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  1. ohhhhh shit they're doing it again, folks they're trying to get the girls to text their guy friends with the "I'm horny..." message...
  2. real quick link---Kat's latest (the latest hottie from the Fresh & Fit podcast that has caught my attention; she's the one who tested their theory regarding FriendZone live on the air to hilarious results ) that girl is an absolute smoke-show. Once again...imagine the pain of being in THAT one's FriendZone...
  3. edit--oh yeah ice cream----"butter pecan" is forever the #1 for me. Nothing can top it. Interesting... I never heard of this until this show America's Book of Secrets just gave it a passing mention on the "Doomsday Scenarios" episode I was watching earlier... humans were almost wiped out by an insane volcanic eruption around 70,000 years ago: the article mentioned the population was cut down to around 1000 people?! ...more juicy fuel for theories of major "resets" going on at some point in the ancient history of this species...that would be one hell of a reset right there. Imagine how many advancements would eventually be lost to time if the population is cut that low for an extensive period of time....that's obviously not something a species can quickly recover from. "...That eruption dropped roughly six centimeters of ash — the layer can still be seen on land — over all of South Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian and South China Sea. According to the Volcanic Explosivity Index, the Toba eruption scored an "8", which translates to "mega-colossal" — that's two orders of magnitude greater than the largest volcanic eruption in historic times at Mount Tambora in Indonesia, which caused the 1816 "Year Without a Summer" in the northern hemisphere. With so much ash, dust and vapor in the air, Sam Kean says it's a safe guess that Toba "dimmed the sun for six years, disrupted seasonal rains, choked off streams and scattered whole cubic miles of hot ash (imagine wading through a giant ashtray) across acres and acres of plants." Berries, fruits, trees, African game became scarce; early humans, living in East Africa just across the Indian Ocean from Mount Toba, probably starved, or at least, he says, "It's not hard to imagine the population plummeting." They were speaking of Yellowstone National Park, which sits on a future super-volcanic explosion that would completely fuck over the U.S. at some point whenever that pops off.
  4. sheeeittt, I've been playing a ton of SoR4 since the update... speaking of music, the most memorable of the new music in that game is that theme of the stage where you start in a jail cell, and you're beating up a combination of thugs and officers/guards(?) in the prison. I have it on XB1 and Switch, but I've played way more of this game on Switch... on there I have about all the characters from the older games unlocked at this point. This week was the first time I've had to travel for work, so naturally I had my beloved Switch by my side at all times. There were a few times where I had to do this whole annoying "being social" thing and all that jazz. I brought quite a few physical games along with the stuff I have as digital downloads of course, but I mostly stuck to Streets of Rage.
  5. Well, Avellone on what happened with Bloodlines 2... I'll have to get back to read this whole thing later.... Interesting... so Hardsuit Labs was the one that pitched the idea of a Bloodlines sequel to Paradox...
  6. It's interesting to notice how much more powerful the Diablo 3 characters are now compared to the old days of this game... I remember the days of (on console version) struggling to beat Greater Rift 50-something... I just casually strolled thru a GR 80 like it was nothing, and of course, the main hardcore subset of fans would see an "80" as the chump change, since they're into GR100-something. (*one very strange difference in console and pc version, btw... is that damage is cut in half on console version for some reason. Our damage is only the same when we pick up the "nephalem glory" spheres.) Gears 5 had double-exp going on this weekend, so I took advantage of that for a while yesterday and today.... Mechanic is the last one I need to get to level 15 in Horde/Escape for a certain achievement, and I'm close just from a couple of Horde sessions this weekend.... this brought back some old memories of playing the engineer role in Gears 4; it was one of my top 2 favorite class roles to play back then. This last session was pure, shameless cheap tactics...another mechanic was in the game earlier and already had sentries up, so I put up even more covering some of the enemy spawn points... then of course perked up "fortification damage" and leveled those bastards up all the way since we had plenty of energy in the box... the enemies didn't stand a chance; at that point it's like the cpu doesn't even get to really play anymore. They spawn into the map already getting shot to shit We also had several weapon lockers at the ready as well, and a cryo cannon or 2 specifically for the Matriarch.... I always have that shit at the ready because it's such a critical direct counter to her shenanigans. Any squad that's being serious has that cryo ready whenever a boss wave is about to happen. In other normal scenarios, Matriarch is kind of ridiculous to fight, imo... but that weapon + any combo of Infiltrator and/or Demolition class being in the game = the bitch gets smoked FAST. ...sheeeeeittttt, will I ever get tired of Diablo and Gears' Horde mode? haha, nope.
  7. My favorite "Vampire Diaries" girls... Nina "Elena/Katherine" Dobrev out there still looking great ...then Kat "Bonnie Bennet" Graham... ...annnd Claire Holt (Rebekah Mikaelson) Claire is from Australia, btw so she has... THAT ACCENT delicious.
  8. well, apparently OLED Switch is down to 300 at least at Walmart?
  9. Yep I didn't go any further than that...just morbidly curious so I was on the lookout to see if he was in any recent pics while saving pictures of her to my new "KatC" folder Oh yeah she has earned her own folder in my collections. ..but yeah, he should've left the "Zone" sooner rather than later....but I understand the mindset when she happens to be that insanely hot (+the fact they have apparently been cool with each other since grade school)...naturally he didn't want to let go of that 0.000002% chance that one day he would get That Call from her. It's likely/probable he had some other options going on while keeping this longshot in the background as a "just in case...", I suppose. (or perhaps as a wing-woman? simply being seen somewhere with a hot woman hanging around....subtly confirming to other women that "yeah this guy is alright" or perhaps tempting the inner "homewrecker" in them....that aspect of their soul that craves the drama....that part of them that wants to steal the man from another woman and generally cause some juicy, entertaining chaos.)
  10. Annnnd ladies and gentlemen.... we got him He was tagged in one of her pics... I found the Kat's FriendZoned dude after combing thru her page just now, just in case anyone else is a nosy, creepily curious bastard like I tend to be.
  11. ^oh yeah---Butt Preference, you know I can't resist that topic---- I like a variety of types so most of that list will catch my attention. The best though is "soft bubble" with nice jiggle motion on those cheeks. It's also preferable if the hips are a bit wide...nothing crazy but noticeable. From a full-on back view, it's also nice if it looks like an upside down heart shape. The main celeb that comes to mind with the greatest famous ass I've ever seen would be prime Jennifer Lopez... also---Vida Guerra. Those asses are perfection. ha, I was still going thru the comments section on that video where "Kat" on Fresh & Fit texted her male friend about wanting to fuck... it's such gold here, as expected. One dude posted "this man has waited his whole life for this call." I can't get enough... it's a shame there aren't more videos of this sort of thing being tested live on a show. It's also funny that his first reaction was understandably one of suspicion; right away, he wondered if he was being set up. I'm curious now... about how many times this would NOT go the same way? The majority of the time, if Attractive Female Friend tests the theory and sends a "booty-call" text/call to Male know damn well that dude is going to take the bait easily. I'd go so far as to say that most women are indeed aware of this, they just like to pretend this isn't the case for various reasons....I doubt there's a large % of them that are so naive they genuinely believe their friend wouldn't take that opportunity if presented with it....unless of course there's certain special circumstances like he's married or they are co-workers, etc... and even that's just a "maybe". aha, I found her instagram page, actually: Imagine being in the "friend zone" with that fine muthafucka.... hell to the naw, man... there's no way anyone should continue to put themselves through that pain. Ah, I see she has a tattoo or 2 that's a bit of a point deduction right there, at least. *edit again---seriously, goddamn: She is also on Twitch, I see oh....well she hasn't streamed in several months though...but oh yeah; tabs will be kept.
  12. Those "Fam0us Twinsss" are back to posting normal stuff fairly quick... and oh yeah I keep checking back in on them for gold... a few people chimed in just to post "U GREEN ASF! " like one was yelling about as their Dad lay bleeding out on the street. The internet never stops giving us such golden entertainment, folks.
  13. hate that I fell asleep while the Jody's Corner podcast was on... the whole episode was taken down since they got too carried away using so many Star Wars clips and Loki it's one of those times where if you didn't see it live, then you just missed it forever, I guess. They had a segment coming up I wanted to see---Nerdy girls vrs. Ratchets (NOT even a close contest, imo....nerdy girls all day everyday, folks) Here's an interesting one from another channel I like to keep up with-- Mythology & Fiction Explained takes a quick look at the Book of Enoch...
  14. I was eventually able to get it reserved... I also went for the 256GB one. So far it says mine is Q1 of 22. such a huge variety of games, man..including the few things that never came to console like VtM: Bloodlines(*I doubt that will ever be on console at this point)..... PORTABLE, bruh. (*or still on a big screen since it has a "dock" too, like Switch) Imagine that shit, folks. PS3/360-era classics like Prototype 1 and 2 and whatever else you can imagine....more recent good shit like Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War and others. "This is a big fuckin deal" as Sleepy Joe Biden might say.
  15. Tiana's latest... featuring a hot little story about one photoshoot where her body-suit "clip" (the part under her, apparently) popped open resulting in her inadvertently flashing the dude that's a photographer and anyone else that was around... I bet the photographer dude/friend is probably gay though so it wasn't a biggie for her ) if I was there to see her body-suit pop open suddenly it would've been an instantaneous nutbuster for me....I'm not even joking This girl is one of the hottest I've seen in the history of the internet.
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