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  1. Yeah. I think you will like Rosemi in particular... --------- (1/2) (2/2)
  2. If anyone could link me more city pop originals from vtubers I would be grateful. I already know about the Plastic Love and Ride on Time covers.
  3. Maaan you tricked me. I thought that was a recent video. Used to be my favorite ship. --------
  4. I've found that the surefire way to get an embed is to use the smaller URL you get by clicking "share" under the video, posting it here, clicking edit, clicking the space right after the URL, hitting Enter, then Backspace. Yeah...
  5. This is pointless now. You know who it is. Deleted to be nice.
  6. Gura inches out Kizuna Ai to be the first vtuber* to reach 3 million subs. *Ignoring Sodapoppin, Pokimane, Pewdiepie, etc.
  7. My hope is that Coco is trying to form an agency that disgruntled Holos can join. She's said a few times that she isn't doing that, but that could just be a part of her NDA not to talk about competing with Hololive.
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