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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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He looked like for a second they were going to have him throw down with King but then they moved away from that.


He handled Page One but aside from that and mook stomping (Fishman Island what up) he really hasn't had a big win since Water 7  maybe. But then again that is half or a quarter of the crew anyway. Story focus and all that.

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I don't think Oda has forsaken Sanji.  I think Oda realized he had too many characters to focus on and didn't want to give himself Naruto or Bleach style problems.  Sanji is just one of the few characters there we'll developed enough to have a way to write him out of the fight without having to give him the short shrift. 


It was either that or have Zoro get lost on way, which would have been even worse.

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yeah Haki started getting complicated once we started seeing a physical manifestation of it post time skip vs what was somewhwta shown pre time skip? 


the short is, the Ryuo (aka Haki) we see Luffy train doing in Wano is the advanced tech dubbed emission haki (that magic glowing aura outside the black skinned armament we are used to). Zoro is shown using base armament haki and can extend it to his weapons (AKA imbune) but nothing beyond that. Enma looks like it pulls out that armament haki out of the user.

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Yeah, as much as I'm a Sanji fan I don't think he'd have much to contribute here.  He'd basically be doing as well as Killer is out there, just lacking big enough hacks on offense to be a credible threat to a Yonko.  At least Zoro has a magic sword and a couple of useful special attacks in the Big Mom match-up.

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2 hours ago, Sacr3D said:

So I guess the way for Zoro to make up for his lack of advanced haki tech is to channel more haki into Enma? That's odd because if somehow he loses that sword in a fight, then he becomes useless.

I'd say it's more like Zoro needs to tame Enma so it works with him perfectly when he needs to cut. I wouldn't be surpised if he accidently gets this advanced haki as it was hinted waaaay back in the story (I think White Shadow brought this up long ago when we hear about Ryuo)

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Speaking of Zoro, I was a little disappointed that Mihawk didn't cited as one of the people Kaido knows can fight him.  I know that the list wasn't supposed to be exhaustive, because Garp wasn't shown either.  But it still would have been nice to see Mihawk's strength clarified a bit, given that Zoro is now fighting Yonko himself.

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