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(WIP) Manon Strategy, Combos, and Tech Thread for SF6

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Thread is open for discussion. Information will be added to OP's overtime.


Welcome to the Street Fighter 6 Manon Combo, Strategy, and Tech Thread



Game Version: 1.0

Change log:


* 05/13/2023: Thread created (template)

* 06/02/2023: Thread changed to be Manon specific with relevant edits to the OP. Added some BnB's and a couple move breakdowns

* 06/05/2023: More notation added, finished move list breakdown section under Strategy.

* 06/06/2023: Started a modest tech section under Strategy. Added many more combos, added more version explanations for specials

* 06/08/2023: Added some corner combos, started "Neutral" section under strategy


Useful Links


Notation/Abbreviation Guide


L - light

M - medium

H - heavy

OD - Overdrive


lp - light punch/jab

mp - medium punch/strong

hp - heavy punch/fierce

lk - light kick/short

mk - medium kick/forward

hk - heavy kick/roundhouse


s - standing

cr - crouching

f - forward

b - back

j - jumping

df - down forward


AA - anti-air

a2a - air to air

KD - Knockdown

HKD - Hard Knockdown

kda - knockdown advantage

CH - counter-hit

PCH - Punish counter-hit

xx - cancel

> - denotes a follow-up, such as from a chain or target combo (ex: Manon s.hp>hp target combo)

, - denotes a link (ex:, xx L.Wheel)

DI - Drive Impact

DR - Drive Rush

PDR - Parry Drive Rush

SA1 - Super Art 1

SA2 - Super Art 2

SA3 - Super Art 3


Ballet - quarter circle back kick specials (Dègagè)

CG - Command Grab (Manège Doré)

Spin - Spin special with followups (Renversè)

  • HG - Hit grab followup
  • K - kick followup (Grand Fouettè)

Wheel - Wheel kick special (Rond-point)


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Movelist Breakdown


Normals/Target Combos


* st.lp: Chainable, cancelable 4f button with good hit advantage. Good for defense, frame traps, and combo fodder. This button combined with drive rush gives you hit grab combos from lights.

* cr.lp: See st.lp; less advantage, more range

* Safe, advancing, cancelable, fairly active poke. Decent oki tool. First hit of the>mk target combo

* Safe, cancelable poke. Very plus on hit

* st.hp: The party starter. Safe, long range, and one-hit confirmable into target combo for a mixup. Get familiar with this. SA cancelable

* cr.hp: primary anti-air; target combo followup

* b.hp: Only cancelable heavy and primary gateway for hit-grabs combos. Poor range, but safe and high active frames. Decent oki tool.


* cancelable, safe light. Faster and a pixel longer than, but less damage potential

* Fastest low. Chains into itself or jabs for pressure and combos, but otherwise unsafe on block

* Longest cancelable button, but slower and more recovery than medium punches. Unsafe if blocked close

* Decent low poke. No cancel, but safe on block and pretty active for a low. Situational meaty

* anti air; first hit of>mk target combo

* Longest poke used to keep the opponent honest at range. Safe on block if spaced, but slow startup and minus on hit without PCH. Decent but don't spam it

* Pretty typical sweep. Good range, low, knocks down, but very unsafe on block.

* Strange AA that side switches on hit. Very active and very unsafe on block


*>mk: vacuum target combo that leads to a mixup on hit. Unsafe on block

* st.hp>hp: vacuum target combo that leads to a mixup. Slower than the version, but can be hit confirmed into, has more advantage on hit, and more range. One of your best tools.

* cr.hp>hp: AA target combo that splats the opponent on the ground.

*>mk: target combo that ends in a cancelable overhead.


* j.lp: highly active low hit/block stun jump-in and decent a2a

* low hit/block stun cross-up. Minus on block if hit too high

* a2a

* cross-up 2. Also has the longest horizontal range of her jumping normals, making it also a good a2a and nj poke.

* j.hp/ Primary jump-ins. Punch is faster, kick has more range






* Command Grab (Manège Doré/63214P): Grab special used for mixups and punishes. Does more damage the higher your medal level, and raises medal level upon successful grab. Take care to condition the opponent when going for this in a mixup. Extremely unsafe on whiff. Damage and kda is uniform across all versions.

  • L: Farthest meterless range, longest startup
  • M: Middle ground between light and heavy
  • H: Shortest range, fastest startup
  • OD: Longest range, medium version startup

* Wheel (Rond-point/236K): Kick special used for combos or as an AA.

  • L: Fastest meterless startup, middle damage, highest recovery, lowest kda
  • M: Middle startup, highest damage, middle recovery, middle kda
  • H: Slowest startup, lowest damage, fastest recovery, highest kda
  • OD: Fastest startup, heavy damage, juggles for combo extensions

* Ballet (Dègagè/214K): Kick specials with different uses depending on the version used

  • Light: Fast, long range, double hitting low that knocks down. Used to clip opponents not blocking low in neutral. Very unsafe on block, but the nature of the move and the fact she has an overhead with similar properties makes this a mind game for the opponent just by existing. Also useful as a combo ender.
  • Medium: Long range, forward moving kick. Mostly used in combos, however the speed and range makes it useful as an occasional punish tool. Unsafe on block
  • Heavy: Long range, fairly fast overhead. Technically unsafe at -9 on block, but the range combined with proper spacing means this move is typically safe.
  • Overdrive/OD: Safe but slighty slower version of heavy Ballet. Enough advantage on hit to combo. Notably the first active frame cannot hit a crouching opponent, however the second active frame will hit a crouching opponent and it will force them into crouching state if they happen to be standing.

* Spin (Renversè/236P): With different options depending on your input. The spin itself is projectile invincible. HG startup, fb I-frames, and damage all go up with version, and OD is upper body invincible.

  • No additional input: Manon will strike the opponent with a fancy grapple. Similar to the CG, this move gains a medal on hit and also does additional damage the higher your level. Despite what the animation implies this move is a an be comboed into but it can also be blocked.
  • Hold punch: Holding the punch button used to initiate the special will have Manon spin with no follow-up attack. Useful for going through projectiles without committing to an attack.
  • Kick: Long reaching kick that comes out instead of the hit-grab. Useful as a situational poke or as a way to tag the opponents recovery after you spin past their fireball. High active frames and range make this typically safe on block (except OD) though it can be punished if done extremely close. Damage and startup is uniform for all versions. 


Super Arts


* SA1 (Arabesque/236236K): Strike and Throw invincible reversal with side switch. Slower startup for a reversal at 10f, but travels roughly half-screen pretty fast. NOT PROJECTILE INVINCIBLE.

* SA2 (Étoile/214214k): Strike and Throw invincible reversal. Faster startup than SA1, great AA, and can be canceled into from some OD moves.

* SA3 (Pas de Deux/236236P): High damage grab super. Unfortunately can be jumped post super-flash, but invincible and can be comboed into (notably from hit-grab).






  • cr.hp(>hp)
  • H.Wheel
  • OD Wheel




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This section is not intended to be comprehensive, but it hopefully will be a good reference for your optimal routes and as a guide to know what’s possible. Some opening notes:

  • First number in parenthesis is damage, then hit advantage if listed

  • All combos ending in HG’s are +15 hard knockdowns.

  • Generally b.hp routes do more damage than>mk routes

  • Generally speaking, Super Art cancel rules are as follows:

    • SA1 can be canceled into from normals

    • SA2 from normals and OD moves

    • SA3 from normals, meterless specials, and OD’s

  • All combos ending in HG’s can be canceled into SA3 for extra damage

  • All combos ending in SA3 are +16 hard knockdowns

  • SA3 combo values are all non-CA numbers


Bread and Butter Combos


cr.lp>st.lp xx Ballet

  • Light confirm/4f punish
  • End in L.Ballet (1370/+21 KD) for okizeme, M.Ballet for corner carry and damage (1530/+33 KD)
  • First light can be swapped with for a 5f low starter (slight dmg decrease) xx H.Wheel (1020/+37 KD)

  • Fast whiff punish/buffer with decent range xx L.Ballet (1600/+21 KD)

  • Whiff punish/buffer from your longest cancelable buttons

b.hp xx M.Spin>HG (2200-2800/+15 HKD)

  • 8f punish for meterless damage and medal>mk (1100/+2)

st.hp>hp (1400/+3)

  • Vacuum effect target combos into strike/throw mix

cr.hp>hp (1100/+16-20 KD)

  • anti-air target combo

(PCH) DI, b.hp xx M.Spin>HG (2580-3000/+15 HKD)

(PCH) DI, CG (2560-3920/+19 HKD)

  • Punish Counter DI combos to gain medals

(PCH), L/M.Ballet

  • L.Ballet (2080/+21 KD) - oki
  • M.Ballet (2280/+33 KD) - damage/corner carry


Drive Gauge Combos


(AA) OD Wheel, Spin>HG

  • AA conversion into a medal>st.lp xx OD Wheel, L.Ballet (1810/+23 KD)


  • Low, light conversion burning a couple bars.


  • L.Ballet can be swapped for M.Ballet for corner carry and damage, but no oki midscreen if they backrise. L.Ballet ender has small frame advantage, but leaves the opponent much closer>st.lp DR st.lp, b.hp xx M.Spin>HG (1860-2166)


  • Expensive light confirm path to a medal DR, b.hp xx M.Spin>HG (2480-2834)


  • Medal conversion path from your main cancelable pokes


b.hp DR,, b.hp xx M.Spin>HG (2680-3034/+15 HKD)


  • Max damage drive rush route into medal


Super Art Combos

Spoiler>st.lp xx SA


  • SA1: 2070/+7 KD
  • SA2: 2630/+32 KD
  • SA3: 3470 (you can add a H.Wheel here to make it easier, but it does less dmg)*st.hp* xx SA1-3


  • Whiff punish stuff


b.hp xx SA3 (4600)


  • SA1: 2800


  • SA2: 3500


  • SA3: 4600


    (adding a HG before the SA3 does less damage [4000]due to scaling




  • SA1: (PCH) DI, b.hp xx SA1 (3000/+7 KD)


  • SA2: (PCH) DI, b.hp xx SA2 (3490/+32 KD)


  • SA3: (PCH) DI, b.hp xx SA3 (4200)

(PCH), SA (3080/+8 KD)

  • Punish Counter conversion with super
  • SA1: (3080/+8 KD)
  • SA2: (3780/+32 KD) - does not combo from max range>st.lp xx OD Wheel, SA1 or SA2


  • SA1: 2510/+11 KD
  • SA2: 3000/+34 KD (you get 3 more frames of kda if you link SA2 instead of canceling into it)


Corner Combos


Starter xx OD Wheel, OD Wheel, M>Spin>HG

Starter xx OD Wheel, OD Wheel, M. Ballet, SA1/SA2

Starter xx OD Wheel, OD Wheel, PDR, b.hp xx H.Spin>HG xx SA3



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  • Vhozite changed the title to (WIP) Manon Combo, Tech, and Strategy Thread for SF6
  • Vhozite changed the title to (WIP) Manon Strategy, Combos, and Tech Thread for SF6

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