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SRK Summer 2018 Garbage Game Jam

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So people in the SRK Discord been talking a lotta SHIT, so now we're seeing who can walk the walk.

The theme is Giant Monsters and/or Kaiju, basically the same thing depending on who you ask.

You can thank Blaguar for starting the argument that eventually lead to this. Not really a contest so don't expect a prize.


Submissions should be turned in around E3,  so about 2 weeks as of this post.

You can use whatever engine or lack thereof you want, and this thing is entirely open entry so if you've never made a game before, take this as an excuse to learn! You might even enjoy it.


This is a terrible idea, I look forward to everyones horrid submissions.

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2 minutes ago, Deadly_Raver said:

Just stumbled across this one.


Well, before I can present any games I would first need to learn how to make 'em.  From the absolute page 1.  Can you help me on that journey? 

What kind of game would you like to make?  I'll help guide you in the right direction!

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I want to make something so epic that people will be playing it FOR YEEEAAAAAAAARS!!  





I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.  I would have to say for me, Shooters (Mushihimesama type, not Call of duty) or something you can stay in for a while like the MMOs.  Mainly, something that can be built upon the way they do with Warframe.  

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