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5 hours ago, GetTheTables said:

Works for me, I've been fighting off buying a copy for the past day or two. 😉


Shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.

I'm disappointed in you. I was expecting you to say. "DARC! GET THE TEKKEN!" 😧

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2 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I'm disappointed you. I was expecting you to say. "DARC! GET THE TEKKEN!" 😧

Damn man I failed. 😞


If I had it in me I would make good by creating a modified animated gif of the Boyz 3D'ing someone through a giant PS4 Tekken 7 box.


Fuck now I really want that to be a thing

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Well for what it is worth I had a lot of fun playing @misterBee yesterday. 😄


There is a level of reward in this game that I like. I'm gonna keep plunking away at training when I can to try and build more and better muscle memory. And just continue to get a feel for the game in general.


May try out some other chars too. I really like Josie but no reason not to hit up other candidates and see how they feel.

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1 hour ago, Darc_Requiem said:

@GetTheTables How's Tekken treating you? Hope you are getting the enjoyment from it that I can't.

Been having fun with it. 😄


Haven't played online since the matches with MisterBee but those were fun and I've hit training mode a bit since then. I want to try and hop online when I can to plug along with this game, but thats all about juggling time. Even if I just play with Bee it'll still be a good time.


I will say, I enjoy it a lot more now than when I first tried it out 6 or so months ago. Even if I'm still super bad at it there are little things about the game that I appreciate.

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