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The Holiday 2019 Deals Thread

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With November upon us, the following 2 months are going to feature many good deals, especially on video games, movies, electronics et al.


When posting , please try to post what store,price, and valid times (if possible)

Links are greatly appreciated as well.


Here is a scan of Target's ad..




Target Black Friday!


Sony PS4   1 Terabyte Spider-man bundle- $200


PS4/X1 wireless controllers - $40


PS4 - Shadow of Tomb Raider  - $30


PS4 - Soul Calibur 6 - $35


X1 - Ass. Creed Odyssey - $35


PS4 - Dragonball Fighter Z  - $25


PS4 - 2018 God of War  - $25


PS4 - Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus - $15





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Current Transformers Deals at BBTS  


Masterpiece Bluestreak for $64 ($80)



Titans Return Trypticon $70 ($150)




Fans Toys Quake Wave Toy Color (Third Party Masterpiece level Shockwave)  $85  ($150)





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