seems to have discovered the Smash phenomenon of adding a character from another thing makes fans of that thing likely to buy your game because video game fans usually have poor impulse control. 


I will be massively shocked if Taki doesn't show up. She has always seemed to be a popular character and dear lord her character design and "costume" make her perfect for the modern FG waifu culture. Not like she doesn't already have a spot there, but c'mon who doesn't want to see a current gen Taki?

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Just saw this thread. Shame I didn't notice it earlier. :flushed:



Soul Calibur is my favorite 3D fighter series. I think I played every game of it.

Played 4 and 5 online until it died. Was fun, but sadly the playerbase wasn't nearly as big as SF4 during the time so it wasn't always easy to find matches.


Well and Ivy is probably my favorite Fighting Game character of all time. I fell in love with her in SC2 and mained her in every SC game since then.


Also first video game crush pls don't tell anyone :blush:


I like that she has a younger face this time. Looks fresh. But I hope we get the option to give her her older face from IV as a costume option. Probably won't happen and it's not really necessary but I liked her face from IV a lot too so would be cool. But no preference overall. All her faces in all SC games are top tier imo.


I just hope that gameplay wise they didn't simplify her more. SCV already did that a little bit and I just hope she remains a stance character. That's what made her so interesting to me.



But of course Ivy is not my only interest in the game. I want to see some old fan favorites making it into SC6.


Especially Taki. She derserves it so much to be back after she got replaced by female Naruto in V. She was my secondary in IV.

Other characters I wanna see are Setsuka and Siegfried. I liked to mess around with them in previous SC games. Hated the fact that Setsuka got replaced by Alpha Patroklos in V (V made a lot of bad decisions in that regard).




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First off: I never saw the cosplay in the initial post. Damn fine.


I'd be surprised if they changed Ivy much. Her whole two stances/whip sword thing is her jam. They may mechanically make her easier/more streamlined but that is the way the winds are blowing nowadays anyways (though Namco is still making "fuck you get good" games like Tekken 7).


I would love to see Setsuka come back. Her move set was rad as hell and she got shafted in terms of representation. Fuck every version of Sophie's children.

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I always forget how much I love his attacks until I see them in action again. Something about Nightmare just isn't the same.


Edit: I sort of purged Soul Calibur from my mind after being disappointed with 5. Now that I'm thinking about it I'm pretty pumped to potentially get Cervantes back. He was probably my #1 in those games.

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On 4/12/2018 at 1:01 PM, misterBee said:

I used to think I was special because I used Siegfried.  Now I realize everyone uses him and I am another nameless scrub.

Nothing wrong with being a scrub. Just sing this and you'll feel better.


I don’t know
What this move’s gonna do,
But I know one thing,
I’m gonna keep mashing…
Baby, 'cause I’m a scrub
All day, every day
Baby, 'cause I’m a scrub
Can’t confirm for the world
Uh huh, 'cause I’m a scrub
That’s right you heard
Baby, ‘cause I’m a scrub
Uh-huh, oh, yeah, mash it out

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5 hours ago, misterBee said:

You must have had a terrible time because by my scrub math I think these two characters are like 95% of the user base.

well, this was way back in the SC2 days and I was quite lucky.  Only me and some guys on the ship were playing.  Thankfully, they were playing quite a diverse group.  Still, the mitsu, seig, and one Cervantes guy were wrecking my shit more often than not.  I ended up picking up some mitsu because of that.  Might grab that Seig this time since we ALL know what's gonna happen.  

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Saw Yoshi's trailer earlier and I definitely like his redesign. I just wish Team Soul start revealing unexpected characters. They are revealing too many fan favorites so soon. Save Maxi, Yun Seong, Talim, Mina, Raphael, and Astaroth for later. Start showing off some unexpected characters or some more new ones. Groh better not be the only new character in SC6

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I feel like there will probably be a few more, but I could totally see them being really conservative. SCV has sort of a miasma around it and part of what you hear is that people didn't like the new characters (or at least that is what I've heard).


Since I'm sure Namco is trying to push SC towards a Tekken 7-style renaissance I think they'd be sort of conservative with new characters anyways, and I think SCV being close-ish in the rear view would probably make them even more gun shy about including too many new faces. This is going to me more of an SFIV sort of launch where you want as many people as possible saying "oh cool my favorite character is in this one, I'll give it a shot".


That said, SC is at it's best when it is introducing new characters and hopefully they know that. Just don't give us another batch of shit kids and everything will be alright. 😁

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I'm a fan of Yoshimitsu's design in SCVI. Sometimes less is more. Some of the super over the top designs they gave him recently weren't my cup of tea. Side note: Anyone seen @Neclord lately? Haven't seen him in a bit. I wasn't too concerned at first. However, he usually posts the tournament schedules. There are three going I think and he's MIA. I hope he's okay.

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21 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I'm a fan of Yoshimitsu's design in SCVI. Sometimes less is more. Some of the super over the top designs they gave him recently weren't my cup of tea. Side note: Anyone seen @Neclord lately? Haven't seen him in a bit. I wasn't too concerned at first. However, he usually posts the tournament schedules. There are three going I think and he's MIA. I hope he's okay.

Did he show up at the other place?  Maybe he's just busy. Next week is Memorial Day weekend after all.

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