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  1. Sigh... It seems that i will need to star installing everything and downloading the patches since they keep fucking us over. They really need to sack the imbeciles in charge that keep maiking those stupid decisions.
  2. From the preview/trailer it seems that the Drifting maybe works kind of like the Burnout series, maybe? Since it seems that it is very arcadeish and that you have some sort of nitro/boost. If so, then i think i will give the game a chance, for a moment i was worried that it was more like Mario Kart (and its many clones), where the drifting is the more unengaging shit ever.
  3. I hope that the Remake doesnt do well, mostly so Sony can see that they are heading the wrong way. They are taking one dumb decision over another. Shooing all the small and mid japanese 3rd party devs away. Shooing their own japanese talent. Aiming for just AAA blockbuster bullshit games while ignoring the small and mid level games that were the ones that actually helped them cement as what they are. They are no longer offering what many fans of the brand liked about them with this shit they are doing. And lets not forget implementing a party system
  4. But Knack is the GOAY every year, what nonsense are you talking about?
  5. And humor your stupid ass on wasting mine arguing the same shit over and over because you don't want to accept reality? Nah son. I am busy right now with work. You can go search for my post and read it or do the numbers by yourself. It is fucking easy since most of tekken 7 numbers are updated regularly. You can cry over them or keep ignoring them like you have been doing so far.
  6. LMAO, wut I even posted the links to the numbers you dumbfuck. Cited where they came from and everything. I provided the sources multiple times. But hey, lets pretend reality is not a thing.
  7. Yes i do, and i have already posted them multiple times, we have hard data based on both sales, player count etc, which is readily available for anyone to see. That your turdbrain decides to ignore them is another thing.
  8. Not even that. Most games in general, when are published on both consoles and PC, usually end being sold betwee 75% -25% to 90% - 10% on consoles to pc ratio. Very few games end having the majority of players on pc, and that happens mostly when the most recent versions end on PC with consoles lagging behind. There are exceptions, and is true that it can vary from region to region, but in general is a hard fact that for some reason triggers Cypher into a more bitch mode than usual, lol.
  9. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ This nigga still trying to fight reality lmao
  10. Funny how this myth persist even today. Games that relied on servers for their online on Live did the same on PSN. The problem was that the PS3 came with wifi integrated unlike the 360, an a lot of people played in wifi because of that. And now that the xbox consoles do the same, you can see a lot of the quality being the same across the board. Also, regarding steam being more complete feature, it took them yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars to get to the point they are currently in. Lets not pretend that steam was always like this. I think that having multiple s
  11. If you see me online on the game we can try to run some game together. Although i am currently only on lvl12 or 13
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