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Into The Badlands

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It's a bit hard to describe. Post apocalyptic, martial arts, western maybe. The fights are reminiscent of Hong Kong action films due to the wire work. The first couple of seasons had an almost Greek city state vibe. Each Baron had their city, army, serfs, etc. It's really hard to pin down an accurate description of the the show.

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the odd thing ---I keep forgetting why guns aren't a thing anymore in that world... in a post apocalyptic world, it's not like the human race would collectively forget about how far weapons technology this show it's like a world where that simply wasn't invented yet, somehow.  I'm not sure how that works if it's still a thing but somehow just outlawed/banned everywhere....whatever, I know they really just want the focus of the action to be cool fight scene martial arts action.


Anyway, in terms of the fighting/action scenes, no other show right now can fuck with it.  


...and my baby Emily Beecham looked incredible as usual on the premiere.... seriously one of the finest redheads out there today.  I'd ravage all day.

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On 4/24/2018 at 7:30 AM, Darc_Requiem said:

The fights are the shows biggest drawn. If they had guns readily available it would either minimize the number of fights or break immersion because you'd be wondering "why aren't they using guns".

I disagree. There was another show with the same premise, Revolution. Though they had a little bit more information available as to why machinery and weapons other than black powder rifles and flintlocks, which were heavily unreliable.


Though this does help a bit:


"Because firearms have been banned, bladed weapons are commonplace and martial arts have flourished. In this world, power is taken, and only the stongest and most brutal prosper."


Anyway, I fell in love with season one and I'm gradually working my way through the second season. I only wish the episodes were available for download so that I could watch them when I'm waiting in the parking lot before my shift at work.

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I'm having to get caught up here... just saw episode 4 with the blind cannibals... and the new one is about to come on now so I'm *still* going to be 2 episodes behind...


The TnA report--- Tilda is actually looking quite nice this season.. she's coming along nicely, I see.... one to keep an eye on for sure.  I guessed correctly that she has some Greek in those genetics.  The name is Ally Loannides....nothing exceptionally sexy on her instagram page just yet but I'll be keeping tabs.

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