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5 minutes ago, DangerousJ said:

Nothing except the box. lol


Hasbro seems to be using this repacking of older figures to pad out certain waves.


Wtf hilarious lol

Was at Walmart and saw the Kingdom one. Didn’t see any Grimlock tho. 😞

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I am honestly a bit lukewarm about this one










Comparison with some of the other available options






Outside of TakTomy, 3A (non transforming) and Toyworld the rest are trash. They are just oversized KOs of the Studio series release. 


I want to like it, but the arms and the truck mode drag it down for me. 

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I got the Galactic Odyssey Botropolis set the other day. It's a set of repaints but the color scheme works well with Fort Max.


As a side, I sometimes flirt with the idea of reviewing some of my pieces. The reality is that it's more work than what it lets on. 

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On 4/5/2021 at 1:28 PM, Grimmjow316 said:

Kind of wish they would add a little something to break up the grey but for most he would be in Dino mode anyways.

I am really not feeling the giant swath of gray that the figure has. It looks pretty much unfinished. A few accents on that one will go a long way. 


MP-52+ Skywarp confirmed as a TT Mall exclusive (B.K.A. you are paying full retail).




The real messed up thing about this release is that it comes with the Coronation set. I don't think that MP Starscream v2 comes with that. 

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