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Hi all, I upgraded my UFB with a UFB-UP5 but I'm getting what seems to be a 8min time out while trying to play GG: Strive.

It never happens on the ps4, also the first time I tested it after updating the firmware it worked for about an hour, then when  power cycled the system it would get the "this is controller cannot be used" if I unplug it it and re-plug it it will not work immediately, it would after about an hour  for about 8 min then stops working without any msg.

Also my UFB is close to a first edition board.


Any help or ideas would be appreciated (also its my second UFB-UP5 board, I bought it thinking the first was defective as brooks and arcade shock where no help.)



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5 hours ago, elliephil said:

I'm not sure about PS5, but on PS4 I heard downgrading the firmware or removing the UP5 fixed 8-minute timeout for some users. I read somewhere that the connection diagram Brooks provided was also wrong. I want to clarify that I don't use a UFB-UP5, these are only things I have heard from other people.

I get the time out on ps5, also tried wiring everything directly as per thier schematic, I've onlys seen one more person on Reddit with the same problem and also has no luck.

Im beginning to think its because its an old ufb, maybe they upgraded parts on newer ones and never tested with the older stuff.

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