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An early review for the exclusive Blast Off Shuttle version. 

This will only be online. No concrete date for USA.

This figure is a repaint of the Japan exclusive "shuttle "blast off with G1 colors.

The Jpn version had orange/brown colors for some reason.


(The 2015 American Blast Off was a repaint of the Aerialbot Slingshot/Firefly mold with G1 colors.)



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OMG.  That cover...........................


*The crown jewel of the hasbro universe.*





NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All kinds of no.  First of all,  Who's the fat bitch?  The only military unit she's fit for is the Salvation Army.  Next to her................Hold up.  Is that Aquaman?  I thought he was DC.............


Over to the right they went Oldschool as hell.  Everybody say it with me:  KAAAAAAAAAAANEEEEEEEEEEDAAAAAAAAAA!!  If his weapon isn't a laser rifle this book will have to carry.................well, one MORE "L".  Now let's look at,"The Big Guy"   Yo homes.  Why you wearing a leotard?  WTF?  Go change brah.  Speaking of bros,  I'm gonna guess that the one with the glasses is a girl.  The main reason I'm saying that is because they would almost certainly make it an even team.  three guys, three girls.  Three black, three white.  Since I'm already choking on stereotypes, I'm betting that she's the,"Genius" of the team,  hence the glasses.  


Speaking of team.........................Let's get to the leader.  Um, Scarlet?  Is that you?  I mean,  it's either you or Billy Batson and I'm sure he didn't  get traded to Marvel soo.........


Starscream.  How the mighty have fallen.  look at his face.  Even HE knows this ain't right.  


I'm not gonna go over how there's none of the old favorites here.


All in all, that cover.  I just cannot................................


I award them no points, and may the fans have mercy upon their comic.


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The merging of their comic line happened a while back, but since I've never read Transformers or GI Joe comics I'm just finding out about it now.


The team in the first issue is Scarlett, Roadblock, Rock 'n Roll, Quick Kick, Wild Bill, and Shipwreck.  I know absolutely 0 GI Joe characters, old or new...but I think it's cool that Transformers are working with them.

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Lot of news this week.


The new subline for Generations is SIEGE: WAR FOR CYBERTRON

It has nothing to do with the old WFC/FOC video games from 2010-2012.


These new toys will have cybertronian alt modes and have a more gritty look, with some battle damage decos.

The new "gimmick" is the return of the Targetmasters (small robots who become weapons). They are now called BATTLEMASTERS and can be melee weapons as well as guns. They come with "blast" effects.


Micromasters are also returning.

They will be sold in packs of 2 for $10 (G1 Micros used to come in packs of 4 )


These are renders/prototypes so the final version may look slightly different.


Optimus Prime (Voyager - 7 inch)




Sideswipe (deluxe 5 inch))



Firedrive (Battlemaster aka Targetmaster. Maybe 1-2 inch?)



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While these are slated to come out 2019, they will probably break street date and start Xmas 2018.

Also, John Warden stated that there are Decepticons and will reveal  them in the coming months.


Im definitely getting Sideswipe and Ironhide. 

I may even consider replacing my 2006 classics Optimus with this new one if reviews are good.



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G1 Reissues will be coming to Wal-mart.



Certain G1 toys in mostly original 1980's packaging are slated to hit Walmart in the next few months.

IIRc toys R US had G1 Reissues in 2002-2004 or so.


Other than French language writing, the boxes are the same.

Starscream will have holes in his fists and come with a small Megatron in gun mode accessory.

Bumblebee comes with a cartoon face instead of og face plate.








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1 hour ago, misterBee said:

Yeah, but it says 'War for Cybertron Trilogy' on the bottom.  Weren't those the games that came out a few years ago?

It's a weird choice but Hasbro toy people said it has no relationship to the old games.



It's not the first time Hasbro's has reused a title.


Robots in disguise was used in 2001 and 2015 for 2 different toylines.

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