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43 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Texas Showdown has been going on, I thought @Sonerowould have let us know. I am disappoint. 


Look TBH I don't really follow much FGC stuff. I wake up, homeschool, my daughter, check to see what you guys are up to then at the end of the day I play games.


General FGC an suck my nuts.


I'm also like....800+ miles away from Houston on the western most point of Texas.



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58 minutes ago, Hawkingbird said:

Shemrie has eyes!? 

Yup, she has slitted pupils and are red/yellow/purpple, like a serpent.

not that you will ever know, since they have only visible in very very few instances.


Side note.


Her SNK Heroine and KOF XV 3d models don't have eyes btw.

Her face texture clearly has eye holes on her KOFXV model, even if they are not used, lol.




Her SNK Heroines has some purple outline where the eyes would be





And her KOF All Stars has the eyes hidden

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