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The One Piece Thread: Gear 4th!!!

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On 8/27/2021 at 9:33 AM, *.:White ShadoW:.* said:

Latest Chapter is out and Holy Shieeet!


Some really interesting reveals:


  Reveal hidden contents

LunariansThese might be the ones who are behind the lost civilization. Sanji's Lineage Factor was likely manipulated by Judge to contain some Lunarian properties hence the subconscious fire manipulation. The Raid suit might be further augmenting Sanji's abilities which is why he feels off. However, I think it goes deeper. This might explain all the elemental properties we've seen used in the different races. Fishmen and Mermen with water manipulation, Minks with electricity manipulation and why certain characters including Luffy could use certain techniques to conjure fire a la Red Hawk. Lunarians might've created all these different races by being master manipulators of the Lineage Factor which is why they were seen as gods.


The Shandians, Birkans, and Skypeians are either descendants or separate ethnicities of the Lunarians, and the Red Line might hint of a great calamity that befell that Kingdom. This clearly ties into the abandoned civilization on the moon and the automatons than Enel now controls. I still don't know what this has to do with Space Pirates however.


Zoro finally has some of his origins expounded on after 1000 chapters and unsurprisingly he shares lineage with Ryuma, how a descendant of Wano found himself in the East Blue is interesting...

I'm 90% sure that after the major events of Wano conclude we will finally see Vegapunk, these revelations are right in line with a face reveal. Oda said ages ago that once he appears all the secrets of the Devil Fruits will be answered which is likely why he's been holding him back for so long. He might even be one of "them".


I'm So Hype Right Now!!!

damn.  Whenever I click any of those links I get a 404.  Any ideas why?

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5 hours ago, HD-Man said:

Dumb random question: Wtf does Doflamingo look like without glasses? I've heard Oda gave a joke response but I'm curious what he really looks like


Probably will never be answered tho 🤣

That is right it is one of those things we will probably never know. Like if Gin from the Baratie arc ever is alive or not on the Grand Line or WTF anybody the stuff from Eneru's cover story arc has to do with the story directly.

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New chapter is nice.



We got some Kaido & King shared backstory, which is interesting. 


And damn given all the damage he got this chapter, I feel bad for King. Zoro cut him straight up the middle earlier (I hope he was wearing the OP equivalent of a cup) and that last panel clearly shows one of his natural wings have now been clipped. But with this out the way all we have left is Kaido, Big Mom and some government assassins. We may see this arc's big fights end by Valentine's day depending on how Oda sets it up. But I think SJ usually takes a two or three break for New Years so that guess might be too soon.


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Ah Yes!




Roronoa Zoro has ascended! King's backstory is quite interesting and his relationship with Kaido was a lot less adversarial than I expected. I always had this notion that Kaido brought all his minions to heel before adding them to his crew, but with King I guess they could identify with being hated, misunderstood "creatures".


What's crazy is that even with Zoro combining Conquerors Haki into his blades, namely Enma, he still couldn't cut King in his fired up form. That's  an insane level of durability and goes to show how crazily powerful the Lunarians as a race were. King was also able to casually conjure up fire with the same intensity as magma and manipulate it as well. I makes me wonder more about the nature of Logias and Devil Fruits as whole, and how they relate to the Lineage Factor.

Although there's a break next week I hope chapter 1036 will give us what we've been waiting for...

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Looks like we are wrapping up, they talking Namekian minutes as was the case in Ennis Lobby but not too much now.



Somewhat unfortunate thay the previous chapter looked like Zoro chopped King's hand but it was only the wing and sword.


Usopp with that speech does make up for it.


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19 minutes ago, Sacr3D said:


Whats with that ending whats going on???


I am not sure if Oda is doing the whole cut away stuff as a misdirection but it seems to imply, Zunesha is not just a giant long living elephant but a DF user? Also it looks like the approaching fleet is about to get flexed on.


Very nice chapter, got some action, intrigue and three things that were from before this arc I was wondering when they would reintroduce.

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