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  1. Every time you say this I feel obligated to tell you again how wrong you are.
  2. Intellimouse Pro has only been out for 2 years or so. It has a gaming grade optical sensor. They made the very similar Intellimouse Classic also, which used cheaper materials and a non-gaming sensor. If that's too new-school for you, slightly modernized Intellimouse 1.1 clones can be found readily on eBay:
  3. I got an Intellimouse Pro today. Feels good and works well but might be a little too large for my hands. I'll try it out for a few days to see how I like it.
  4. The Challenger and Camaro are both interchangeable for me. I like the styling of the Camaro's front, but the Challenger has the sexier back. For me it's all about looks - I drive really slow.
  5. I drive an early 2000s BMW 3 series. My first car, which my parents still use to haul stuff, was a limited edition Saturn VUE. I really want a Challenger, but by the time I get another car it is likely the world will have moved on to using only electric vehicles. Here's hoping they make an electric Challenger.
  6. The 1951 movie is available to buy/rent streaming on Youtube and Amazon Video.
  7. I'm just gonna put my foot down here and state a few things: This site is pro-vaccine. I hope all of you are able to get it and stay safe. If you don't want to take it for whatever reason, that's fine. I try to be fair around here and not interfere too much, but if push comes to shove I personally urge everyone to get one if they can. COVID is real, people are dying from it. This isn't up for debate. Blatant misinformation will not be tolerated here. I don't want anyone here telling others to take horse de-wormer or use psychic mind powers to cure COVID. Shady conspiracy/anti-vax videos will be taken down at my discretion. ANY video or link (not just COVID stuff) that people feel should be taken down should be reported. Being a nurse doesn't mean much. It is perfectly possible to be a nurse and not have much medical training at all. The number of nurses dropping from COVID because they don't believe in MEDICINE is mind-boggling. Being on the frontlines apparently doesn't help cure stupid. If I've missed the point of the previous convo I apologize. I don't really have time to read through the whole thread atm, so I'm just laying down the generic vaccine/COVID talk rules. Avoiding COVID talk is going to be relatively impossible, since it has affected a huge part of our lives. That being said, if you can avoid COVID talk, please do so. If you can't, please try to be civil, and remember that if you're anti-vax you are in the minority, and maybe it is best to keep it to yourself.
  8. Calibre should do the trick. Remove Amazon book DRM, import into Calibre, then convert it to whatever you want. I've done it a few times.
  9. 10/14/21: Minor software update I am back from vacation.
  10. I'm on vacation until the 14th. I'll wreck you later.
  11. Es is just shitty Saber anyway so this is really the best solution for everyone. I thought you'd be thrilled!
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