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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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Kinda went radio silent last week trying to concentrate on work.  Obviously, I'm here now, so let's bring on the booties!!!


best use of a robodialer goes to whomever is making her bend over to answer the phone. 




Sorry ma'am.  You must have at least this much booty or you will be disqualified.




Two scoops of chocolate?  Coming RIGHT up!!




Strange.  I didn't know they put pockets on those things.




Oh?  You wanted vanilla instead?  Say no more.




And, since I was slacking last week, I'll add in one vid as well. 



This time we're featuring the lovely casi davis.  Save and savor this selection of sexy seat warmers for Superbowl Sunday.

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I've been keeping tabs on this one for years now.. Vaneyoga...


lawd have mercy those sweet cheeks... her vids have blown me the hell up soooo many times 😳


and also---Milana is still one of the finest women ever to be a regular on commercials:



another smokin hot ass girl from tv commercial fame---Gina Cantrell, the Boost Mobile girl... I found an older Jell-O commercial she was in


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Tabs will definitely be kept on this one.... 

yeah, I keep telling my old college buddies....it was really for the best that our alma mater did not have a gymnastics program...I definitely would've gotten in trouble at some point.  ^THIS is the kinda hotness women's gymnastics has blessed the world with....lawd have mercy 😳

goddamnnnnnn look at thisssssssssss



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You late on the gymnasts. I remember back in the day, my coworker was talking about his wife teaching at the YMCA.  She was from east Europe. I'll relay our conversation.

Me: "What does she do at the Y?"

Co-worker: "She teaches gymnastics."

Me: "Your wife is a gymnast?" 🤔

Co-worker: "Yeah...." 😍 his eyes glaze over, he gets a big smile his face, and zones out for 30 seconds 


I've never seen a man look so happy in my life.

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