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Tuna fish sandwich thread

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Hi everyone. I am making this thread because not only does this involve tuna fish sandwiches but I am in a very tight position that I need advice with.

 I recently shared my apartment with a married couple. They are nice people but the problem is that I developed a strong sexual attraction to the wife. I eventually plotted to sleep with her so I researched ways to increase this chance and i read in an Atheist/Wiccan book that a woman's sexual attraction towards a male increases when she tastes a part of him (or something like that).

Earlier today, they where both gone for over 2 hours and as they where away I went to the fridge and jizzed in their bottle of mayonnaise hoping she would eat it.  I masturbated about 3x in their mayonnaise.

Now they  are hosting a Bible study. She is serving tuna fish sandwiches using the mayonnaise.

Everyone accept for her is currently eating it.  Her husband has been buddy-buddy towards me for some reason, and no one is talking about the bible but mostly asking stuff about me, and also about sex changes and scat porn... i'm worried I may have turned them all into atheists.

She gave me a plate too. I am currently in the bathroom trying to decide if I should eat this or not.



Oh no! the husband and pastor are knocking at my door asking if it is ok to come in. I need advice ASAP!

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