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  1. ha, that thumbnail reminded me I have Persona Strikers, actually... and I've played a grand total of maybe 5 minutes. There's so many other great games that just took priority in recent weeks/ might be a long time before I get back to that. I finally finished the main season challenges for D3 on Switch, so I got the cool "seraphim" looking wings....a shame this is one of the last examples we'll see of cool stuff being earnable in a game; we all know that if Diablo 3 were produced today, they would be selling those extra cosmetic things like wings and pets, or even color dyes for your clothing and armor. I bet the suits over there would love to sell that shit now, actually...but they wisely realize they CAN'T get away with it, really since D3 happens to be an "old" game at this point...and it would be quite a bad look to start selling that stuff when previously it was an unlock. oh I still have Luminous Avenger iX to get to as well... and I just got Skul: the Hero Slayer today; already started that one and loving it.
  2. Ah, I just got the notification... looks like John Campea will be talking about that Alec Baldwin situation on his show today in a few minutes... Ok, Midnight Mass spoiler stuff....I was just chatting with a friend about this yesterday... heh, 'cause you know I'm compelled to talk about this stuff...
  3. ...that makes me wonder; how often is live ammunition on the set of a show or movie like that? I figured it would/should be blanks, right... I'm not even sure why you'd use loaded firearms for real on set.
  4. Ellie's latest ....woooo look at those chocolate BOMBS
  5. I have watched an unboxing or two for that reason... to see how the product in question actually looks...also to get a glimpse of what the box for the Switch OLED looks like to generally know if I see it at a glance in a store in the near future. -As a kid growing up in that grand era of horror slasher films being the new hot thing... at least for me, Jason was a lot cooler than Michael. I'll admit this *might* be because I saw the Friday the 13th films first. Jason is an odd case though, because his look differs from one film to the next. My favorite Jason "style" I'd say is the one from part 4, 6, and 7. -Batman--- I prefer Batman being a lone wolf hero. The "dynamic duo" of him and Robin, and the later extended "Bat family" never appealed that much to me. The occasional team-up/crossover kinda story is ok, but he should be the type that works ideally alone...or at least no one outside of Alfred, of course. ...and I mentioned it before, most likely, but Batman is also one of the only heroes I'll give a pass for not having powers. Normally, I prefer my superheroes to actually be clearly superhuman in at least 1 way. Batman is the exception to the rule there for me. Most other "regular people" heroes I just look at as kinda lame.... obviously gimped in comparison to real deal shit like Superman, Spawn, any of the mutants from Marvel, etc.
  6. Whoever is responsible for it, I'd be in favor of torturing them slowly on a world-wide broadcast so everyone can see it....then if only we could inject the corpse with something to bring them back to life, so we could continue slowly murdering these pieces of shit over and over again for the rest of time. I'd have fun personally overseeing the festivities. The world deserves that small level of satisfaction at the very least. People could also be invited to piss, shit and vomit on them too. If they happen to be religiously inclined, it could also be fun instructing them to pray to their God....and laugh as absolutely no divine intervention ever saves the day for them.
  7. The first 2 classes for Wonderlands were shown in the latest trailer! This is one of the the main games I'm looking forward to next year
  8. Toy Galaxy did a video on The Real Ghostbusters Yeah, I also remember the other "The Ghostbusters" cartoon he was funny being around in that time of "The Real Ghostbusters", then seeing this other Ghostbusters show and being initially confused because the other one had absolutely nothing to do with the super-popular movie franchise we all know....haha I still watched it too though... I even had 2 of the toys (a yellow skeleton dude named "Scared Stiff" and "Ghost Buggy", that old haunted jalopy they drove around in)... unfortunately I don't remember seeing a toy of "Prime Evil", which was a strange design but still interesting.
  9. man, the live chat is going to be merciless, because there's a lot of girls on tonight...but quite a few just aren't hot...some of these girls are just downright strange looking:
  10. Joe got a vid on Back 4 Blood usual he goes into great detail on things here... One thing that's a little nitpick--- the chemistry/comradery between the characters just seems absent for some reason... the characters in both L4D games were written a bit better in terms of dialogue, imo. The cast of this game seems more like just random people that just met each other 3 seconds ago, and are thus hesitant to say much of anything.
  11. oh yeah... that Bob Lazar video interview from Rogan was interesting. I've seen Lazar on a few of those specials concerning Area 51, aliens, government conspiracies, etc. etc. I'd hope he's for real...I'm inclined to believe him, at least. It's a safe bet that life is probably a very common thing in the universe... then the more interesting question is in how often did sophisticated creatures that are similar or better than humans develop? The details he mentioned about the ships were so fascinating... like most of us that spend way too much time thinking about this stuff probably assumed that these beings have figured out some anti-gravity tech which then allows their crafts to do whatever insane aerial stunts that appear to defy what we understand of certain rules of physics and what's currently possible with man-made aircraft. There's so many interesting questions with this general topic... like what's the method of control? Perhaps they are piloting the craft with their mental abilities? What if the things we call "Greys" aren't even living creatures as we understand the concept? I've always wondered what if they are just a physical representation of AI that pilots the ship...? Those things + the craft they arrive in are effectively a remote controlled drone..? ..perhaps it isn't remotely controlled; the AI "Greys" can truly function on their own. Cool thing is that they might be the perfect example of what the ultimate result is when a sophisticated species manages to survive for millions more years than the amount of time humans have existed.... if I recall, the oldest homo-sapien remains we know of are about 1 or 2 million years old. Imagine if our species is like the "baby" in comparison to certain other species out there. The "Greys" and others are out there looking on like "haha, they haven't even figured out the anti-gravity thing yet..."
  12. haha, mannn Donovan's on with a juicy call-in topic right now... "Can sistahs really compete with non-black women?" (in terms of the dating game) heh, sheeeitttttt, in short- Not least not most of them. It's one of those ugly truths a lot of us probably don't want to say or accept. Just look at what the average is, compare that to the average of other "tribes" out there, and it's a sad picture, imo.....especially in recent years where they've seemingly given up on caring about their overall presentation in public...showing up in hair bonnets and pajamas with houseshoes as if that's alright....and of course this is on top of the sassy, nasty attitudes....oh and this is on top of their love for "hood dudes" like DEEBO, meaning by the time you meet her, she probably has a baby by Deebo who is frequently in trouble in the law.
  13. Yesss yes and as per the usual CW rule... Jane was ridiculously fine. I think that show was the lead-in for "Reign" on Sunday nights if I recall. That's one interesting thing about CW... their current era of ideology/agenda dominating their shows hasn't quite hit that level just yet that demands that women should look ugly or even just "plain" and covered up 100% of the time. I suspect this will happen soon; it might follow what we're seeing happen in the gaming industry, where attractive, often scantily-clad female characters are becoming a "bad thing" for whatever silly reason. It will be interesting to see if things get to that point....because that's a generally hardwired rule of television, that you're supposed to have attractive people on a show 99% of the time. Barely anything makes logical sense with those types though, so anything is possible. haha, these people are so strange to me...they are so strongly opposed to the "Male Gaze" (but the Female Gaze is ok, of course) like it's some new tech from Cobra & Destro that must be stopped at all cost.
  14. More Warhammer! ...a shame that yes... of course it's turn-based strategy stuff... I'm thinking there will probably never be another pure action Warhammer game like Space Marine back on the 360... the world and lore always looks so damn cool... but I want is ACTION.
  15. Interesting... if only I could go to that alternate timeline Earth, where the pandemic never happened, and this game came out on time without any of the drama behind the scenes... I'd be on my 3rd or 4th playthru by this point and perhaps enjoying the DLC-added clans... In an interview with Nyhetsbyrån Direkt (via Avanza), Wester revealed that as Paradox took control of the series from its previous developers, it almost scrapped the game completely. “When we lifted the game from the original developer, we had a long review in case we should end the game or run it further,” he said. “Then we were actually prepared to close the production completely. But we got a ‘pitch’ that we thought was convincing enough to run. played on and we have very good hopes that it will be a good game that meets the players’ expectations.” Paradox has yet to reveal which studio is now handling Bloodlines 2 development. However, Wester said that it is “a very reputable and talented developer”. In February, Paradox said it had delayed Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 out of 2021 and pulled development from studio Hardsuit Labs. It said it had chosen to delay the game’s release for the second time in six months due to disruptions on development caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “We have also decided that Hardsuit Labs will no longer be leading the development of Bloodlines 2, and we have started a collaboration with a new studio partner to finish work on the game,” Paradox confirmed. “This has been a difficult decision, but we are convinced that it is the right way forward to do the game justice.” In the Nyhetsbyrån Direkt interview, Wester also revealed that he’s interested to see how the game performs before investing more into the genre. “I would like to see how Bloodlines is received before we bet the next big money in the genre. There is a huge desire for good games in the role-playing game genre so I absolutely do not want to close any doors. But I would like to see what happens, what can we do and how Bloodlines is received “
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