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  1. Holy shit yeah... that dlc for SOR4 is bought day 1. I'm assuming/hoping "Commissioner" will be another new playable character. I still haven't played a lot of this game, actually... I ran thru story mode a couple of times then got sidetracked by other games.
  2. I checked out some more of that Van Hellsing show last night... finally we get to see a vamp be truly dangerous in season 2 episode 3 or 4...*spoiler alert for someone who is turned*---- Sam showed up in that school building where some odd group of young people were hanging out....and he terrorized the shit out of them...they opened fire on him in the hallway and it did nothing. This crazy bastard was having fun, laughing it all off while they eventually just had to run away since firearms were not a big deal to him....see, NOW we're talkin'...this is real deal right here. They should still
  3. It would've been so great if technology was at this point when I was a kid... I keep thinking of how great it would've been to take Switch everywhere with me as a kid... I absolutely would've been playing it in church while the pastor was preaching. (*for me, it was the Gameboy way back in those ancient times...funny that the adults in the church probably thought I was praying with everyone else but head was down looking at a screen, while I continue kicking more foot clan dudes in TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan, or shooting things up in Operation C, or running through that old Batman
  4. Everything about that Balan game looks so outrageously strange to me... like someone had the most bizarre acid-trip ever....and then decided to make that into a videogame. I consider the Super Mario series to be quite a strange "possibly drug inspired" game as well, but of course that is beloved by most gamers and will forever be regarded as a classic. Balan takes it to a whole new level of "what the hell is going on here?! What is this?" OUTRIDERS--- I got sooo much quality time in over the probably around 20-ish hours total just from Saturday and Sunday!
  5. There's quite a few layers to the misery there of the "messed up child star" situation; it's interesting--- professionally, things tend to be not as hot career-wise once they are no longer the "cute little kid on that show" then they grow up to be "has-been" status, perhaps only fit to make appearances at the occasional convention or charity events. this episode of Hogan Family... one of the twin brothers stole mom's car and of course hit a parked car... seems to be that character's usual thing to get in trouble. Funny thing was that his buddy was like "what do you mean...WE?
  6. I should start recording this stuff (*I actually still have a VCR! I finally got that out and set it next to the tv...just gotta find my a/v cables now...)... Antenna started showing Growing Pains again; the first episode just went off, and now it's on episode 2... then Valerie/Hogan Family is about to come on at 9 and 9:30! This morning's Valerie episodes are from the 2nd season, so Val Harper might be on there.... Meanwhile, on Growing Pains... Joanna Kerns was so damn cute...another underrated tv milf there... no one else I knew seemed to be into her; I'd absolutely pounce.
  7. ah, well then.. so the nerf already happened then. Yeah I was playing Outriders yesterday with a friend and things did indeed seem way tougher for my Trickster now....died a LOT more, like I was someone just playing the game for the first time at that moment. Later on in solo play I went on to finish the main story though....heh, only on World Tier 2 I had absolutely no chance against the last boss on anything higher than that.... well one time I made it past the first phase of the fight on 3, seemingly by luck. Anyway, I'm up to level 28 now, with at least 1 good level 30 shotgun that i
  8. Oh yeah, Trickster. That stood out as the one with the most interesting powers...and even conceptually it already seemed to be the "gamebreaker" powers there--- being able to teleport behind enemies then cast slow time...proceeding to wreak havoc before they can do much about it. It's glorious Trickster has another move that is similar to Tracer's "Recall" in Overwatch.. casting it marks that spot where you during the time that skill is active, you can instantly teleport back to that spot by activating it again.
  9. The Hogan Family is on Antenna TV at the moment... it's an older season when Valerie Harper was still on there, back when it was called "Valerie". I knew there was something negative about how she left that show but I didn't know as much juicy detail until now... thanks to some quick internet research... man, this was harsh.. "Harper's character was killed off in the series after its second season, when Harper was fired from the series following contractual disputes." damn, they went so far as to kill the character, ins
  10. yeah I enjoy it a lot so far... too bad the devs already posted about nerfing various things ...but yeah, all these other things about it got me to give it a pass on the "online-only" flaw....that comparison is indeed what comes to mind--- "Destiny in 3rd person"...but with an even greater focus on superhuman abilities.... the action is also designed around the player being aggressive more often than not. On the nerfing thing--- that always seems silly to me... especially in a game like this with 15 difficulties if I recall?! Classic movie monster I never liked--> The Wol
  11. oh yeah---The Division--- when they first showed footage of this game at E3, I was interested because it looked awesome...visually it was on another level at the time. Then came a critical 2-hit combo the killed it for me... too much "real world" stuff and the fact that it's online-only. I've given some games a pass on that horrible online-requirement nonsense, only when I enjoy literally everything else about it to such a degree that I can overlook such an unfortunate flaw.... but I couldn't give this one a pass. When it is too much based on reality (*thus, no expectations of supernatural
  12. holy crap I got a new one to keep tabs on that accent ...those THIGHS....
  13. sheeeitttt, someone needs to make a new game where you play as an actual a fly, or mosquito. There was a game back on PS2 called "Mr. Mosquito" that randomly came to mind.. it looked a bit on the boring side, but that concept being made into a game fascinated me, since I've always been fascinated by insects ever since I was a little kid. I'm surprised that hasn't ever been a common thing in the games industry. The only things I even recall are random shit based on The Bee Movie and Antz I'm sure ( which are most likely half-ass "movie games" and.... simple due to being designed
  14. ohhhh I actually forgot about Dragon's Crown... since it is a mixture of action-RPG and sidescrolling beatemup, or really hack/slash/magic beatemup, I guess..... hmmm yeah I'd give the edge to that. Fight-N-Rage shines purely in the gameplay aspect. The combos and fast action in that game are only nitpick with that game was that the wizard felt sadly underpowered compared to just about everyone else in the game....a sad thing for me since I always prefer playing the mage archetype.... I suspected that like in other games, the devs may have been scared of making the wizard to
  15. woooooo yes another one of my favorites just posted
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