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The Aviation Thread: LOOK! UP in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! NO IT'S SUPER.....oh nevermind it is a plane.

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Welcome to the Aviation Thread where we can discuss all things dealing with Aviation Aerodynamics, and space. I'm a Aircraft mechanic who has been in the industry for 7 years now. I'm no expert but I know enough about the maintenance side of things, job market, a few tricks of the trade, things going on in the industry etc. To share with those who want to learn about Aviation industry.  Have an interest in working in it, And chop it up with those who have knowledge and experience.


My goal with this thread is to expose more people to all the career opportunities in this industry. What goes into making this industry run, why it's so important to our modern life. And where it started, how it got where we it is today. And where it's going in the future.


So if you have any questions about the industry. Such as how are the planes maintained, job opportunities, business side of things, culture, how planes are built etc. Just shoot, and I'll answer best I can. 

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Popular Aviation website for job postings. Got a lot of my work from here.


Here are some employers that offer overseas contracts.


This site requires you to have a clearance. I can tell ya more about that if interested



A summary of the different career paths in Aviation Maintenance









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42 minutes ago, Volt said:

Great thread idea, even better thread title. I hope this one takes off, but I'm not sure if there's a lot of people here that are looking for a career to follow.

Could be some young lurkers, that may want to inquire about it. The gamergate thread back in the early 2010s had that effect. Brought in a lot of eyes that other wise wouldn't have been here

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18 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Nice thread idea, I hope it does well. If nothing else the rest of us can learn something new.

Appreciate that. Just want to make more people aware of what goes on in the Aviation industry. So if one is fearful of flying? They can be relieved at knowing what, who and how these planes are safe enough to where you can feel ok taking that flight.


If one is looking for a career to get into? But don't know what? This could be an option they never thought to consider. I definitely didn't until a older dude put me on to it.


And to show people how this industry has truly connected the world in a way it has never been before. To be aware of the history, and what's coming in the future.









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3 hours ago, J-ride said:

If there is a plane crash does it come back on the last guy who did maintenance? 

It depends. The FAA investigators first have to their thing. And figure out what specifically caused the accident. If it's determined to be pilot error? Then nah. If it's determined to be mechanical or electrical? Then they figure out what specifically malfunctioned and why


Once that is determined. Then they start making phone calls. Getting info on what shop(s) did the work on that part. And who were the techs that did the work. That's the scary part. You could have retired or only been there for a few months. Did that work months or a year ago.


But if the work you signed off on, turned out to be shody and played a part in causing that accident? You will be tracked down, and brought in for investigation. And depending on the severity of the accident, and if you're determined to be negligent in your work? You could face jail time.





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