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Soul Calibur Thread - Return of Neclord's Waifu

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1 hour ago, CESTUS III said:

Just realized i forgot to add the OC gallery, wich probably is my favourite after the SC Universe recreation ones, tons of stuff


= WARRIORS & MONSTERS: Teh Gatsu’s OC Temple =





Primo work. I have a few OC's but those more to flesh out characters that i couldn't draw. Some of my books characters or some of my Street Fighter concept characters. I'll see have to try to put them together somewhere.

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I just thought about it. I could have just copied these to my thumb drive instead of sharing them to my Twitter. Oh well. Here are a few of my OC's. Not exactly what I envisioned but a rough idea of what a few of my book characters look like.


Deinov Brazenwind

31 years old

6'2 220lbs

Race: Artcan-Vekinsali Hybrid




Asidio D'Esherhault

61 years old

5'6 125lbs

Race: Vekinsali



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