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White people do know how to season their food! MEGASHOCK COOKING THREAD!

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I’m back on my bullshit and decided to cook chicken four ways. I kept posting my stuff in the lounge  which thankfully everyone loved seeing.(appreciate all the love and shout outs I still get about my cooking)


So I figured if any of you other knuckle heads wanna throw up recipes, meals you’ve made and what have you throw em up here. 

shout out to my butter boy brethren @M A R T I A N


Anyways here’s the chicken 

Top left is Parmesan and black pepper


middle is Dijon mustard 


big one on the right is Creole seasoned 


bottom left is a honey marinated with jalapeño and onion seasoning. 



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My recipe for cooking bone-in chicken in a crock pot:

·  1/2 teaspoon black garlic powder

·  1/4 teaspoon black pepper

·  1/4 teaspoon onion powder

·  1/4 teaspoon turmeric

·  6-8 bone in, skin on chicken thighs / legs

·  1/4  cup low sodium chicken broth (Consommé as a substitute)

Spray the inside of the crock pot with Pam to prevent sticking

Cook time: 5 Hours on Low for 6-8 Bone In Chicken Thighs, Legs

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4 hours ago, misterBee said:

I have reservations about this thread title.


I personally know someone whose parents brag about straight up boiling vegetables and just eating them like that.


I'm convinced white kids hate vegetables because most white people don't know how to cook them for shit.


Great looking chicken by the way!

They don't represent us!!!!!

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Cooking Pot Roast in a crock pot:

Prep: thoroughly rub in both gravy powder and ranch dressing powder

Place the meat in the pot fat side up

Cook for 8 hours (start on high heat for about an hour, then switch to low heat)

Add carrots (cut in half or baby carrots) about half way through

The meat falls apart easily, and plenty of meat juice to use

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I made jalapeño cream cheese stuffed chicken thighs. 

I used a brick of cream cheese, 2 jalapeño (w/seeds), salt, pepper, minced garlic, onion powder. You can add more jalapeño if you want more spice. I don’t have exact measurements on the seasoning as I’m trying to eye things more. So use all at your discretion. Also before rolling up the thighs flatten them out and season them.

 I seasoned both sides with creole seasoning and let the seasoning rest for about 5 minutes before putting on the cream cheese spread. 

I only made four but I probably could have stuffed and topped 1-2 more with how much it  cream cheese spread the recipe makes. 

375 for roughly 35 minutes. Be sure to tooth pick the thighs so they don’t fall apart while baking. Some of the cream cheese will melt but the majority of it will stay on top/inside the thighs. 

the sides are just a generic veggie medley and brown rice. 



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Basic Buttermilk Fried Chicken


Celery Seed

Mustard Powder

White Pepper

Black Pepper 





All purpose flour

Cayenne Pepper

Onion and Galt Salt 


Butter (mixed with vegetable oil)


Only season the chicken with Lawrys and Accent. Mix every other herb and spice in the flour. Double dipping in the flour as an optional. Dip the chicken in the egg and milk first before the flour


Buy the best butter you prefer and mix in the vegetable oil. 


Season to perfection as possible. Celery, Garlic, and Onion Salt can be tricky where things can get too overpowering, but it's simple at the end, if you know what you are doing.


This chicken breaks flavor volumes. Try it.

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