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  1. You know, it makes me wonder why people have Dice on high stem when of all their offering since they are with EA, only like 1 game has not been a disappointment Like take Catalyst for example, which is a downgrade in everything except graphics when compared to the original Mirrors Edge
  2. Ephebophilia is not pedophilia. For starters in most of the world is not really illegal, since the age of consent is usually around the age thresehold. Hell, in most states the age of consent is around 16, some even at 15.
  3. Dunno, i never found it "offensive". I felt that it made the point be clear about what the video was gonna be about, plus t made instantly recognizable that it is a before you buy.
  4. I assume a nega Bob Marley, that instead of weed, used artificial salts.
  5. They videos arent bad, and last i checked the thumbnails were a character from the game making a gesture like stoping the viewer, not really a soy face.
  6. Dunno, for me, she indeed looks aggressively asian, like she would yell at me without any notice for a math error or something
  7. There is a say in spanish that goes like, "Lloviendo sobre mojado" aka raining on wet, that it means something having a disgrace/unfortunate situation after another. Right now it feels that way for me and my family, an aunt that has been battling with cancer on and off for like over 20 years had the cancer comeback, turns out and uncle has tongue cancer, and i have been dealing with different health issues one after another, with the newest one being at least one hernia on my back and at worst 3 Fucking kek.
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