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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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now from the Youtube/fitness category...another one of the absolute finest women I've ever seen on youtube....and just in general... "Dannibelle" [heh, I've kept tabs on her for a couple of years now]


so incredible.....and that accent, goddamnnnn 😍 


oh my god yes 


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Me:  Operator.  What's your Emergency?
Her: Hello again sir.  I'm back!
Me: Ah. It's you.  What do you have for me this time?
Her: I've been watching things over here and well, it's gotten weird.
Me: Oh? 
Her: I mean REAL weird.
Me:Well, I'd only be surprised if it weren't.  What have we got this time?
Her:well, it's the booties again.  I know you won't believe this one.
Me:I probably won't, but don't let that stop you.
Her:It's like they're no longer content to be behind people.  Now they're showing up in FRONT as well!

Me:  You're right.  I don't believe it. I'm guessing you have pictures?
Her:Yes. Here you go.




Me: lol.  Ma'am, those are just boobs.  They're supposed to be there.
Her: Boobs?  They're gigantic!!  How'd they get like that?
Me: There are a few ways.  Don't worry though.  They're no more dangerous than the booties.
Her:I'm afraid you might be wrong this time.  There is a warning already out about them.  Here you go.




Me:  lol.  I guess I am wrong.  No problem, We'll just keep our eyes on them as well.
Her:  Thanks! 
Me:  No problem.   Please let us know if you see anymore like these around and we'll get on it.
Her:  Sure thing.  See you later!

Me: Okay.  Take care.


You thought I wasn't gonna do one for December?  Ha!  THINK AGAIN!

This time I decided to give it a change from the booties thanks to the boobs attacking the girl in the car picture.  Merry Christmas everybody!


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Yo.  I figure to post a few for you before Christmas hits.  With no further ado, here ya go.





Here's one of Maritza Mendez.  It's nearly impossible to find one of her with her clothes on, so enjoy.




The same goes for Tessa Fowler, but it's worth it for the monster muffins. 




There ya go.  Enjoy your Christmas.


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It's Sunday and it's the last one of the year, so let's make it look good.


Here's a pic I've seen several times over the years.  Now I'll share it.



She'd be pretty even without that chest, but we're not the kind of people to argue over such things are we?


But............we know why you're here and we know why I'm here, so let's get back to the booties!!







And one more.


We're ending the year Whale Tail style, and what a tail she has.  There ya go.  We'll see ya next year.

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Well, in addition to being ridiculously hot, Anna also has quite a bit of talent


Surprisingly I never checked out her instagram until now... you can finally see some body on some pics there; it's as good as one could've expected... the girl is perfection:


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yeah I got the notification when she went live as she headed over there.... unfortunately the stream never lasted long due to some tech. difficulties.


..mmm...a shame that she appears to be one of those that tries to downplay or just *not rely* on her hotness.  Sheeeitttt, I'm of the opinion that one should use every advantage they have in the game of life to win....the girl has what is effectively "cheat code-level hotness", man....it's ridiculous. 😄

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