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The Official MEGASHOCK Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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On 6/18/2018 at 7:02 PM, MillionX said:

Cassidy Freeman; the character "Lady Ashbury" in Vampyr reminds me so much of her....oooh lawd yes I'd eat.  Redheads for life, folks... 😳

She was formerly "Tess" from Smallville, and later appeared as a vamp on Vampire Diaries, if I recall.




Yes. Redheads do the job here too.  If you're not in a place where you can end up getting fired, look up Greta Istvandi.  NSFWAF ................That actually is a sentence these days.  Lord help us.............so be warned.

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On principle Soleil "This wasn't my final form" Moon-Frye, sad.. so sad...


Dark Requim is owning this thread HORD Cree Ikuko is fire and once again Mercedes Hawkins is perfection made flesh......


My donation:


Alexandra  Daddario













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