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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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1) No nudity or see through clothing

2) No sexual acts or pornography

3) No underage gals (18 and above)


Girls of any ethnicity are welcome as are cosplays.

If you know the name of the girl, please post it.


Since Image Mishmash is basically dead on OG SRK, I thought we could resurrect it.

SRK2  GD is probably the most appropriate place so here we  go..








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That WTF emote should be an "OMG" face if you ask me.  But, since it isn't, I've brought along someone to help me express my reaction to the last two Dark requiem posts.




while it isn't exactly a hot girl post, it is humorous and I am sure that the fellas will get it, so.................



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15 hours ago, DanZan said:



Hey bro! Can you post that gif of the japanese girl who was doing that wacky anime face? that gif is def worth saving in a folder somewhere.

I most certainly can.


LOL though.  I didn't have it in my own inventory and saying,"Japanese girl doing a wacky anime face" only narrows the list down to the entire Internet and most of Shinjuku, Shibuya, and all of Harajuku on Sunday.  

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