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  1. Too bad he didn't also make a build showing the Zaku version - I think it actually looks better!
  2. Oh? I wonder if these will be on Steam also. Mushihimesama is already there along with Dodonpachi Resurrection 1.5.
  3. Nice. Guess I'll go set up a JP eShop account now. Sony showcase is in a few weeks. They're not presenting as part of E3.
  4. Umm...the term and mechanic both originally come from Tekken. Why wouldn't you call it that?
  5. There are less complaints because the game is fast-paced enough that you get the chance to do the same thing to other people all the time. People only complain and say something sucks when it happens to them, but it's totally fine when they are doing it to others.
  6. I'm not missing your point. When Crysis was developed there wasn't any console that could run it. Games that push hardware boundaries exist and have been developed on PC first. Microsoft Flight Simulator pushes many PCs to their limits and is only getting a Series X release later this year. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Series X release is somehow gimped compared to the PC version. During the 3D accelerator wars games were created specifically for hardware that only a small subset of people had, and at a time when standards were changing constantly. They didn
  7. As you have yourself mentioned, Sony is also doing cross-gen with PS4/PS5 titles. Cross-gen games are not unique to Microsoft and will always exist in the period immediately after a new console gen launch. After a while they will be phased out just like always. I also don't know why you think that in the future all games are required to also run on Xbox One -- that's simply not the case. Xbox One is going to be being phased out just like the PS4 is. Supporting both Xbox Series S/X is also not an issue, since they both have high-speed nvme SSDs, and games can be graphically scal
  8. I'm not sure I understand why you think MS isn't taking advantage of the Xbox hardware, or why GamePass is somehow to blame. Games like Forza Horizon 5 are showing that they are definitely taking advantage of their console hardware, and there's the added bonus that first party games are also coming to PC. It's basically a win-win for everybody. It's fine if Xbox is irrelevant for you, because it means you can still enjoy their games without having to buy a dedicated box for it. Isn't that a plus? If you only have a console, you can play games there. If you only have
  9. I don't really get this mindset though. They showed a ton of games which you can buy separately or get through Game Pass. Not sure what the downside is? It's kinda like saying you can't get hype about movie releases because Netflix has a subscription service. I think GamePass is a great value but it's not like the other option to buy games separately went away.
  10. Speak for yourself! Nintendo press conferences are always the ones I care about the least and there have been some nice announcements this year from everyone else.
  11. That River City Girls Zero thing is really dumb. That original SNES game isn't really about the girls and is part of the larger Kunio series. To rebrand it as River City Girls Zero is really weird tbh. River City Girls itself doesn't even line up with the canon of the Kunio series to begin with. Seems like the bad 90s type of localization, where rather than just translate something they try to remake it into something else entirely. =/
  12. If this happens go back to main menu and re-enter the online mode.
  13. I'm waiting for the lab bois to tell me what my bnb is. I couldn't be bothered finding that shit out myself. I'll be doing ghetto short combos for 150 dmg until then.
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