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  1. Nah, Netflix has always taken this seriously. The reason they and others have pushed original content so hard these past few years is because they realized a long time ago that all the major companies were going to try having their own streaming services and pull their stuff from Netflix Eh, I watched Joker and while the movie was well-made I found it thematically problematic. It's an angry incel's wet dream.
  2. I use Amazon Prime and have been completely happy with it. I like how other services like CBS All-Access or Britbox can be managed from within Amazon. Keeps everything clean and in one place. I made an exception for Disney+ though. Nat Geo / Hulu / Disney / ESPN for 12.99 was too much value to ignore. Even without the new Marvel stuff that's more than enough content to justify the price for me.
  3. I'm sorry but I don't care about old Star Wars, new Star Wars is great, and MORE IMPORTANTLY: They have all of Darkwing Duck so you can consider my soul BOUGHT.
  4. Any of you guys on that Disney+? I was happy with Prime Video but DIsney+/ESPN+/Hulu for 12.99 was mighty tempting. Gonna try it for a bit to see how I like it.
  5. Didn't watch the video. But the sandwich is good.
  6. Avoiding Death Stranding spoilers. Got hooked on Diablo III again though! Never got around to trying the Necro before -- pretty fun!
  7. @Deadly_Raver Glad to hear you're happy with it! I will let you all know when I get more designs going.
  8. Let me know if you have any problems in the future. Maybe I can help and we can save you some money.
  9. I get a percentage, so on low-cost items like stickers I make way less than a dollar. I want to keep things affordable, so even for higher end items I will not make much without jacking up the base price. I'm basically doing this for fun at the moment. If I really wanted to make money I would need to find a better method. I've been a bit busy lately but hopefully I can get some neat designs/art up in the store soon!
  10. 1) We will be playing games on PC soon I assume. n_n 2) Give feedback on mobile version if you see anything that could be improved. There's really no need for a laptop if you don't NEED to travel, and having more than one desktop makes no sense if you're only going to be working in one room anyway. I'd suggest you just build a single mid-high end PC (strong CPU, a ton of RAM) and use it for a long time. Budget PC builds age quickly, but high end builds will last years and years without needing to upgrade. If you're not going to game on it, you can save a ton of money by skipping the graphics card/using a cheaper one. A high-end non-gaming build can be very affordable.
  11. Awww I liked Genisys. It was basically a reboot where Reese goes back in time to save Sarah Connor but she already knows about the future and is ready for it. It was cool seeing the big threats from the original movies get their asses kicked in no time at all and Reese being the one getting saved. Since I'm not a hardcore Terminator fan it was pretty interesting.
  12. asdfk;ljasd;flkjasd;lfkj 3D printer jams ;dlfkjas;dlfkjas;ldkfjasdf
  13. DCUO is still going? Forgot all about that game. How is it?
  14. If you want to make blind comparisons then of course this isn't going to get anywhere. You have no idea how SFV or Tekken 7 were built. Just because one game was able to add it easily doesn't mean the other could as well. It's all well and good to say "everyone should charge for the same things" but that's also incredibly unrealistic. You're ignoring all the work/factors involved in releasing said feature. Bandai Namco and Capcom are two different companies, with different production costs, staff, workflow, etc. If one wants to charge for something but the other doesn't, then whatever. Buy or don't buy. But to just assume everything will be the same between them is not really realistic. If the cost doesn't seem worth it to people, they just won't buy it -- but that's hardly a cause for righteous indignation. Nintendo charges less for online than MS or Sony. By your logic MS and Sony should cost the same as Nintendo! Blind price comparisons are pointless. Let's not forget that SFV also put ADS into the 60 dollar game I bought. That's kinda messed up. Does this mean that in the future Tekken will have ads? SFV did it and it was ok! Clearly everything and anything is a precedent set in stone! If Tekken 8 and SF6 come out with frame data as paid add-ons, then by all means get mad. But people trying to predict the future like they've got a crystal ball because of some 4 dollar add-on to a 2 year old game is ridiculous. I'm just really not getting the outrage.
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