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The Work Thread: How do you pay for your FG addiction?

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2 hours ago, axeman61 said:

Programmer for a grant management company. I make money that's good for a single guy, but I feel below average for my profession at my time out of college.

If I was making the money I make now a couple years ago I would’ve agreed, but this inflation has made me feel like I have barely moved up. I make a little over $40k/yr with OT, and I feel like I been priced outta everything. It’s definitely more then the barely-above-min-wage I was making before, but it’s not as much as I thought lol.


I’m trying to stick it out at this place at least 3 years before getting something else since it’s my first job outta my 2 year school, but I’m feeling the pressure. 

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I front loaded my fuck ups. Pissed away a full ride through community college then state school because I didn’t actually want to go to college, and even if I did I certainly wasn’t ready at 18. Changed majors like 3 times, and floated form dead end job to dead end job until I couldn’t finally hammer out a shitty associates in Solar lol. 

Anyways, I’m on the job drafting now which makes me happy since it’s an actual skill, and as a bonus I’ve learned a lot about electrical stuff. Currently in the “apply yourself” phase but one thing I don’t like about my job it’s that I feel like I’m slowly approaching the ceiling of what I’m gonna learn here. I used to have a good mentor/manager who’s since moved on, and my new manager just doesn’t foster the same learning environment (he doesn’t know as much as the last guy). Nice guy and a hard worker but frankly just not a great leader.

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I'm a senior software developer at a genetics firm that specializes in detection of certain kinds of cancers. I'm in the six figures club as of a few years ago, but yeah if I had applied myself more I could've been there much sooner.


But the last time I got washed in Strive it was by a forklift certified tranny so who's really winning here.


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I'm a graphic designer and marketing manager. I started out in advertising, but when I realized that was dying I moved on to printmaking and packaging design. I get to go to trade shows and work with an interesting variety of clients. Salary-wise it isn't great because the cost of living in my area is low, but it is much better than what I got from advertising.


I sometimes spend my free time making digital art, sketching or painting. Never, NEVER go into graphic design looking for creative fulfillment. Trust me, it isn't there.

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The majority of my past work history were regular jobs before taking the entertainment industry path were some degree of law enforcement, whether I was stationed in convention centers, facilities, or events. Wanted to originally join the military over 20 years ago, but was ruled a physical liability after the written test. Wish that this could've turned out favorably, but my mindset didn't align with services' traditional values.


I've been a Gig Worker for over 10 years now,  because it's far more flexible for production courses, events, and working on the set when the mood strikes me. I think working when I want is less stressful and more peaceful.


Quite honestly, I miss FGs. I'd need to revisit this genre again. 

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I clean dishes for $9K a year...


I got offered a software engineering job at $90k a year and I could've dropped out of college to take that, and they offered to pay for my education in the industry as well. Everything was set until... The dreaded contract clause...


Hopefully when I graduate I can get revenge and get a higher paying job...

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I work in higher edu basically the 'IT guy' of my department.  I do everything from reporting/data analysis, software implementation, programming/writing scripts for automation, test/QA systems we use post IT patches/upgrades  etc.



-union contract

-lots of holidays off. Basically if it's a federal holiday, 99% it's a paid day-off.

-summer schedule aka work only 4-days. <-- The main *REASON* why I really stay in this sector

-remote work once-a-week 



-Salary is not high compared to private sector

-no end-of-year 'bonus'


   I actually just joined the six figure club earlier this year also. I prolly could've reached it earlier had I stayed in the previous  Ivy League uni but then again I prolly have no hair/dead by stress by now🤣. Out of my friends, I'm the only one still with lush hair just like in high school😂


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