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  1. that JR/Lawler commentary makes anything pretty much gold.
  2. it's a shame; for so many years now one of my favorite ways to pass any downtime was to chill out and get caught up on the latest topics on my favorite forums... over there and now this place (and a few random Gfaqs boards here and there; it's better than what Gfaqs once was, btw.) I hate that the era of the "messageboard" is gradually going away.... the newer forms of social media just aren't as fun to me. On another note---this randomly popped up for me on youtube... a documentary on Paris Hilton... it's surprisingly a bit interesting... (*and yep, I'd pounce that without question.)
  3. Crazy news that I'm sure you guys have heard by now... I didn't see this one coming for sure.
  4. It would be interesting to see the results of a national poll on this important issue of preference that just hit me... sexiest "special" outfits: Cheerleader Uniform vs. Schoolgirl Uniform. It's quite a close call to me; basically a coin-flip, really. At the moment I'd lean a bit more towards the cheerleader uniform being the winner. A close 3rd place is the classic (*not the modern Gadot version) Wonder Woman outfit. Yeah, if Hell froze over and I was actually married to someone... one little *requirement* is that she must be open-minded about occasionally dressing up in certain outfits for me. If she's not down with that, then she can kick rocks.
  5. dramatic reading of the latest patch notes I'm instantly hooked on this game; did a few runs late last night
  6. And now... a bit more of Ms. Allo Perfection.
  7. Will the Pitch Meeting bit ever get tiresome for me? Nah.. It's gold every time.
  8. HADES is out now! I already got it and started playing. It's awesome, as expected. The art/design going on in this is delicious. It's also 19.99 instead of 24.99 at the moment. I forgot this was even coming out so fast, actually... I was originally going to the eShop early this morning to most likely get Speed Runners which is currently on sale, then noticed this greatness.
  9. haha, I've come to enjoy this series lately...and now he's covered (modern) Ninja Gaiden 3
  10. Another channel with Amalur action--- some interesting info/tips on Very Hard difficulty Very Hard difficulty is just what the doc ordered on this game, man... one of the main complaints of the original was that it kind of defeated the purpose of our character having all these cool moves if eventually you're so godlike that everything dies too fast anyway.
  11. Behold this greatness: already shaping up to be a day 1 for me.
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