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2 hours ago, Iduno said:

Not quite sure if this fits but it's about using tech to play fighting games.

Looking to pick up a TV over black friday but basically haven't bought a TV in years now and not quite au fait with stuff about input lag besides knowing its something to be bothered about Are the TVs here worth looking out for for fighting games or am I looking at going after 1ms full stop?


Just asking because I'm trying to get 4K but apparently the viewing angles on the BenQs already on sale on amazon are kind of ass and the extent of my input lag knowledge was "BenQ good" lol

Here are some helpful guides

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Right before the other site blew the fuck up and I migrated away, I bought a 360 VLX. Yesterday it arrived in the mail!



The box was neatly packaged. All of the stuff came with it!
The stick works (tested in joy.cpl and in SFV)

I'd love to gut the stick and put a UFB in it, but I cannot bring myself to do that to such nice a stick. I may get one of the new Brook converters after the holidays for 360 to PS4 use and hope for offline events to come back next year.


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