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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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Redhead Hunter on PATROL here...and DAMN this is a good one---Lisa Foiles... saw this one on the Screw-Attack youtube channel just now....   😳

*and apparently she was on Nickelodeon's "All That" back in the day... somehow that one flew under the radar for me then; this is my first time discovering this gorgeous creature..



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@MillionX  I wouldn't touch her with a 39  1/2 foot pole. I remember this chick. I can't remember the guys name but he was sort of big YouTuber. He broke down on his stream talking about his abusive ex-girlfriend and things she did to him. He didn't name her but people figured out it was Nicole Arbour. At that point several people backed up his side of the story. The internet took his side. You never see the internet take the guys side. Too many woman out there to fuck with a crazy and abusive one.

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see and that's one thing that absolutely fascinated me... the whole fiasco with M. Santoro there...yep I remember the name.... I couldn't get over how fake the "relationship" came off to me, because that guy is sparking all kinds of red alerts on the "gay-dar", man.  The dude is practically flaming....yet we're supposed to believe he was involved in an apparently romantic/sexual relationship with Nicole.  It still boggles the mind, man.... like that SNL skit I think featured Dana Carvey as this sitcom character that was "The Incredibly Effeminate Heterosexual", with the recurring joke/punchline being him yelling to other characters in frustration that he's "NOT GAY!!" (complete with the stereotypical lisp) 🤣  I think that fiasco was like a year or 2 ago and I still suspect that was some fake shit going on she was his "beard", y'know.


On another note--- I also found it kinda shitty that everyone just automatically took his side (probably because he's way more popular).....much like the current era of "MeToo" where so many people immediately believe a woman's accusation and are ready to see some dude hanged.... despite a lack of any real evidence. 


back on hot girls... here ie today's dose of my #1 Camila B.... 


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@MillionX  Everyone just didn't take her side. She didn't have the best reputation to begin with. People that were friends of both of them took his side. It was their friends that outed her as the girl he was talking about. If wanted blow up her spot he could of done so himself.


Rule of thumb. There are two situations in which if people that the guys side you know the woman REALLY fucked up. One is if the father gets custody of the kids. The second is if you there is an abusive relationship and people take the guys side.


People never take the guy's side. Even when they should, I remember back in the day Montel Williams had show about guys that ended up killing their abusive girlfriends in self defense. One guy's girl came at him with a sword, cut him the leg, he pushed her to get her away from him. She feel and broke her neck. Crowd still was looking at him side eyed. He basically said "What was I supposed to do? Let her kill me?"


Back to the regularly scheduled program. SRK1 made me remember this girl.


Crystal Graziano





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On 5/21/2018 at 5:57 PM, misterBee said:

I don't understand. I mean I like it but I don't understand... 

lol.  the whole thing started as some sort of dance challenge.  A lot of people took up the challenge, including that lady.  My personal opinion is that she is one of the best ones who did.  There are some who put their own spin on it, and some who were just fucking disgusting looking like that fat kid who painted himself green.  Of course, I posted it because she's pretty nice looking and I've probably watched those dance challenge things for a day straight.  

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I think Sinead still appears occasionally on Collider but that's about it... along with Perri and Emma, she's really the only cutie left on the channel, sadly.... not sure what the hell they were thinking dropping so much PRIME eye-candy lately.......losing Grace Hancock probably wasn't on them though since last I remember, she got some part in a movie (received the text from her agent while live on one of the shows, actually)

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On 6/18/2018 at 7:02 PM, MillionX said:

Cassidy Freeman; the character "Lady Ashbury" in Vampyr reminds me so much of her....oooh lawd yes I'd eat.  Redheads for life, folks... 😳

She was formerly "Tess" from Smallville, and later appeared as a vamp on Vampire Diaries, if I recall.




Yes. Redheads do the job here too.  If you're not in a place where you can end up getting fired, look up Greta Istvandi.  NSFWAF ................That actually is a sentence these days.  Lord help be warned.

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