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  1. ha, JL has the premiere of her watching/roasting Batwoman of course
  2. I miss those days when you could just walk into a random store like Target, Best Buy etc. and buy your system with absolutely no problem. Those were good times. I'm not sure this situation with PS5/XB4 will end anytime soon, it may be the Fall or Winter 2021 before a person can do that. (*ha, yeah it's annoying that I had to think for a second to realize what # XB is on to write it that way...and now.... perhaps that's a reason they stay away from a traditional numbering system on the name..? They are 1 number behind Sony's machine? That could be part of the logic there.. )
  3. Well that's one rather severe way of getting out of a divorce situation... Great Pyramid fantasy--- forgot to mention; imagine having your own Sphinx/(Anubis? *There's a theory the face was previously the dog-headed god Anubis until it was vandalized and maybe carved down..) statue out front... that would be nice...perhaps not as huge as the actual Sphinx... yeah I'd have 2 smaller versions...."guardians" of my palace. Antenna TV: Sabrina the Teenage Witch is on right now! Melissa J. Hart was so cute back then... along with Elisa Donovan, and Soleil Moon Frye...
  4. hmm....the new mansion would be preferably newly built too... I've always been hesitant about homes that were built way back like in 1932; nah fuck that. With the wealth also comes the luxury of having things built specifically for you...or at least having something that was recently built. ooh...just reminded myself though ---the mansions from "Haunting of Hill House" and "..Bly Manor" were awesome though; imagine living in a place like that for real....without the ghost problem, preferably. Heirs to the Palace---I'd most likely "arrange" for my children to be bor
  5. sheeeeittt, someone from Maryland won that 731 million Powerball jackpot recently. If that were me, I'd hit "early retirement" from my job SO fast....the same day the payout hits my accounts that is it, I would be gone. Even if you cut that in half due to taxes, we're still talking about around 365 mil....such a delicious amount. I'd get a better place in a fancy neighborhood of area where the starting price on the houses are no less than about 700k, y'know to keep out the riff raff Deebos and Deontrays of the world. Even a 1 million dollar house is easily bought out
  6. Ha, that Bernie meme is really making the rounds... from the Borderlands page: on another note--they're still giving out golden key codes for part 2, actually...a code for 5 keys was posted just a few hours ago on facebook....since I'm back into it on Switch now, I may as well go for that...
  7. Alison Kosik just posted a shot that's quite alright delicious. Also---Nieva Mara posting gold as usual:
  8. Antenna TV... Growing Pains just went off; now they're showing Alice. I'm remember now that one reason I watched this in syndication back in the day....the same deal as with other shows; I enjoyed the intro theme song. After 2 episodes of Alice they have Archie Bunker, then The Jeffersons, Johnny Carson...then Designing Women and Coach....but then Becker; I never cared about Becker. sheeeittt, Nick at Nite/TV Land was never this good, imo... this has more variety, and it's on all day. ha, that 1 country lady yelled out the infamous line again just now---"Mel! Kiss m
  9. This reminds me; I still haven't finished my latest playthru on the XB1 remake, since there's so much going on in gaming at the moment... I'm in the last area of the game, and of course my pure-sorcery character is a god at this point. The "Universalist" (jack of all trades) build is good and more fun than in other games... but the pure-builds tend to be the true god-level stuff in this game. Pure sorcery will annihilate most enemies before they even get much of a chance to fight you...and pure Might makes you into a nearly invincible tank. I don't remember pure Finesse as much
  10. if I was the guy that created mySpace, I'd still be bitter about the whole thing with facebook taking over as THE social media thing of choice. (*which would go on to be a platform where you must only agree with certain things *or else*, resulting in no real choice to be "real" and free with your commentary on various things. MySpace's problem was that it was so terribly messy though; the average page was always an ugly collage of animated backgrounds and gifs while music automatically plays, slowing or ultimately crashing your browser. *I just searched and yep...
  11. sheeeittt, that mention of flamethrowers reminded me that the devs behind Gears 5 finally did another thing right by bringing the Scorcher weapon back into the game. Finally, you can cook the shit out of your enemies in that game once again. On another note out of the blue... anyone else ever try to summon something like a devil (or the Devil) or a djinn to see what would happen? I've done so a few times, but of course...much to my disappointment... those bastards never show up. They are about as reliable as our favorite dead-beat cosmic dad Big G, apparently.
  12. Jody's Corner podcast brought up a fun little debate a few nights ago--- basically, you are reincarnated and for some reason, you have a choice for the next life: Genius intellect, but you are ugly. or Average intelligence, but you look incredibly hot/fine/good to most people. They made this a bit too easy, imo... clear answer would be #2... it becomes a tougher choice if that 2nd option is "You are beautiful...but stupid." (haha or maybe even retarded) If that was the case, I'd definitely go with option #1. I doubt most people would *want* to be a dumbass in their
  13. is confirmed that Lady D.'s fine ass and her daughters are in fact vampires? I was sold on the game anyway, but of course that's even more of a bonus right there to me. There is a cool ability showed off repeatedly by one of the "daughters" where they can disperse into a swarm of....something; it just looked like locusts or some other insect swarm to me (maybe bats? I'll check again in the highest resolution I can get) Predator and T800 are REALLY tempting me to play Fortnite....too bad it's Fortnite though... I was always just interested in the main game which has been c
  14. Soooo damn SOLD on this! They're giving me so much of what I want with this new Resident Evil.... I need it day 1, easy.
  15. One of the eShop games currently on sale is RUINER... I couldn't resist anymore for that price; it's only 10 bucks right now...there's only a matter of hours left on this sale, by the way...
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