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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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1 hour ago, Reticently said:

He could even know about conqueror's haki, and just got confused by Kaido thinking that Zoro might be using it to break through Kaido's toughness.

That's true. Zoro has been using Asura for a very long time and I never once thought it was related to conquerors' haki. Unless  it can manifest in different ways? I always thought Asura was killing intent.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well didn't see that coming.



Was not expecting Oda to use the Big Mom Amnesia plot point again. I got to wonder how that plays out. Surprised Hera seems like a straight lightning bolt.


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4 hours ago, Reticently said:


Sanji with the oblique Trigun reference this week.

That was wild, wouldn't have expected it but yeah clearly Oda got to be a fan to put that in.



I love Ulti's design but woman fucked up striking Tama like that. She even got Nami upset enough to start getting serious never mind Big Mom standing right there.


Also we better Perspero or whatever is about to get rocked. Now that Cat Viper knows what is going on... But I get he is just linking up but could no one have gotten word about Pedro dying until just then?


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