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Street Fighter 6 Lounge: The FGC has a crack problem.

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Btw., I hope they didn't shoot themselves in the foot by keeping it on last-gen as well. If it will have support for another five years or so that means that whatever they want to do in 2028 (!) for the game will have to run on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

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@AriesWarlockAre you sure you weren't mistaking BornWinner with me in the last thread? I'm Italian, but I'm pretty sure he's American.


I wonder if that single player part of the trailer was how the multiplayer works. Of course the thing Capcom decided to imitate from ArcSys was the lobby system.

Still unconvinced about the graphic style, it's a mix of stylized and highly detailed, so kinda like V but also very different.


13 minutes ago, JustBrowsing said:

Bir more focussed gameplay there, too

So now I can hear James Chen wondering if it's gonna kill in my matches too?

God help us all.

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Just now, delete_me said:

Btw., I hope they didn't shoot themselves in the foot by keeping it on last-gen as well. If it will have support for another five years or so that means that whatever they want to do in 2018 (!) for the game will have to run on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

luckily new gen consoles are readily available

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Modern/Classic contro;l schemes... much more there.


"Street Fighter 6 offers a new control mode to play without the need to remember difficult command inputs, allowing players to enjoy the flow of battle. Players who are delving into the world of Street Fighter for the first time, or those who haven't touched a fighting game in years, can jump right into the fray. Of course, the traditional control type of the series is still available for players who enjoy it."


SURELY there'll be a penalty for "Modern"

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11 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Ryu's Shin Shoryuken has an electric effect. Master Gouken has to be proud of his students progress.


@HecatomThere is already Fighting Game general thread, people just don't post there 😔


Yeah, I know, which makes more sense to keep the more active thread that is already used for that purpose, so this thread can be kept to its intended use

Plus that one was intended more for a general purpose thread for anything related to FGS, not general discussion.

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Okay, so


there is an open-world-ish mode where you control your own avatar and run around certain locations. It seems like you can learn moves from existing characters as the trailer shows the player doing a Shoryuken on some trash, presumably knocking objects off to reveal ingame currency/items?

- there is a short scene where Luke and Jamie (new Drunken Fist style character) enter the scene together, with Ryu and Chun teaming up as well. Wonder if it teases a 2v2 tag style mode like MK9 or xTekken

- Li Fen is showing training with Chun, and she's noticeably older than V, which suggests a significant multiyear time skip

- Characters now actually have facial motion capture for English voices, as opposed to having pre-canned JP animations that were dubbed over. This is definitely a first for the series

- Ryu seems to have a target combo with HP->HK just like SFV, shown at a 2 minute mark

- Chun has a new overhead move as seen at 2:04, it hits crouching blocking Ryu

- Jamie does a rapid series of attacks with some feint afterimages. Possible he has combo strings, which is then followed up by backflip into dragon kick special(?)

- Ryu does some sort of a charging up pose, almost looks like a V-trigger activation, but there's no special screen effect visible

- After that he launches a Hadoken that hits twice, and he wasn't flashing yellow upon doing the move. Definitely at least an install

- EX moves are obviously confirmed, as seen by Luke's DP and also Chun's Lightning Legs

- Chun EX LL confirmable from a crMK

- Jamie activates an attack that creates huge graffiti splashes, has multiple hits of armor, and then leaves an opponent in a Crumble state. Focus Attack 2.0?

- Jamie then launches a super against Luke and holy shit it's not cinematic?

- Next, Ryu also activates a special mechanic, though it doesn't cretae graffiti splashes and instead makes him flash bright green, and causes him to dash forward. Perhaps some sort of FADC is making a return, though no one else in the trailer performs this move. Ryu is still lit up by bright green during the attack he does after the dash. Unknown if it's a universal followup or something unique to Ryu himself

- Luke seems to do 3 absorbs/parries against Jamie - two crouching and one standing attack, which he then quickly does a riposte against with his own "Focus Attack", though unlike Jamie's it doesn't cause a crumble but rather sends Jamie flying. Perhaps the Crumble state is only on counter hit kinda like what certain moves in Tekken do?

- Chun still has Hazanshu, now once again just as a special and not a V-skill (at least it doesn't seem so based on the trailer)

- Ryu then straight up counters Hazanshu on contact, and immediately follows that up with a Shoryuken. I guess this is V-Trigger 2 or V-Skill 2 but as a unique mechanic? He doesn't strike back however like he does in V, so it looks like his "counter" is cancellable

- Interestingly enough, in the next sequence Ryu DOES do his strike just like in VS2/VT2, but with no prior animation shown so it's hard to tell if it's now a separate special or maybe even a command normal. Chun then does her "Focus Attack" absorbing/armoring the attack from Ryu, leaves him in a standing Crumble state, and performs a super of her own

- The last part of the trailer is just a montage of characters doing their cinematic supers, but since they weren't shown elsewhere perhaps this is only when the Super is going to KO the opponent?

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11 minutes ago, JustBrowsing said:

World Tour single player mode: 

"World Tour is an immersive single player story mode. This is a completely new experience that defies genre labels. Carve out your own legend on the streets! Look for more news on World Tour in the near future!"

Yeah were doing Yakuza and Shenmue style anytime with world tour spice

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I like the graphic Style they went for, but I hope it isn't to overblown visually in game, visual clarity is important.

Chun doesn't look like MvCI Chun, so thats good, looks kinda ok, the face doesn't give me creepy pasta vibes so thats positive.


What currently worries me the most is what looked like a Focus Attack with Multiple Hits of Armor that lead into a Crumple State.

If thats the Universal Mechanic this time, I won't even pretend to want to give that thing a chance.

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