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Any tips on further reducing the input lag on PC?

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Hi, everyone!


I'm looking to find out if there are possible ways of reducing input lag in fighting games by means other than just simply disabling VSync, or via GSync/FreeSync technologies (as I don't own either of them).


Are there any options that you guys use within NVIDIA's/AMD's Control Panel, or other tools like NVIDIA Profile Inspector, Rivatuner Statistics Server, etc. to help you achieve this?


What kind of options do you use, and how big of an impact have you noticed they had?


Additionally, is it possible to "overclock" your arcade stick or controller? That is, decrease its input latency by software means? If there is such a way, how do you do it?

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Vsync is usually an app setting. Strive specifically lists it.  I'm unsure what it means though outside of old CRT monitors.


Arcade sticks don't have software inside them but look out for middleware software from steam or the os.  Try native input mode if the controller still works under it.


Monitors tend to have game modes and movie modes which affect lag.


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