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    Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Tekken, UNIEL, Arcana Heart, DBZF, Garou, KOF, SF4 and older, various old man games

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  1. Sorry I haven't been around as much lately. Making use of my quarantine time and trying to get some cool projects off the ground -- I'll let you guys know when there's something to show!
  2. Joke's on you I am capable of staying at home for months no problem.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear it man. Things are gonna be rough this year...
  4. I've been inside for like a week and a half. Hope everyone is able to work from home/quarantining. Shit's getting wild out there.
  5. I've only seen season 1. I'll check out SOL season 2.
  6. Story in Castlevania is fine -- I just don't like the stiff animation. It's still pretty great but I wish it was more fluid.
  7. FUCK REDDIT CARDS NEED TO BE STYLED ON DARK THEMES TOO My work is never done. I'll try to get it done this weekend or early next week.
  8. I've never been into GI Joe. That Snakeyes figure looks good though!
  9. Fun fact - before the re-branding I used the light themes the most.
  10. I do, but I also don't check every thread or post. Twitter embeds aren't nearly as common as insta embeds here.
  11. Fixed twitter embeds on the site: Why did none of you guys tell me they didn't look right when using dark themes? I know some of you have seen/used twitter embeds on here...
  12. 2/22/20: Twitter embeds have been broken on this site when using dark themes. Why did nobody let me know? I KNOW some of you fools have posted/viewed them, so don't tell me you didn't know! I refuse to believe everyone on here only uses light themes. Anyway I've fixed it now. Tweets should look like this: Let me know if you guys find anything else that's broken.
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