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If the T30 one didn't have the problems it did, I would be content to stick with that.


The non tabbing shoulders, spring loaded head that won't stay down, and the difficult face  changing gimmick made me hesitant to buy another Blitzwing figure. 


I love the robot mode on Legacy. Tank is solid and the jet is mediocre. 

TR had the best jet mode imo. 


As with Shockwave,Astro train , I don't care for the hulk hands accessories but don't hate them.



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Thy will be bought!




On 6/7/2022 at 7:01 PM, Grimmjow316 said:

I hadn’t realized that they were already at three on the Trainbot releases.



I have them all pre-ordered too. I think they look a little more detailed that an animation accurate version, but I can get down with it. Seeing TakTomy work with combiners is gonna be a treat. If it sucks, then the hopes of a good Devastator will go down the toilet. 

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