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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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As for the latest chapter:




At long last, Wano! Zoro is finally home. That last panel was terrific! Just like Luffy, Zoro has a short fuse when dealing with BS, but now the Mugiwaras are on borrowed time.


 Poor O-Robi, she seems so out of place lol.

So Marco can transfer some of his healing ability to other beings, that’s cool. It’s a shame it’s limited, because being able to heal all the catastrophic injuries Whitebeard suffered would’ve been too OP.


It’s also nice that we got a glimpse of Whitebeard’s hometown and more on his backstory. It’s interesting to see how the Celestial Dragons’ corrupt influence affects the One Piece world. Their line is just a royal mafia.


And now we have some evidence that Weevil might actually be the son of Whitebeard, although his “mom” might need to go Maury. It’s interesting that Marco remarked on him having many women, so Whitebeard did have some player tendencies. A true pirate.

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that alone is almost enough to get me back into cosplay. I know I had on my list Luffy but a friend of mine did it years back...and now in time skip, I lack his muscular exterior...that and based on my attitude (and style) I feel I fit more as a Zoro anyway. 


There's so much going on now in the story. 

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Well Law isn't a dedicated swordsman, his power is what really does the cutting, not his blade. Besides, Law is a strategist, so he probably has other things in play to take down Kaido.


Speaking of which, seeing how proud and isolationist the people of Wano are  it says a lot that they're under Kaido's control.  It must've taken a lot for them to cast away their honor and pride to be under the dominion of a tyrranical outsider, but considering what happened on Zou, they made the right choice.



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Luffy showing his new level up.


He can passively use his “Future Sight” and if you noticed he didn’t react in the same manner against the Tengu man because he clearly could sense his character.

Speaking of seeing the future, Basil “Scarecrow” Hawkins has finally made an appearance! A shrewd man like him would make an interesting adversary for Luffy, but I get the feeling he’s just buying his time to get from under Kaido’s heavy hand.

Oh and I like the new ninja girl, and the fact that she met Ace means she’s going to be integral to the story down the line. Some guy in the comments mentioned she might be the reason Ace learned how to weave hats and why he was able to make one for Oars Jr. If that’s true then Goda…

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Twenty-one years ago, a man by the name Eiichiro Oda started a little manga called One Piece. Little did he know, over two decades later, this manga would continue to impact the lives of millions across the globe.

Yes, today, July 19th, One Piece turns 21 years old! After all the adventures and all the years, Oda is still going strong by still delivering a fantastic story to us. One Piece is finally the age of Zoro and Sanji and can now drink in the US! Also, it's been 12 years since Vegapunk was first mentioned, meaning we've gone over half the series not knowing how he looks!

For those doubting the legitimacy of the date, a reliable source has confirmed directly that this was the time the original Jump issue with chapter 1 was released on. Monday was holiday, so the chapter released on Saturday, making the original official date for One Piece's birth July 19th (while ironically, this is a fact that Shueisha has wrong, as they count One Piece's "birthday" as the date the Jump issue was originally referred as, rather than the day One Piece was first released to the public. Yes, it's a complicated situation).

So let's cheer to all these fantastic years of One Piece and to many more to come!

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On 8/31/2018 at 5:07 PM, misterBee said:

So how big a gap exists between the manga and the anime right now?


Still can't decide whether I want to read or watch this.

Read it, the anime is only good up until ~300 episodes or so but then Toei started catching up to the manga and drastically lowered both the production quality and the storytelling by drawing out 1 chapter's worth of content into 2 episodes through lazy embellishments of certain scenes.

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6 hours ago, TheInfernoman said:

Kaido can't go down THAT much as I want the samurai 9 to get their vengeance, something else gotta happen. 

My gut tell me that Kaido isn't in any narrative danger yet.  This is just Oda setting up that the Ryou technique Luffy learned is a legit tool against Kaido, and wound him somewhat so that Luffy fighting him on equal terms later is a little more plausible.


The only real wildcard in that theory is Big Mom, because if she feels like getting serious about chasing down Luffy I don't know what anybody else there is going to be able to do about it.

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Well I got to wonder now that we see what Queen's 'plague' is all about, I wonder who in this group is best suited for that fight?


Almost feel like it got to be Marco or Franky with Chopper assistance but then again he uses guns and Usopp could use another ridiculous win for his legend.

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On 11/28/2020 at 5:28 AM, TheInfernoman said:

That Zoro Panel...that is all I have to say for now...

The best part about that moment was that it was a nameless Shishi Sonson. He didn't need to invoke it, the same way Mihawk doesn't say any named attacks. Also if you notice in the panels, he was observing the situation while casually avoiding one of the ice zombies in just 2 panels. That scene reminded me of Rayleigh at the slave auction. Also, it's obvious that the fake Conquerors Haki moment is just foreshadowing that Zoro will probably display a true version soon.


What a display of power by Kaido. This further reinforces my belief that Kaido's natural state is his dragon form and he's actually a "living" Devil Fruit possessing someone or something. 




Oh and glad to be back!

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On 12/22/2020 at 4:44 PM, TheInfernoman said:


@*.:White ShadoW:.*you better be here for ch 1000 bruv! it's only proper.

Oh I'm here bro, I wouldn't miss this for the world!





Feel that shit Kaido! That panel with all the Supernova awaiting the final confrontation with the 2 Yonko of what will be a bygone era. The moment I saw Luffy use that technique I pretty much saw the foreshadowing of Blackbeard's defeat. Ryuou haki.


On a lesser note, it seems that Queen is on that Go-Go-Gadget ish; he's not only a Zoan but a full cyborg at this point.


Oh My GODA can you imagine how much shit will hit the fan when the newspapers drop and shows that 2 Yonko were defeated with Kaido felling from Monkey D. Luffy's hand! The Gorosei/ Im are going to be shook!

Thank you Eiichiro Oda for this epic series. All these hundreds of characters, hundreds of colorwalks, tens of thousands of panels, and countless unforgettable moments. I don't know how much of this story is left, but I'm planning on rolling with it 'til the end. 



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It makes a lot of sense for the Top Supernova's Captains and 2nd mates to be fighting Big Mom and Kaido. I doubt Luffy is strong enough to take even one Yonko or else he would be a bit too powerful imo. I wonder if Bebo will join the fight at some point. It's only fitting. That being said, Luffy is starting to look like an end game boss.


Guess I'll be posting here from now on since even White Oda is in this thread. 

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19 hours ago, *.:White ShadoW:.* said:

Oh I'm here bro, I wouldn't miss this for the world!

Glad to have you here! I wanted to post the link but it was only appropriate for you (Who carried the OG One Piece threads/discussions on SRK for years)



While not a chapter that was going to reveal anything mindblowing, it is prepping now all that we have been going through for years in the series. Still hyped after seeing Kaido get a fist to the face. Also Momo saying merely D...I hope we do get some reveals before Wano is over. If nothing else, Kaido and Big Mom are in for a massive fight now with Kid/Killer, Zoro (who has that Enma sword assist) and Law...though I agree with above in that Bepo should be there with his Capt but the 5 fighting are all part of that new generation so it makes sense the lineup.



 Also Congrats to Oda for 1000 chapters! 


@*.:White ShadoW:.*



Reading Red Roc, someone pointed out a double meaning of not just an upgraded Red Hawk (with the Roc a mythical bird) but also in the bible David a small in stature human used a "rock" to take down Goliath 


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Is it me or Sanji has been snubbed. He won't even be fighting the Yonko. He's probably not even part of the monster trio anymore with Jinbei around. Now that I think about it, wth did he do post time skip? Okay he can go invis now and his backstory with the Vinsmoke's was good. But I can't seem to remember anything epic that he's done lately. To make matters worse he's been captured by Black Maria who's a legit spider and he still goes 😍😍😍😍


He's slowly getting the Piccolo treatment. Useful and strong at first and then slowly turned into nothing.



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