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  1. Tje only good thing about Jump Force is that pornomancers will have now a Yoruichi model to play with.
  2. Double post. Es Laf++ is looking better each time i see it, time to throw som cash to the patreon to get the lastest build.
  3. Or black and white tvs and towns without electricity, lol. While i lived in the city, each time i went to the countryside to visit relatives, i basically lived on the late 1800 early 1900 for 2 months each year, riding horses, sraying playing on the rivers and exploring mountains with my distant cousins since i was 6 up to when i was 14 when the towns finally got electricity and more people got tvs. Before that, only an aunt had a tv and a power plant, so she had a little business where people went to se old mexican40s to 80s movies on her tv, like a cinema of sorts.
  4. At the top of my head Probably the most recent waves of inmigration that have been happening from latin america to europe, principally spain. You know how it is, when massive waves on inmigration happen, you can see some form of xenophobia and nationalism breed on parts of the local population. Is kind of inevitable, even good people sometimes get their perception influenced. Also, perhaps some form of pride being hurt because he is being compared to latin americans when he is european, and not saying is his case, but some spaniards tend to look as lesser bein
  5. Totally agree. Is specially troublesome when you take socioeconomic differences and cultural differences as well. My experiences in my country vastly differ with the ones of someone from USA Ney York, even if we both were born the same day. Then add that my parents are actual boomers born in 1951 and 1959 respectively, so it muddies things even more, lol. If we go by what some sites say, i should be considered a millenial/late gen x, but i have more in common with late 70s gex in many things because we had like a delay of 10 years with the new technology here,
  6. Nah, not really. Shipped units are based on estimates/projections that publishers have and expect the game to sell. You can have scenarios where the game had 2 million units shipped, but the game is not selling at all due issues with it, or because it was not received as the devs expected. For example Anthem had a lot of units shipped that were never sold and had to be bought back by EA because of it. Or DmC, who capcom expected to ship 2 million units, had to slash the numbers to 1.2 million when it was clear the game wasnt selling and in the end only sold li
  7. Made even worse when you consider that unsold shipped units could end costing the publishers money depending on the sales issurance policies that the retailers have in agreement with the publisher, lol.
  8. I have to ask something. Isnt the Millenials the ones that are the participation trophy gen? I am sure that zoomers are the one that makes my adhd look like i am a professional chess player taking 10 hours to make a single move, lol.
  9. Man, every time i read one of your posts i have to wonder what kind of drugs you take, because many times the shit you say doesnt make sense, lmao. What the fuck has your reply to do with anythinbg i said,
  10. Double post. Filipinos are "latinos" Latin Asians/Hispanic Asians Latino and Hispanic is not a race thing, and iis not tied to only latin america. Latino and Hispanic are a commonality traits based on cultures that descend from Latin/Rome and Spaniards repectively. So, for example, Spaniards, French, Portuguese, Brazilians, Italians, etc all are Latinos. But only Spaniards, All spanish speaking countries, Filipinos are hispanics. I know in usa some people like to use Latino as a descriptor of race, but is totally wrong, since for e
  11. You expect zoomers and millenials to make any sense? Lol I am 38 and have been called boomer. They use boomer for anyone older than them. Lets not forget that smashers call motion inputs, boomer inputs now, lol.
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