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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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2 hours ago, Reticently said:

Most likely seems to be Lilith, but maybe that's too obvious.


I'm interested in Sanji's fight.  He's the only one fighting a Pacifista solo (unless Nami sticks around to help), and without Intel on when they're vulnerable.

S-Flamingo... Didn't Doflamingo use guns before?

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12 hours ago, Sacr3D said:

S-Flamingo... Didn't Doflamingo use guns before?


I've been hearing this idea, and while nothing's impossible I have a feeling if Oda went that route then he'd most likely create an S-Bon Clay/ Bentham or a Seraphim with his ability especially for the WG's purposes.  It also makes me wonder if Shadowbeard would have the foresight to use Catarina Devon as an agent on his behalf to steal technology or knowledge?

I gotta give Oda credit, this one has me completely stumped.

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6 hours ago, Reticently said:

Narrator telling us astounding events will happen "tomorrow" in the storyline pretty much guarantees that we'll be reading stuff that happens "today" for the next several months, right?


Given that Wano took a year for just one night or something i'd say that's a given lol.


Also guess no one predicted that traitor eh

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