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Human Nature: Best vs Worst?

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Damn whipping out the philosophical stuff...


Well if I had to come up with something it would be that most people are only concerned with themselves.  Lots of people try to avoid this of course but I think at some basic level we tend to put ourselves first.  This is great for us as individuals because it insures our survival.  This is bad because it makes changes to society at large very difficult.  Lots of the world's problems can be solved by people banding together, but of course everyone is more worried about their own day-to-day.

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But wouldn't truly ascending past your flaws mean that you are no longer human? Accepting your flaws and coping with them is one thing for the simple fact that the flaws are still there. Wouldn't losing all those things that make you imperfect put you on a higher level than humanity (thus, becoming something that isn't human)?

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best thing about the human race is...surprisingly (*because of course there's some hilariously, amazingly stupid people out there)... intelligence and potential.  Regarding those things, we are far beyond anything else on this planet... the supreme beings.  Sometimes I think of it this way--- if anything in this world is "alien" and seemingly out of place compared to everything else, it's our species.


The worst aspect is the tendency towards strong tribalism... at the extreme this is what gives rise to general intolerance, racism and all that jazz.  Basically a world of factions that are constantly looking down on each other...


Tribe A - they think they are the shit, and everyone else is inferior.

Tribe B - they think they're sooo much better than Tribe A and everyone else.  If Tribe A was previously the oppressors, Tribe B would have absolutely no shame in turning it around and doing the exact same shit, given the chance.

Tribe C, D, E, F, etc.---same deal to varying degrees.


I'm rambling a bit but my expectations of humanity will forever be low... this species should be so much greater than the overall embarrassment it is.... psycho-analyzing myself for a moment here--this is likely a primary reason I've always fantasized about being various things from fiction (e.g.-- vampires, aliens, gods/demigods, cosmic entity, etc.) that are outright superior to mankind.

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The worst aspect of human nature is to choose to disconnect from God/Universe/Nature/Spirit. Atheism is the worst belief system/religion you can ever have. When you are an atheist you are prone to being miserable, dumb, evil, weak, and fearful/full of negative emotions. I believe that an atheist goes to Hell guaranteed. 


The best part of human nature is their ability to realize they are God and their ability to embody Love.

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