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So I know there are like 3 people on this board that even own this game, myself included, but it continues to impress the hell out of me. I figure it at least deserves a thread of its own just remind people that it exists. I expect this thread to be about as active as it is online. 😉


Watching Anime Ascension Top 8 for this game and the first match is an angel girl with crystals and lasers fighting some nerd that summons a wolf-lizard monster. Love the character designs and the flow of the game.


I still haven't put much time into it but damn would I like to. If anyone ever wants to get games in, feel free to hit me up. 

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Whenever I can. 😄


The hard part is that I barely have time to keep up with another game on top of SFV (though its getting better as I get more comfortable with SFV). So I feel like I need to choose between Rev 2 and UNIEL. Sophie's Anime Choice if you will.


I'm really drawn to UNIEL so I'm willing to throw that time into it just to see how well it holds up to my initial excitement.


I have a decent chunk of free time Friday evening and Saturday around the day and I'm looking to plug fighting gamez in there. I'll fire up UNIEL and start trying to actually learn something and if you or anyone else may be around then we can see how the netcode in it holds up.

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So since I'm just scratching the surface of the is game, here are thoughts on the assortment of chars I used during the last Official Anime Weekend Extravaganza:


 - Nanase: I still like her a lot. She is a good combination of accessible for a noob like me but also has some more depth so she'll be fun to stick with. Also has enough unsafe stuff with her that you can't just mash shit out. I feel like I know just enough with her that I'd come back to her even if I didn't "main" her just to do her combos (her juggles have really satisfying hits).


 - Yuzuriha: I absolutely love her character design but hol-ee-shit is this one of the least "figure shit out mid-match" friendly characters I've run into recently. She definitely benefits a lot from having some time in with her; her normals and specials seem great but you need to understand where and how to use them. Just mashing shit out or throwing out sick katana cuts doesn't really get you far with her. Of all the characters I played she is the one I am most interested in putting more time into, if for no other reason than she seems like a super rewarding character once you learn her ins and outs.


 - Mika: I like her a lot. She is noob friendly enough that I enjoyed the matches with her right off the bat, and her suite of normals and specials are fun and seem decently effective. She has the closet kit to what I usually gravitate towards and I think her character is adorable and amusing. Her lack of an actual crouch animation weirds me out though.


 - Phonon: The other character I had initially put any time in with. She is also very rad. Fun space control character, also decently accessible at a basic level. I don't think she's a character I'd main but very fun to play and another character that just looks amazing on screen. 


 - Enkidu: Picked him randomly to try someone new, didn't dig his swirl hair. However, he makes a great first impression. Pretty accessible right out of the gate with decent normals (based on my mashing), rekkas for damage, upkicks, a dive kick, a sick B+C move, and a counter. Just a really well rounded kit, seems solid, and was fun to use. Definitely the surprise of the night for me. Also appreciate a Gilgamesh callback.


 - Hilda: Another character whose design I really like, but she was like Yuzuriha+ in that she is absolutely not "figure shit out mid-match" friendly. And unlike Yuzuriha I never really got a handle on her. I almost want to go back to her just try to figure out more about her. She seems like a fun variant on a zoning character.


 - Waldstein: Quite possibly the biggest big body I've seen in a game. Also like trying to pilot a house into your opponent. Has the normals and specials to sort of go along with that slowness plus a command grab with a cool animation but I feel like playing him seriously in this game could be a nightmare. He is so goddamn big and slow so it seems like fast rushdown or keepaway characters would suck (they usually do in anime games as a big body) and that is like everyone in the game. Still love his way over the top design.


I want to try to cycle through all the characters over time just to give them a shot. Enkidu showed me that its worth exploring options I'd normally ignore especially in this game. The overall character designs in this game seem really solid. It has the thing I like a lot about GG in that the characters are really distinct and are all worth checking out because they are so diverse.

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That would be rad. 😄


Been trying to poke my way through the mission mode to get an idea of what the character's basic stuff looks like. The combo progressions are nice, but I hit a wall with some of them pretty quick (getting better though). I think it is kind of funny that they put the most practical stuff dead last in the "playlist". Very good info overall though. Much better than the nothing I have right now. 😉

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Alternate thread title: "GetTheTables Talks to Himself About Animu" 😋


Still poking at this here and there when I can. Still really like Nanase. I think she is the character I'm going to try to legit learn stuff with, though I'm sort of at a loss for resources about playing her outside of the in-game resources (which in fairness are quite good). I'll poke around and see what I can find.


Trying to go through the mission modes with Yuzuriha and Mika to see how I feel about them and try to get a feel about their combos.


Yuzuriha continues to be weird but cool; even the flow of her combos have a bit of a different rhythm to them. I'm stuck on 3-1 or whatever it is. I can't consistently stick the Dash B after the air C juggles. I'm assuming I'm not hitting all of it fast enough to get the Dash B to juggle. One thing I know is throwing me is that Yuzuriha has air normals on forward + button, so my usual method of "mash forward + dash" to get the Dash B to juggle instead leads to her swinging at air. No bs'ing my way out of this one it seems.


As an aside, one feature I love in this game is when you're doing the combo trials you can dial the game speed down. Helps tremendously with trying to see if there are fine grain differences with timing some sequences.


Mika is much more straightforward and conversely satisfying. I was able to get her Dash B juggle after a half hour or so of banging on it so she instantly jumped up in the tier list in my heart. 😉 


Should have time to play Friday and during part of the weekend so hopefully I can get some more time in on this then in addition to SFV.

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In the interest of actually getting games in with UNIEL I tried an experiment yesterday. I know that UNIEL is waaaaaay the fuck less popular online than SFV and its even less popular than Rev 2 (which is already a ghost town compared to SFV). So its not the kind of game where you can just hop on and find a bunch of people playing Ranked or whatever.


UNIEL has lobbies, though they're called Player Matches which threw me at first, so I figured that similar to Rev 2 that was going to be the best way to find people and get games. The million dollar question was if anyone would be around when I was going to have time to play. If they aren't, then I'm screwed outside of becoming a training mode monster (which at least in this game is quite fun).


So at 5pm EST I fired the game up and checked Player Match options. 3 lobbies going, all with at least one free spot and decent connection ratings. I picked one arbitrarily and hopped in.


The good news: even in a lobby with 4 people rotating through I managed to get 20ish games in the span of about an hour and fifteen minutes. All of the connections felt solid; the game reported ~2 frames of delay throughout and it never felt like the game really hiccuped or slowed down.


The bad news: learning this game is sort of like learning Rev 2. There is a lot to take in at first and most of the people playing have been playing a far sight longer than I have. So there were *a lot* of ass beatings. The guy hosting the lobby had a fierce Wagner - if you weren't careful it was first hit into lockdown into combos into death - and another guy joined that played at least 3 characters at a very competent level. I knew he was a motherfucker when I saw he was on PS3; you know all he does is play UNIEL. 😉


The good news, redux: even when getting rocked this game is a lot less frustrating than SFV, for whatever reason. I think its that even when you're getting mauled you have 3-4 really good reset points where you can try to escape and take the momentum back, and they are easier to identify and act on than they are in SFV. Also, staying in that same lobby for awhile I saw a few other players rotate through so its not like I was playing the exact same couple of people over and over (though I don't mind that so much). And one of those guys was someone using Enkidu that was even more of a noob than me so I had someone I could get wins on. 😁


Quick capsule experience playing against some of these characters with people beasting with them:


Wagner: I remember seeing her at the top of tier lists and I can see why. The one fella hosting the lobby was routinely converting hits into 30 hit combos and she seems to have a pretty good suite of normals and specials. I unfortunately didn't learn too much about fighting against her; it was more like surviving. But I think she is more of a rushdown, up close pressure monster. The times I did better were when I could keep her at sword's length and the only games the Wagner player dropped were to a Gordeau who murdered him from half/full screen.


Gordeau: Speaking of, this dude has some reach. Edgelord vampire Dhalsim with a scythe. Seems like a pretty rad character though and honestly he didn't give me as much trouble as I thought he might (not that I did super well but I expected to die weeping in the corner without doing anything). Only got to play against him once or twice so I'm not sure about where he excels (other than "far") or what do to against him with Nana, but I damn sure watched this guy shred the other noob several times (they were all double Perfects, it was painful to watch).


Chaos: Fuck that lizard dog. For as much as anyone in this game can lock you down, Chaos was the worst, primarily due to so much pressure coming from the lizard dog and me not having a great idea of how to deal with it. Of any character this is the one I feel like I'd need to lab against the most to figure out what in the hell do to in order to regain some momentum. The upside here is that he seems a little more binary: when the dog is out he can run some ugly game, but if you can banish the dog you can get a lot more aggressive.


Carmine: When people think of anime, Carmine is one of the things they think of. I've seen very little with the character previously so having my first experience be against the PS3 guy was illuminating. I expected more of a rushdown character but he was sort of like a Lambda or a Nu-13 with some rushdown but also a fuckload of lingering projectiles and shit like that. Only played against him once so I learned almost nothing other than "block a lot and pray".


Seth: Also didn't get to play against him a lot, but he is pretty damn cool. Works a lot of weird angles and is all over the place. One of the big things I learned here is that Nanase's DP covers her in both directions which is great against sideswitch mix ups. 


Hyde: Ryu ass Ryu. Still cool, but also didn't get to play against him a lot. This was another match where I learned a bit about Nanase's DP - although it doesn't seem as strong as a traditional DP in some ways, her popping straight up also doesn't leave her open in the same ways a traditional DP does. Just a weird little thing I noticed.


Overall, very fun, and I'm glad I was able to get games in. I am garbo at the game and need to learn combos and conversions, but that is easy enough to practice when I get time. 


I want to do something similar with Rev 2 but I'm thinking that I need to pick a new character to focus on in that game. I'm not sure how much Ram is necessarily for me and I don't think going back to Slayer is the answer either.

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Long weekend + wife working = time for animu!


Hopefully I can get a little training time in on this and hop online a bit again. Its a really fun way to take a break from SFV while still playing fighting games. I also want to start working on May in Rev2 but I'm anime torn between that and UNIEL with only so much time to go around.


@misterBee If you end up with time maybe we can get another batch of sets in.

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GGs! Was very fun. 😄 That last set was a great close out one. I was happy to be able to keep it that close with Nana.


I need to practice more myself so I can keep up. This game is fun but fucking rough sometimes. I did feel like I learned some good things this time through though. Hopefully I can remember them so I don't have to re-learn the hard way. 😉


I've never played Seth, Carmine, or Byakuya before tonight. More detailed thoughts on them later but they all seemed cool and varying degrees of weird.

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As promised, some more fleshed out thoughts on the new chars:


- Seth: Easily the weirdest of the bunch mechanically but also oddly straightforward. He has a lot of interesting movement - Naruto run, dive kick, his backdash is actually more of a full on handspring to backflip that gets him air - and his specials make some sense out of the gate. Where he gets weird is that he has relatively short reach for this game and none of his specials seem particularly powerful on their own. Having been on the receiving end of a good Seth he is all about using that mobility combined with the built-in game mobility to come at you from all kinds of angles with weird pressure. Seems like a lot of fun but definitely not a pick up and play character.


- Carmine: This guy on the other hand was pretty easy to get a really basic handle on. Good/great normals, relatively straightforward specials, and his blood gimmick wasn't too hard to figure out once I started looking for it. The fact that he bleeds himself to get his awesome pressure is something to get used to, and I kept using the wrong version of his set up projectile (which makes it sort of not work at all and get him bopped) but those things aside he seems like a strong character.


- Byakuya: I expected this guy to be weird, and he was, but not nearly as weird as he turned out to be. I actually expected him to play like Seth: do a lot of set up stuff and come at you from weird angles and with hard to read pressure. Y'know, like a spider. He may or may not be able to do that (I'm a noob) but what Byakua damn sure can do is control the screen with his webs and normals and convert into pretty straightforward damage with his rekka specials. So still a little weird but mostly in the usual anime.


Out of the three I could see playing any of them more, but Byakuya and Carmine of course made the best first impression. Seth I think is one of those characters where you need to take them into training mode just to figure out what the hell he does. Sort of like Yuzuriha but I think still more generally accessible.


Not like I have the time though. Mika and Nanase continue to be great and if I get the time I'm gonna work more on them before fucking around too much with anyone else.

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Sure the fuck ain't.


The Mika section is just a bunch of C&P Hyde stuff with lots of holes and no combo/tactical info. 😭


But in this modern age I'm always grateful to find anything that isn't just a bunch of pointers to discord. Nothing against discord but I can't browse that shit at work. 😛

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Thread revive!


GGs @misterBee, that was a fun chunk of UNIEL! The more I play this game the more I like it.


For the characters I haven't played before:


- Merkava seems fun. He's pretty weird, but Dhalsim weird while still having some rushdown stuff. I mainly want to play him because his super is mega-Kermit-arms and it cracks me the fuck up every time I see it. 


- Wagner is a fucking beast. I've seen what she can do in capable hands, and even picking her up totally fresh she feels really accessible and effective. I sort of hate her because playing against her feels so oppressive but I can't deny that she is also super fun.


 - Vatista seems solid, at least compared to Hilda. Where I couldn't figure out shit with Hilda and just got murdered, Vatista was clearly also a zoner but was more accessible. Also for the life of me I couldn't figure out more than two moves with her.


 - Linne seemed straightforward. Surprisingly good normals considering her little stabby dagger. Characters like her and Hyde usually don't appeal to me because they're often pretty straightforward (the Ryus and Kens of the world) but they are fun to use. Didn't to much more than mash with her but it was entertaining enough that I'd do it again.


I want to continue working on this game and trying out characters. I also want to continue to refine what I can with Nanase and Mika; my one combo I do with Nanase is okay but I can do better, and I really need to come up with something better with Mika when I get hits in.


Very much looking forward to playing more. Others should join us in the EXes. 😎

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@misterBee GGs man! When you said you had picked a new main I would have bet 💰 that it was going to be Wagner. Hilde was a pleasant surprise though I maybe should have had an inkling knowing you play Axl in GG. 🙂 


One thing that I need to get more comfortable with in this game is keeping up offense. I'm used to SF5's way more gated offensive sequences. You can string together a way longer pressure sequence in this game between the way the normals chain, dashes, and drive attacks can work together. 


Mika may be cut from the team. I did some research after our sets and while she definitely can pull some shit (her legit command grab can be CS'd into a 4700ish damage combo) I don't love how stubby her attacks are and how much she has to bulldog just to get in. Also I miss how easy it was to rack up damage before I made the "mistake" of telling you you could break command grabs. 😉 


Its just kinda weird to me because with the command grabs not being a really good mix up option (at least in the way I'm used to) it feels like you need to rush down with buttons and mix up "normally". Which is fine, but if I'm doing that I'd rather be doing it with Nanase. So I'm probably gonna just put more time into her and figure out another secondary character to mess around with (I like the idea of a secondary since it seems to be just us playing, for variety's sake).

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10 hours ago, The_Weasel said:

I got a chance to play this at a friend's house a few days ago. It was pretty fun and felt different enough from more of the Air-Dasher games I'm familiar with, though I only played Akatsuki and lost 9/10 matches.

I'd hesitate to even call it an air-dasher.  Only one char even has a real air-dash.  Akatsuki's pretty fun but knowing the game mechanics will help a lot. Hopefully we'll be able to play some games with you too!

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As an experiment yesterday I decided to queue up for Ranked while doing training mode stuff. Figured at worst it would just sit in the background while I was practicing anyways. To my surprise I actually got matches!


Three big downsides: 1) long turnaround time - 2-5 minutes between matches, 2) no best-of-three format so it's just one and done, and 3) a smalllllll player pool. I played the same two people back and forth pretty much the whole time. And I'm willing to bet that the times I was waiting for a match were because the other two people online were playing each other instead of one of them playing me.


All that said, still not too bad of an experience. Connections were solid despite my filters being "just gimmie a match I don't give a fuck about connection quality" and even though one of the players was more experienced than I am with the game thanks to being in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with misterBee I didn't have that bad of a time with him. Hell I almost took the second game despite me still being sloppy as fuck with the game (dude was all offense with Merkava but nothing unreasonable). And I managed to double dust a Yuzu player. 


Not sure I'd do that when I'm trying to actively get games in but its not a bad thing to do I guess while working on stuff in Training mode. Thankfully one of the many things UNIST does well is load fast so unlike SF5 loading in and out of different modes isn't that big of a deal.


Also joined the UNIST discord. May use that as a way to get more games in when misterBee isn't around (sorry Zio no cross play and I'm a console pleb) but we'll see. Hell if I know when people actually play this thing.

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