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  1. I was just in the world of **Vampyr** once again...in the early part of a 3rd save/playthru. Odd thing I noticed---when you make clips of this for the "activity feed" on Xbox Live...there's never any sound. I figure it might be to avoid spoilers? Or perhaps something similar to music "Content ID" that "youtubers" always complain about? Anyway...a reminder of just how great the difference is in feeding and just fighting things in that game--- I noticed that each time I fought and killed a "Skal" (these are the ugly, more feral vampire types), it was only worth 5 points...I think it's the same for fighting human enemies...when you feed on a citizen...on the "low" end you're getting at least several hundred, maybe even 1000+ exp (higher value citizens are upwards of 2 or 3,000 a pop)....so you'd have to fight and kill a couple hundred enemies to equal *one* feeding session on a citizen....brilliant way to make that into an ongoing temptation for the player. There's also exp you get just for speaking to them or eavesdropping and finding out more personal information. ...currently I am at the part where someone is blackmailing Lady Ashbury.. and I've been tasked to "take care" of this person....heh I intend to be more of a vicious vampire this time around; ohhhhh this should be quite fun...
  2. yeah, and another funny thing is that between my friend and I... one would assume he would've turned out to be the "pro" hardcore D3 player that knows everything... in the beginning, this guy was watching Diablo vids pretty much 99% of the time he was watching youtube....non-stop build videos, theory, crafting, etc. etc...like he was studying for an upcoming school exam...I was only half-way into it early on, just picking skills I thought were cool and trying to survive fights with the toughest enemies. I tried at one point advising him to use set items, which are a major factor in making these characters so godlike...but he never really bothered... basically I only recall seeing him use 1 set that I gave him a long time ago....just that 1. This is where the laziness comes in... I think he just didn't want to bother even playing that much waiting for certain items to drop, though it has become way easier now with the "Kannai Cube" that can transmute rare items into legendary or set items at the cost of certain resource materials....but even that is probably too much "work" for him. oh....and it just hit me that he probably doesn't even know that you get certain set items as a reward when playing a seasonal character....but he'd probably hate the idea of starting over with a level 1 though....so again...laziness. (keep in mind D3 has become the absolute easiest game to power-level in I've ever seen, btw.) At this point though, I doubt he'd even play it again... I figure it probably annoyed the hell out of his ego to constantly have such obviously pitiful characters compared to mine. As you said, this sort of game isn't the type where you can get away with "doing your own thing" that much. It's either use the top-tier shit or be laughably weak compared to everyone else.
  3. sheeeeitttt, I went back to my adventures in Diablo 3 again tonight... Switch version... I was a bit too late on the season though; that's ended already. It seems like those have been getting shorter. Y'know, I love how drastically more powerful the characters have become. The D3 characters of today are GODS compared to the chumps from launch-era D3. Well, except the characters of my old friend though since he could never properly build a character worth a damn... it was endlessly entertaining to me... just for random example...he'd have a level 70 character walking around with some items that were only level *61*, while not wearing any set items......doing shit like putting a topaz gem in a weapon slot then wondering why his characters were so weak...shit was absolutely hysterical, man (*note---I think that part of this was a certain bit of pride here....like he didn't want to just copycat the best builds despite them being objectively superior; wanted to do his own thing....the other part of that I suspect was just plain laziness.) brief explanation of 1 of those things --*Topaz = ___ thorns damage in a weapon slot. (enemies taking damage when they hit you.) ^This is a HORRIBLE choice compared to using an emerald (+critical damage) or ruby (+ damage). You're missing out on such a large amount of damage it's just making the character laughably handicapped...(*and why on earth would anyone fuck around with Thorns Damage if they are NOT a Crusader? Such a strange, terrible choice there) ...seriously, we're talking about the difference of hundreds of thousands of DPS, man....so one of his characters might be like 340k dps *at best* compared to one of mine being like 850k or 1 million+
  4. here she is with another one, folks GOLD.
  5. ohhhh...AND it will be missing some features! they intend to have achievements but those aren't ready for launch...achievement notifications aren't ready, folks....think about that shit for a minute.... this is on top of the absurdity of the very concept--- you're paying a monthly fee I guess for a service....yet you're still paying money on top of that to get games on said service.....games where you own absolutely nothing, and require the internet since duh it's streaming....... annnnnd they're some slightly older games (all but 1 of them being available on other platforms) being sold at full $60 price tag too... BRUH...
  6. seeing that Carl "Action Jackson" Weathers is in The Mandalorian reminded me... I always wondered if people who run into Mr. Weathers in person in a random place ever hit greeted him like "DILLON! YOUUUUUU SON OF A BITCH!" while going for the manly arm-flex handshake? I bet that was awesome if it ever happened.
  7. yeah, I think Netflix might actually be in trouble now....haha, oddly enough..it's starting to look like they will be in the position of Blockbuster when they were the new thing that Blockbuster didn't take seriously...and we all saw how that turned out. If *all* the CW stuff goes away, then good thing I already have my precious Vampire Diaries and Originals on blu-rays and dvds....so they're actually mine and I can continue watching regardless of what happens. [which is why physical media is still king]
  8. hmm...yeah it's not looking good for Netflix then if they won't be getting the new CW stuff...or perhaps just not the DC CW stuff..? The CW lineup was a major reason I even kept netflix this long. Then again, The Flash is seemingly over the hill at this point; I am not sure how much more they have left in that one. HBOMAX seems to be the more appealing one to me, if I could eventually get DC stuff there, like any new seasons of Young Justice, I'm assuming...? The channel lineup that service has also seems superior anyway. Disney has a big problem in that family-friendly image they are shackled to....so it's doubtful that there will be a good range of any kind of "real" content there beyond Star Wars [*a franchise which will never give you some hard-hitting R-rated content] and [PG/PG13 only] Marvel stuff....yeah, the more I think about it...the more unappealing it gets. I don't like the idea of my entertainment having a certain "family-friendly" limitation on things....like imagine if back in the day you went into a Blockbuster, but ALL they had there was G-rated and PG-rated shit. That would be depressing to me. Ok, I REALLY don't understand this shit---this is the 2nd week now that *some* of the sound in Supernatural on CW is GONE. This makes no fucking sense... I'm hearing sound effects, but all dialogue is muted. I've never seen this happen before.
  9. and now...one of the finest women I've ever seen in life... Tiana Musarra with her latest swimwear haul... I couldn't even handle being in her presence... I'd bust from a mere "friendzone hug"...this girl is rigoddamndiculous
  10. damn I missed it... I heard about this on a local radio show recently and just remembered but it was only until 11/11 apparently https://www.nbcnewyork.com/entertainment/the-scene/McDonalds-Happy-Meal-Toys-40th-Anniversary-Throwback-Return-564388701.html They should do that more often to capitalize on that nostalgia hype... I'd definitely get a few happy meals if they brought the old "Changeables" back, which were like the "McDonald's universe" version of Transformers....oh and those racers as well...they had a line of McDonalds characters in cars; the kind that you roll back and the "wind-up" mechanism inside makes it race forward. I actually still have the Hamburgular one after all these years.
  11. hell yeah finally!-- I've been waiting on this since they first announced and showed footage a long time ago
  12. ha, Hell apparently froze over, because it's one of those rare occasions where I agree with what Boyce is talking about here ...about reacting a certain way to that infamous "magic word" as he puts it
  13. shameless achievement ho here... I picked up 550 points today on my new/alt profile...it was delicious.... sidenote---Toy Soldiers: War Chest is apparently broken, and there is no hope in it ever being fixed. After tutorial I get to an apparent loading with a lot of character art, and that's it. There is no button prompt or even a progress bar of loading, and it just stays that way forever. edit---yeah, I haven't seen confirmation on this theory just yet...but I suspect that whatever contract they had with the licensed content on this game expired, and that's related to this. I've read in some places of people noticing you can still play it if you are offline and set the date to 08/01/2015 for some reason. ha, check some of the reviews... https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/playstation-4/games/products/toy-soldiers-war-chest-hall-of-fame-edition/10122570.html
  14. oh hell yeah... Necromancer is one of my top picks in D3... I'm hoping they'll bring him back again for part 4. It works as my "kinda vampire...close enough" character, basically. The last few times I played, I was using a full Trag'Oul's set build for him, using a lot of that corpse skill that makes them crawl over and explode on enemies + constant blood/skeletal mage summons....huge damage there, and the survivability is great. One complaint I keep seeing from Gears fans that just hits me as odd... the flashbang grenades... I keep thinking---It's *SUPPOSED* to be some annoying shit. A stun grenade's purpose is to disorient the hell out of the targets while the squad moves in....what, they think it should just be a minor nuisance that is shrugged off in exactly 1 second? C'mon now, bruh... in real life I doubt that's a "pleasant" experience being hit with a stun grenade sort of thing.
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