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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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Latest Chapter is out and Holy Shieeet!


Some really interesting reveals:



LunariansThese might be the ones who are behind the lost civilization. Sanji's Lineage Factor was likely manipulated by Judge to contain some Lunarian properties hence the subconscious fire manipulation. The Raid suit might be further augmenting Sanji's abilities which is why he feels off. However, I think it goes deeper. This might explain all the elemental properties we've seen used in the different races. Fishmen and Mermen with water manipulation, Minks with electricity manipulation and why certain characters including Luffy could use certain techniques to conjure fire a la Red Hawk. Lunarians might've created all these different races by being master manipulators of the Lineage Factor which is why they were seen as gods.


The Shandians, Birkans, and Skypeians are either descendants or separate ethnicities of the Lunarians, and the Red Line might hint of a great calamity that befell that Kingdom. This clearly ties into the abandoned civilization on the moon and the automatons than Enel now controls. I still don't know what this has to do with Space Pirates however.


Zoro finally has some of his origins expounded on after 1000 chapters and unsurprisingly he shares lineage with Ryuma, how a descendant of Wano found himself in the East Blue is interesting...

I'm 90% sure that after the major events of Wano conclude we will finally see Vegapunk, these revelations are right in line with a face reveal. Oda said ages ago that once he appears all the secrets of the Devil Fruits will be answered which is likely why he's been holding him back for so long. He might even be one of "them".


I'm So Hype Right Now!!!

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Oda went a shot gun approach and I love it. Touch base on a lot of plot points and a few snipits of the major fights to come.



Now I kind of want to see Sanji vs King in terms of fire and flames.


Also damn there are so many comparisons to folk in the past in this chapter on like every other page.


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Very nice chapter



1. Kaido is a terrible father. Although I agree with discipline locking your kid up with your enemies or starving them is a bridge too far.


2. Oda seems to be pushing this samurai dude that looks like Zoro quite a bit. Kind of wish they had just done it toward the start of the arc although this arc is so full I can see why he couldn't get it done while trying to set everything and everyone in the right places. 


3. New nickname for Usopp incoming.




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Gotta admit, today's chapter really didn't do much for me- I feel like we could already assume Kaido was a shit dad based on what we've previously seen.  Unless it sets up some later weird interaction between Yamato and Zoro based on the resemblance, but at this point I don't know if those two are ever likely to be in a panel together.


Live action One Piece is going to suck, that's just destiny.  I don't even know why anybody feels comfortable throwing money at it as a project.  

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54 minutes ago, Reticently said:

Break next week though, right when things are picking up for reals.


I love the way literally everyone stops fighting to the death for a moment just to collectively ask what the fuck is going on, lol.

To be fair Oda has given us a ton of chapters uninterrupted, I can only imagine how much sleep he's lost for our enjoyment. For the first time in a long time I can say I can actually wait 2 weeks.


 Some more things of note:


-Zoro's dad and the story involving how he (and presumably his mother) left Wano will probably be reserved for the end of the arc but nonetheless intrigues me, as Zoro is the last OG  Strawhat to not have a real deep dive into their origins.


-Like other sky races, Lunarians have wings. But one thing I noticed is unlike the Skypeians, Birkans, and Shandians the Lunarians have fully formed angelic wings, while the other sky races have these tiny cherubic wings by comparison. This leads me to believe that they're definitely offshoot of the Lunarians, only inheriting some of their characteristics.


-In the Vivre Card releases in Japan King's bounty was revealed to be 1,390,000,000 beri, eclipsing even Commander level Katakuri. Although completely unfounded I think in addition to the Beast Pirates being more destructive overall, a lot of King's bounty might be owed to simply being the member of an ancient race the WG wants erased from history. The same way Nico Robin had an 8 figure bounty as little kid because of being an Oharan.


Now as for 1025:



-Yamato's Ice manipulation abilities are cool (seriously, no pun intended)  and the fact that Kaido doesn't consider he and his "son" as humans leads me tobelieve that his definition isn't merely symbolic but they belong to another race. The Ancient Giants like Oars and The Numbers, but Kaido is probably half-Ancient Giant, which explains his size and appearance.


-Momonosuke mimicking his scared antics like in Punk Hazard was a nice callback, and I liked how he showed resolve when confronting Kaido again.


-Luffy deciding to take Kaido on via Snake Man is interesting as this form is designed for speed and not power. We haven't seen Luffy fly in that form, so I wonder if that's possible?


And it needs to be said, the amount of punishment Kaido has received from so many foes and just keeps brushing it all of is just ridiculous. Luffy's Gear 4th + Ryuou/ Conquerors haki barely makes it an equal playing field... and unlike Luffy Kaido has no time limit. 


Last but not least... 💀



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3 minutes ago, *.:White ShadoW:.* said:

To be fair Oda has given us a ton of chapters uninterrupted, I can only imagine how much sleep he's lost for our enjoyment.

Oh, don't get me wrong- I've always thought Oda should take more breaks.  I'd just rather they were on a predictable schedule, like 2 weeks on, 1 week off or whatever.  How it actually goes though seems to be on high story beats or when he's completely frazzled, and I'm not sure that's really great for either him or us, lol.

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11 hours ago, Sacr3D said:

Oh wow I completely forgot that King is a Lunarian.


So if Sanji was actually a Lunarian he should have wings unless Judge Cut them off? I mean I always thought that  pyrokinesis was a manifestation of haki.

Sanji likely has Lunarian genes via the "Lineage Factor" experimentation Judge spoke of, but didn't inherit all of the racial characteristics of a Lunarian  (i.e., wings or even stature?). Shandians, Birkans, and Skypeians are likely their true descendants, if anything. Bear in mind Sanji was considered a complete failure of an experiment according to Judge, since he was born with empathy and no obvious superhuman abilities. Diable Jambe likely manifested later and Sanji blindly believed it was solely due to his passionate nature. 


On the other hand, techniques like Luffy's Red Hawk— which conjure fire, are likely based off Haki.

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Okay, TON of important stuff this week.  The Kaido/Big Mom alliance isn't even the final boss of the Wano arc!?  Plus Sanji, Robin, Yamato...


But forget all that, jfc Queen.  WT actual F.  "Alexa, fire my voice activated cyber-zombified headless dinosaur torso's cannons... No, not at me you idiot, at the guy caught in the constrictor vice grip of the artificial cyber-python I carved myself into by severing my spine from my ribcage for science!"

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39 minutes ago, Reticently said:

Several significant reveals this week:


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Law and Kidd awakening!


This week...


If this is the big meat of the Big Mom vs Kidd/Law fight I feel let down. If this is just the start I will like to see how it plays out. With the powers these three have I expect a crazy as hell fight. Meanwhile damn Orochi is just an annoying bastard, especially given the fact that he is shown effective at his evil unlike Spandam.


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On 10/29/2021 at 1:30 PM, Wellman said:

This week...

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If this is the big meat of the Big Mom vs Kidd/Law fight I feel let down. If this is just the start I will like to see how it plays out. With the powers these three have I expect a crazy as hell fight. Meanwhile damn Orochi is just an annoying bastard, especially given the fact that he is shown effective at his evil unlike Spandam.



I wouldn't expect Big Mom's fight to be  the focal point of this arc so I don't expect some 4-5 chapters of Law and Kidd fighting her. Too much shit to cover.


So it's safe to say that the power of Awakening imbues a devil fruit's properties into it's users or surroundings? 


Kidd = Gives a user magnetism 
Law = Gives a user changeable organ properties 


So probably Luffy will be able to make things rubbery around him or make his enemies have rubber properties which can enfeeble people ?


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Unbelievable I wrote out a long ass post and it got deleted when I switched tabs!!!🤬


Alright let's do this again...


It's a pity I've been a bit busy to post here but the latest developments have been awesome, namely Kidd's and Law's Awakening!


Law's Kroom  is quite interesting as it seems to create Room inside the opponent bypassing their haki-clad defenses. I guess since it's not considered an offensive move armaments can't detect it allowing the true attack to be concealed. Pretty cool. Kidd's Magnetic Assign ability is pretty cool too, even though it proved more to be a nuisance to Big Mom than anything, however in a melee situation, especially with a non-Yonko opponent it'd be very powerful. Nascent usage of awakening seems to be quite taxing on the body, so I think Law and Kidd only have 1 more of those attacks before being fully drained. They're going to have to devise a strategy to ensure those final attacks hurt. 


These revelations regarding Awakened Devil Fruits also shows how impressive Doflamingo and Katakuri's mastery over their Awakened abilities are as they showed zero fatigue when using them. They likely discovered their abilities years ago.


Sanji destroying the Raid suit was a bit disappointing but it's meant to show his resolve and his disdain for his former Germa family. Continued use might've actually taken away his humanity but I also feel he could've at least waited for Franky to check it later on and maybe remove those issues. Ah well...


But back to Awakening, I think the recent showing of awakening hints at Luffy discovering his abilities this arc. Luffy's Gear 4th moves like Kong Organ and Black Mamba— where he literally sprouts extra limbs from his arms l pretty much shows he's on the cusp of being fully Awakened. 


Last but not least, CP0... I guess being the special secret police of the Celestial Dragons requires next level strength. The fact that Robin exclaimed that their skills far exceed that of CP9 means they might have even more refined form of Rokushiki, superseding even the versatility of Who's Who. I can't wait to see what they're truly capable of...



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Some interesting developments...



First off— Let's Fuckin' Go  Zoro!!! Although it was already confirmed that he can use Conquerors now he's cladding his sword with it and emitting it constantly similar to Shanks when he boarded Whitebeard's ship eons ago. This scene will look amazing animated, I'm sure there's an entire wing just to make this scene baller.


And now the Lunarians have been expounded on even more. Things are becoming more clear. I think Sanji and his siblings have Lunarian genes hence their durability but Sanji's modifications is probably the closest to a Lunarian which is why he can produce flames based on his emotional state. King might be forever bitter and enraged hence his permanent "Wildfire" always kept ablaze. I'm impressed Kaido managed to tame him, then again they probably are kindred spirits in a way, being "one of a kind". 


Based on these new revelations Lunarians might've mastered the Lineage Factor and altered their own DNA to be adaptable to any environment The Devil Fruits are essentially the living technology housed within the fruits to further modify themselves or other species and items for their purposes. This explains why items can "eat" Devil Fruits and act like living things, because technically they are alive. The Yomi Yomi no mi is likely the master controller for these fruits and probably was intended to be wielded by a high ranking Lunarian to keep other DF users/servants/slaves in check. 


We'll see but this is awesome!


I hope to see True Form Asura soon!

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