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The RPG Thread: I Thought We Had One Of These!?

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I thought we had one of these threads already. Anyone a RPG fan here besides me? What are some of your favorites? Any upcoming RPGs you looking forward too? Here are couple of games that are coming out soon that I'll be picking up.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country - Leave it to Nintendo to do the equivalent of a 90s PC Expansion pack for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I really enjoyed...still in enjoy the base game. They keep adding content to it. The DLC actually covers the ancient lore you hear about in the main game.


Valkyria Chronicles 4: I've played the demo on all three consoles. Still torn on whether to get the Switch or PS4 version. I was a big fan of the first game. I bought it 3 times. PS3, PC, and PS4. I would have skipped the PS4 version if I knew the Switch version was coming next month. VC4 seems to have all the charm of the original. Since it takes  place concurrently with the first game, I wonder if we'll have any cameos of that games cast.






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sheeeeeit, y'know it's always action-RPGs for me... or games that are basically "Action...with RPG elements" all day..


773 or so hours on just the xbox 1 version of Diablo 3, and I'm actually looking forward to buying it yet again on Switch.

Other than that, there's the game that finally brought all my vampire fantasies to proper game-form... Vampyr.  There's still so many other variants of how I want to play on that... currently going more deceptive, calculated evil version of Dr. Reid on my 2nd run of it..(everyone in the Whitechapel area is dead or missing at this point) next up will be pure "ripper" style where I just consume everyone first chance I get.... it's such a great thing, because for years Skyrim was the only other modern game that allowed me to roleplay a vampire in the exact ways I always wanted.


I was already disappointed by the choice to go first-person in Cyberpunk 2077, but the gameplay trailer they showed recently saved it for's still looking awesome... I just worry that it might bit too ambitious for the current generation of consoles; I suspect that ends up being a game for the PS5/XB4 era...or at least it probably should be.  Even though it's first-person, they have custom character in there which is always a plus for me...and the world looks interesting.

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y'know, one thing I always found oddly lazy about some rpg fans... whenever a new port or version is announced, some folks are wishing and hoping you can transfer the save....even for other system/ports, which sounds kind of ridiculous to me.  I was surprised when it actually happened for the console Diablo 3...but even that was only within each system "family" if I recall... I don't think you could've gone from PS3->> XB1 with the file import... it's been a while so maybe I'm wrong, but you could definitely import your 360 save/characters over to the XB1 version.  Now with the upcoming Switch version, there's some who are still hoping for that from PC to Switch...that just seems like a longshot to me... it never bothered me much to start over completely on a new port of a game like that.  I probably won't bother playing all character classes this time around... just my main deal of Wizard, Necro and Witchdoctor...and maybe some Monk.  Crusader is just generally boring and sucks, imo. 


sidenote--- D3 also caters to vamp fans a little bit with the Necromancer, as there is a general blood/consumption theme going on with that character.  

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7 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

@MillionX Don't remind me, one of my hard drives just died. Wiped out my Last Remnant saves that I've had for like a decade. I'd actually managed to 100% that game. Do you know how hard that is....hundreds of hours down the drain. I'll have to get around to doing at again at some point.... 😑

I didn't like Last Remnant very much. I am impressed by your level of dedication.

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1 minute ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Did you play it on 360 or PC? That makes a massive difference.

I played it on PC but the problems I had with the game had more to do with the game systems rather than any sort of technical issues.  It just seemed terribly obtuse and I don't remember the story being all that interesting either.  It's been a long time though -- maybe I'll revisit it some day.

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1 minute ago, misterBee said:

I played it on PC but the problems I had with the game had more to do with the game systems rather than any sort of technical issues.  It just seemed terribly obtuse and I don't remember the story being all that interesting either.  It's been a long time though -- maybe I'll revisit it some day.

Unlikely, the game is getting delisted on digital soon. It's the reason I reinstalled it the other day. I went to install another game yesterday and noticed my D drive wasn't showing up.

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Shadow of War continues....

I found that you still get "boxes" but now it's through doing certain things, like completing the online vendetta missions...and I'm getting some really good stuff from those.  I got a free legendary "training orders" thing so now I've upgraded one of my followers to Legend status--- "Bagga the Skull-Cracker".. a "cursed warmonger tank" orc...this dude is some serious shit now, of his skills is actually a self-heal, and he's immune to ranged attacks if I recall....annnd he has a cursed weapon.


One orc came back from the dead earlier... one I killed via poison; now he's "Zunn the Poisoned", and the visual is awesome...the guy's face is melted so he has this mutated slime creature kind of look.  This was a rough fight, because now he could throw poison bombs with a huge radius.  I still managed to defeat him though....and DEFINITELY recruited that one.  Now he's assigned to bodyguard duty.  I have 2 other orcs infiltrating the higher ranks of the fortress in the area now, working as spies.  Bruhhhhhhh this game, man...there's so much cool shit going on in this.  People are really missing out if they avoided this game because of the silly ass (overblown, imo) lootbox situation when it was released.


*ohhhhh and now I have the "shadow strike" ability, with the upgrade that lets me hit others to in a "chain" of assassinations.  This might be THE greatest stealth ability I've ever seen in a game, seriously.

*edit--currently level 27.

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I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country. The ending was still sad eventhough I knew what was coming since it's a prequel to the main game. That said, The DLC....well game. Was very good. I like the changes to the battle system. It was a bit stream lined overall compared to the base game. The game has 3 drivers and 6 blades. compared the 5 drivers and hundreds of blades of the base game. That said, this was beneficial in many regards. It allowed you get to know the cast very well. It took me about 35 hours but I did almost all of the side quest. Only thing I haven't finished is the Caveran of Seal and slaying the four golden monsters.


Honestly I wish I had more time with the cast. I really liked Addam. He wasn't what I expect based on the stories of the base game. I wouldn't have minded a longer expansion centered around him. It was nice to see Minoth in his prime. Suprisingly, Aegeaon seemed more fleshed out in the expansion.

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heh, I lost the "xbox dvr" url for quite a while until just I looked up my clips and here was a bit of the situation with "Zuun the Poisoned" making an appearance (odd this site doesn't have my other latest clips though... some from that same day I ran into "Zuun" there)


*One day I'll go on to actually do the main story in Shadow of War.... one day.  The side content and random battles you get involved in are just SO good.  There's still "online vendetta" missions too, where you can avenge the death of other players, going to their world and killing an Orc Captain/Warchief that killed them.


*sheeeeit, I hope the "record clip" feature continues to be the standard on every system, man... I love that.  Even the Switch has that feature, though it's of course limited compared to XB1.

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5 hours ago, MillionX said:

*One day I'll go on to actually do the main story in Shadow of War.... one day.  The side content and random battles you get involved in are just SO good.  There's still "online vendetta" missions too, where you can avenge the death of other players, going to their world and killing an Orc Captain/Warchief that killed them.

Shadow of War is brilliant.  The story goes into insane fanfiction territory and I love it. ❤️

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Dragon Quest XI is a lot of fun.


The script, and its delivery are cringeworthy to very nearly SO4 levels of bad cutscenes (that one Eric one in the first act of the game, is almost exploding space ship timer running down yet inexplicable 5 minutes of dialogue in SO4 levels of "Get the fuck outta here" levels of ruining any immersion)...


...but almost everything else is spot on.


Perhaps some of the damage and defense equations could be adjusted, to make armor and Kabuff more relevant vs speed, and the like.


But over all, it is great, and one of the very few games that I have genuinely enjoyed this gen.

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Diablo 3 is perfectly smooth so far on Switch in handheld mode; it's all I've been playing since it was released last Friday... would be nice if I had a lot more space to try all these alternate language/voice packs; that puts an interesting fresh take on the experience for me, to hear my characters with different voices.  German has been disappointing for the Wizard [male] voice so far though. (**edit--whoah it sounds cool for the Necromancer though).. I'll check how the other characters sound in German then move on to Japanese next.  Cool thing is that you can keep the text in English and only change the voices.


level 60 Wizard so far + a level 11 Necromancer.  It has been such an awesome thing to be able to play this anywhere now... breaks and lunch at work are now Diablo time for me. (+ the last few minutes of the day when nothing is going on...most of my team is already gone for the day by that point so I always have a nice bit of "nothing" time at the end of a day.)

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18 hours ago, misterBee said:

How does Grim Dawn compare to say, Path of Exile?  Looking into a Diablo style game to get into.

I infinitely prefer it.


Solid single player, and you keep you character data on your rig, so you don't lose it, so it's as tangible as character data gets.


The itemization is far superior, to me, as well.


No economy of SoJs or the unbelievably worse economy of PoE.


No sockets - everything has its own stats. But you can place an "augment" and a component into every piece of equipment for specifically buffing or shoring up holes, or even to get a special ability or attack that one of them might grant.


It deals in +to particular skills, +to all of a particular class's skills, or + to all skills,  to buff skills beyond their soft caps, but in the tradition of Titan Quest, it hard caps every skill at +10 over the soft cap.


It really is a mechanics and number manipulating and crunching marvel.


Prefixes and suffixes on rare, re: Rare items called MIs, or Monster Infrequents, that drop off of specific enemies, are often game changing, given a certain roll, but there are so many different potential combinations, it invites creativity to come to fore, as you farm to try put your newest build idea.


But Set items and Uniques are more than sufficient, and not THAT hard to obtain, because a certain blacksmith can reroll any piece of a set (barring those need a blueprint to from first in order to craft, but I think you are golden once you get the bp, regardless... I am still waiting on the Octavius call up to drop though, grrr!).


The gameplay is THE most like D2 of any of its contemporaries and successors that I have experienced.


It DOES love its resistances, much like D2, but there are like... 11 of them, lol.


So a lot of tweaking and customization is involved in tuning up the perfect level 100 toon.


Oh, and it is a dual class system, meaning that each character chooses two classes, effectively becoming a third class.


Eight classes as of now, with a ninth on its way.


I run around with a high block percentage Death Knight, and let most trash mobs Retaliation Merk themselves, bouncing off of me.


But my main is kind of pumped and busted, as all effective end-game builds ought to be.


There are very few objectively not good class combinations (R.I.P. Saboteurs ((former gods of 1.0)).


And there are challenge dungeons, too, with the top ones being roguelike, in that if you die in one, you are sent out and locked out that instance until you start a new session.


They have lots of great loot at their ends.


Oh, and Nemeses... each enemy faction has an all but God unique monster than randomly instances about the world... they are the holders of several awesome MIs.




I can totes hook you up, if you find yourself missing something.


I play 100% self-found, but I am proud, and anal retentive that way, and do not trust most other people's legitimacy.


I'd trust you, I mean... just not any randoms.



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