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  1. Apparently Katy Keane got canceled... hahaha imagine how embarrassing that is... when you realize that of the family of CW shows...even *Batwoman* managed to outlast you. yep... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/riverdale-spinoff-katy-keene-canceled-at-cw-1301718 Didn't seem like a thing that would appeal to any significant demographic, actually. It's not supernatural or superhero related, and the main character just didn't appear to be that interesting, at least in my opinion.
  2. yeah, one thing that Skyrim has over it and just about everything else is freedom... it's the main thing that attracted me to that game... a world where I could be a vamp (or werewolf) and do whatever I wanted at any time....it's just a shame it happens to be from Bethesda. Naturally the thing I enjoyed most from Skyrim was that Dawnguard DLC... it added some things that made vampirism a lot better, imo. It would go on to be my favorite DLC of all time, really. With Vampyr I do enjoy how it also focuses on the double-life that a vampire tends to lead... one moment Dr. Reid is fulfilling a role of normal medical duties, even checking on various patients or helping people recover from illness....but at the same time you're a hidden monster that is occasionally seeing these people as "food", and a way to gain more supernatural powers. It's also cool that it has certain familiar things you see in modern vampire stories. (ha, was about to mention one but that's a bit into spoiler territory, perhaps)
  3. aha, I'm always pleased to see another one joining in on the vampirc good times to be had there. A friend also bought it a long time ago but he's too lazy to ever get around to playing it...an odd (and wasteful) habit, that...(I think part of it is that he tends to have a terrible attention span; it's that mixed with general laziness.) I figure the auto-saving was to help emphasize the notion of consequence for whatever actions you choose to take in that game. The combat; I love that there's various different ways to build Dr. Reid in terms of his supernatural abilities and weapons. One complaint just came to mind, though it's a bit small potatoes really--- an array of different outfits for Dr. Reid would've been nice, just to add a bit more style to the character so he's not always looking the same. sheeeeitttt, such good times when this game first launched... I took a few days off (I think 3 days that week)that same week to truly make an "event" out of it; my anticipation for the game was on that level.
  4. this game I keep seeing lately called "Othercide"....it frustrates me because it looks so damn cool; I love the style of presentation there....BUT it appears to be a "tactical" rpg kinda thing. If it was straight up action this would likely be a day 1 buy for me. Destroy All Humans remake is my next thing for sure. It was one of my most beloved games from that "xbox original" era. Bloodlines 2 speculation/thoughts--- I'm also wondering just how far the "dominate" power goes..? It would be interesting if your compelled "servants" are in your service for a long time. Most games drop the ball on this, imo...typically a "charm" ability only lasts a few seconds at best, which is lame and ultimately useless. for DLC-added clans, I'm really hoping for Lasombra and Tzimisce (this is a long-shot, since Tzimisce is typically written to be "the bad guys"...kinda the same case for Lasombra, though the latest Coteries game features a Lasombra as the main character, surprisingly.) https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Lasombra https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Tzimisce ^an overview for anyone curious about just how awesome those 2 are.
  5. More Bloodlines 2 ramblings... I already have my personal "vampire soundtrack" in mind for whenever Bloodlines 2 is out and finally in my possession... all the stuff from my Lost Boys soundtrack, a few things from Fright Night 1 and 2 (there's a cover of the original "Come to Me" in part 2 that's pretty nice), music from Penny Dreadful, True Blood, The Originals and Vampire Diaries, some "Dance with the Dead" tracks, etc....sheeeeeitttt, you know I'm all in on this shit. Whenever that great day the game is officially out is upon us...I intend to take time off around it too. ...that theme to Ajin fits perfectly as well --it's called "Yoru Wa Nemureru kai". ooh, and there is a "glide" power in the game... imagine gliding around the city while you have "Cry Little Sister" playing in the background! ...just like the flying scenes in that movie.... goddamn the more I think about this, the more I need it NOW. (*though of the "Thin-blood" disciplines, I'm more inclined to pick "Mentalism", which is telekinesis...either that or mist-form power will be first choice.) Yep--there is a playlist on my devices simply called "Vamp" and "Vamp Stuff"....quite a few tracks in there.
  6. One of the finest girls in the history of tv commercials... continues to be pure excellence
  7. double-dose of hotness live--- Rox is on with her friend Steph right now delicious
  8. y'now, it just hit me that 1 thing I wouldn't like about being one of those Lost Boys vamps... sleeping upside down like a bat? Hell nah, get outta here with that. I'd be fine with just sleeping "normally". Upside down in a cave also leaves one vulnerable, as Alex Winter's character found out the hard way...he was the one that got staked while sleeping. The smart defensive plan would either be the whole routine of sleeping in a coffin, hidden in a secret place like you usually see vamps doing... I'd go the extra mile to have compelled servants around as personal security guards during the day. (*quick note---in World of Darkness lore, "ghouls" get some degree of the same powers from whatever vampire they are bonded to, which is even better. If you're super-strong; they have some degree of superhuman strength too. I'd definitely have several ghouls as security and for taking care of certain tasks during the day) On another note.. here's Double Toasted crew analyzing the nuances of Grover vs. that Blue Guy...which one is the bigger asshole? I'd agree "Blue Guy in a Suit" is the douchebag...
  9. A lot of dudes always miss out on some of the golden hotness of tv by not watching soaps for whatever silly reason... the era of those isn't as strong as before but some are still on the air... and the lineup on Days of Our Lives continues to be NICE... BESIDES my #1 Legend Camila Banus, there's Linsey Godfrey who plays "Sarah Horton"...this girl is quite remarkable, imo... looks much better in motion than pictures tho but speaking of Camila again...can't mention her without also posting another little taste, of course: goddamn there's just no words
  10. I'm just now realizing Joel Schumacher died yesterday. (he was even older than I thought; the guy was 80) I have him to thank for The Lost Boys, which was the origin of my never-ending obsession with just about any vampire movies, shows and games. Words can't do it justice how much of an insane fan I am of that shit, as some of ya know by now. As a kid I watched that movie (along with Fright Night) over and over again a crazy number of times, always imagining just how awesome it would be if I was a vampire like that, perhaps hanging with David and his crew of '80s rock band looking vamps. I have the blu-ray now and STILL watch that shit on occasion. Naturally I had the soundtrack too; still listen to the songs regularly. Really, a million thanks, Mr. Schumacher.
  11. I'd love to play some more of the season in Diablo 3 but these Last of Us 2 streams are too damn good at the moment. This is on top of having my weekly "World of Darkness" news from yesterday to get caught up on.... the D3 season ends tomorrow too...haha no way my friend completes his "season journey" in time to get those wings he wanted. One of the challenges is to simply beat a GR20 solo....and nah I seriously doubt he will ever do that, considering how unbelievably awful his builds are I'm sure some of you have known people like this...those that have this strange idea that they can just wing it and use *any* build they want and still accomplish every challenge in a game like this. It will always be a general fact of life in gaming that some builds just aren't worth shit...and at some point you have to start paying attention to concepts like synergy and which stats are more important and useful than others. ...like theoretically you COULD just stick to all blue-level items and try fighting Diablo itself for some weird self-imposed challenge, but why would you? That's also probably impossible, btw. You can't just get away with any ol' build and still expect to bulldoze any kind of endgame content.
  12. hell yeah, CARRION coming to Switch sooner than I thought... I've wanted this ever since first seeing footage a long time ago Also... here's Wraith from World of Darkness! Damn it's just a teaser though... apparent gameplay trailer coming in August (I don't know much about Wraith at all but it's from WoD so with that and by the name----as you can tell it was a table-top rpg where players are recently deceased people who have unfinished business still in the mortal world, so they are stuck here as wraiths for one reason or another.) DUKE. ...on Switch, bruh.
  13. hell yeah this is such a day 1 for me... I loved the original game
  14. holy crap it's even worse than I thought... the micro Game Gear, man... this looks about as small as a potato chip!! bruhhhhh That Company, man....they are somethin' else
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