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It's nerdy but lately I've decided to read all the Battletech books.  Had a bunch when I was younger but never came close to owning them all.  These days Kindle versions are cheap so I'm going to try to get through all of them starting from the first one.


Every time I try to do this I inevitably end up playing old Mechwarrior games too...


1 hour ago, bittersweet said:

Worst book you've been required to read for a course/class?

In late middle school (or was it high school? I can't remember) we had to read some book about a girl living in the south with her white trash father.  The whole book was just a description of her daily misery, culminating with her father raping her one night while drunk because she resembled her dead mother. 


To this day I'm not sure why that book was chosen as part of the curriculum.  It seemed to be a little-known modern novel picked simply to depress us.  I can't really remember the title and I had a hard time finding it online.  I think it was called Sue Ellen or something.  Searching that title just gives me the name of some author who writes historical romance novels though...

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