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  1. That channel I found recently, Classical Tunes, has been a new favorite for me; here's another good one
  2. hahaha so it got even worse than I imagined... not only did they change a product into a "service" you'll never own...then there's a fee for canceling that bullshit ass subscription?! That's quite an impressive level of greed going on there. Various slimy games industry suits probably taking notes, looking like
  3. V-Rising... ok yeah I'm finally getting hooked for sure now, as I've placed the foundations for my first castle, and killed several random dudes at a bandit camp. I look forward to unlocking the other types of magic; currently I only have the starting powers from the "blood magic" category, of course. I vaguely remember talk of how overpowered the Chaos Magic was a long time ago... I am not sure if it's still the case these days. This guy has a good "beginner info" vid on the game... I'm also back to thinking about finally getting the docking station soon
  4. I've been finally watching this one "Overlord" recently on Netflix; it's fun so far, and I like the premise:
  5. It has been an odd thing to witness parents gradually turn into somewhat typical "old people" compared to how I remember them when I was a little kid.... my Dad has become one of those old people that drive slowly out there on the road.....every time I've seen a really slow driver in life, there's always that assumption---- either (a) this person doesn't know where they are or (b) it could just be a really old person since....that's just how they roll....perhaps due to slowed reflexes I suppose.. ...reminds me of that scene at the beginning of Revenge of the Nerds when Luis asks Dad about how fast they're going and he says " the cruse control set to 35!" as they're getting passed by everyone on the highway.
  6. So yeah----couldn't resist any longer; I got V-Rising on ps5 now as well...the version that includes the Castlevania content; I'm loving it even more now... I've already found that big wolf you get "VBlood" from, which grants you a wolf form transformation. I'm lazy about building a castle though; oddly enough I'd rather just fast-forward thru that part of the if they had pre-built basic "templates" I could just spawn in and go from there, that would be perfect. The action of killing and hunting things, and gaining new powers is more of the fun part here, imo. Over on the Steam Deck version it's as I that the console version is out---that same "ps5 controller" layout is in that version as well which is soooo much better now. I've made a new character there as well; I went with a "Nosferatu" looking character with green-ish glowing eyes. I'll get around to making a "Vorador from Blood Omen" character later.
  7. oh yeah, when I first discovered xhamster I was getting good "material" from there non-stop. Oddly enough I've never used pornhub though.... xham has been the only one of the popular sources I've used. My favorite spot back in the ancient era of the internet was voyeurweb; sheeeeittt, I was checking that one on a daily basis back then....this brigs back memories----"Naked-Celebs" was another favorite I was on daily.
  8. Shout Factory also has a Pee-Wee's Playhouse stream going constantly
  9. man, when you need a quick hit of gaming "Power fantasy", there's nothing quite like some Diablo fun. I've been at it once again with D3 in the past couple of days... always amused by those insane damage numbers (hitting a monster for 200+ trillion!!)... along with crazy defense numbers ----walking around with 1.2 billion defense points....ha, and my friend would always think I was being too much of a glass cannon; yeah that's how I like to roll usually but my characters in D3 were so ridiculous it hardly mattered; my defense was insane as well. (haha one time I just told him "actuallyyyyy my defense is ridiculous too!" 🤣) I'm walking around in constant super saiyajin GOD-MODE whether it was as a necromancer or wizard... and later I had some strong crusader and witch doctor characters as well. Just this morning and yesterday I was doing some runs of Greater Rift 115...funny how that is now just a "casual" little GR run; the power creep in that game has been absurd over the years. I remember a time when I was just barely getting past GR55 or so. ...I found a primal ancient recently as well; they are so rare and it's been a while since I last played....I had forgotten about those being in the game. Since regular "legendary" items drop like candy from a pinata in this game... those primals being super rare get things back to that sense of "rare find"/"ooh what's that?!?" loot hype again. In all these years of them existing...and hundreds of hours playtime since their implementation.... I've only ever seen primal ancient items pop up a handful of times. ...I really wish D4 was playable offline like console D3 is (**I'd argue they should at least make the non-seasonal stuff all playable offline).... because otherwise I had some fun while I played it (necromancer is still awesome in part 4 so that was my main pick again)...and the upcoming expansion will probably hook me again, at the very least to see what will happen in the main story.
  10. man, if only Bleach could get a game with that level of hype and detail like Sparking Zero....ohhhh you know I would be there for it day 1 on whatever "Legendary Edition" they had. Sadly, I realize there is little to no hope of that, even in spite of the resurgence in popularity with the "Thousand Year Blood War" story-arc finally being animated. ...but yeah, Sparking is shaping up to be the absolute ultimate Dragonball game, easily.
  11. such a strange choice they named that character "Osha" in that Star Wars show. Every time I hear the name it just keeps reminding me of "Occupational Health & Safety Administration" and certain safety standards employers have to adhere to.
  12. I figured Comics Explained guy Rob (my other favorite comics youtube channel) would have something to say
  13. Ohooooo you know I'm looking forward to the results of this Keith Lee names Memphis on his list of stops.... It's going to be hilarious and satisfying if he roasts the absolute hell out of that dogshit worthless garbage "city". This is all assuming he even survives the goddamn trip, of course, since that will always be an "issue" when visiting that place. Memphis actually doesn't get enough hate as far as I'm concerned. It deserves every bit of hate and ridicule possible. There is also a bit of entertainment value whenever I see folks in the comments section trying so desperately to defend their trash-ass little "M-town", as if the city itself is their "Mommy" and they need to speak up and defend her honor.
  14. oh yeah this is another one I'll need to get for sure.... I was playing a bit of Diablo 3 once again on lunchbreak today.... back on the strongest necromancer I ever made (3 million "sheet DPS"!!), and with that 1 pylon powerup that grants boosted attack and movement speed, one of the critical hits I noticed was 226 trillion damage. I'll never get tired of loving such ridiculous damage numbers like that.
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