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Street Fighter 6 Lounge: The FGC has a crack problem.

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I always loved having hella options in a fighting game even tho I'm not nearly as skilled as most. SF6 scratches that itch of trying to have something for everybody and give you a fighting chance even if you have a bad match up


Again tho, I'm not skilled enough to speak on the meta, so my opinion isn't worth much, shit just looks fun to me🤷🏾‍♂️

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Just now, Reticently said:

Man, the aesthetics of SF6 suck.  Just about the only thing I liked was how Chun Li is animated. 

There is also that pony tail guy's leg super thingy, it animated really well. Actually Capcom animations in FGs have leaned more into being top tier. But this realistic artstyle where the characters dont pop as much against the background is very annoying.

Reminds me of the first footage of SF5 with Ryu and Chun-Li. Capcom went in afterwards and made it look more 2D. I am very much hoping they will do something similar here and make the game look more 2D before release, but I doubt it.

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1 minute ago, TWINBLADES_SRK said:

Hecatom more like HecaMAD 


I am memeing squigga.


Knowing Capcom they will add truckload of dlc costumes, like with SF4 and SFV.

But yeah, if it makes you happy think I am mad, be my guest 🤷‍♂️

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Just now, Sonero said:

I really, really like all these designs. It's gonna be a drippy ass game.


My only real issue is that some designs look kind of bland when compared to others or previous looks.

Or look like their translation to 3d will not be as good as they look on the concept art.


Chun Li looks like a generic chinese woman now, one that you will find in one of the countless chinese MMOs on steam 🤣

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Only Capcom can show off a game and have the entirety of its base roster leaked several times over. The newcomers look pretty neat. Russian Dracula, FANG as a woman, and Kimberly are my favorites so far. Glad to see Rashid again. Hoping he isn’t cancer to fight against again.

Wish they could cut down on the SF2 returning characters though. 11 out of 14 are from that game. If anything, I would not miss Honda, Blanka, and Akuma. What I’m really surprised about is that there no SF3 characters. Just Jamie taking some of the Twins’ moves. Guess Sean and Makoto will be DLC if they ever get added.

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28 minutes ago, Hecatom said:

Chun Li looks like a generic chinese woman now, one that you will find in one of the countless chinese MMOs on steam 🤣

As an actual Chinese person, I'll tell you classic Chun is the most stereotypical/bland/boring char design out there.  It's the MOST boring one.  The new one is much more modern and less cartoonish.


Tbh most SF 'classic' designs have always been bland.  The only reason they've stuck around this long is legacy.  It's not because they were tight.  They've always been low-effort national stereotypes.

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4 minutes ago, misterBee said:

They've always been low-effort national stereotypes.


Speaking of stereotypes.

If Capcom decides to add a central american character, it needs to be a marero.





8 minutes ago, misterBee said:

 The new one is much more modern


I find amusing you say it looks modern, when it looks like it comes out of a historical drama 🤣

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5 minutes ago, Hecatom said:

I find amusing you say it looks modern, when it looks like it comes out of a historical drama 🤣

It's definitely a modern take on it.  Trust me, that's not what dresses from historical dramas look like LOL.


7 minutes ago, BornWinner said:

It so sad that Ken became addicted to drugs. I hope he gets the help he needs.

For real, he looks like he’s going through it. Hope he didn’t lose his fortune or Eliza.

No, those are fake poor people clothes.  The expensive kind that rich people buy when they want to look 'casual'.

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I hope that Juri will be Top Tier in every version of the game, she would deserve it after the years of abuse in SFV.

The new Designs look good for the most part.

Also no reason to worry about the costume, there will be Nostalgia Costumes for all the characters anyway, I know, you know it, everybody knows it.

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I really like the designs*. Special mention to that female FANG type assassin, she looks awesome. I also kind of like the dude with the cane and female Abel. And that Italian MMA fighter lady is so massive, that's basically female Gief. Juri's outfit is surprisingly sexy considering Cammy has to wear pants (though, here too, I actually think it's a cool design and she will most likely have the classic as an alternate).


*well, with one exception. Blanka sticks out like a sore thumb.


Edit: make that two exceptions: I think axe girl and Kimberly look too similar. I don't dislike either specifically, but they look like the same character with a different hairstyle and clothes.

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1 hour ago, Pair of Rooks said:

@Skort @AriesWarlock @FengShuiEnergy @Fatal Error XI rate that Juri on a scale of SFV to Luong.  


I say <SF4 but only just.


it's quite simple really






I like it but would have liked it better with the regular hair drills. Could have done without the aquamarine color. No black latex undersuit. Her underboobs are back in action and the spider covering her cleavage seems like glued in the middle with the straps flowing outward chasing the curve of her boobs, so that's good. Overall It's definitely sexy,


I am getting a The Street Fighter the Duel vibe from these costumes,


I also like that  A.K.I. women from China. I wonder if she's Gen's disciple. Nevermind, leak said poison user, so likely F.A.N.G. related.



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