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  1. During D2 days you were laughed at if you played offline. Online mode through battle.net was the only mode that mattered. Then D3 came out and only had online mode...and all of a sudden everyone lost their minds. I always found that funny. Everyone says they need an offline mode but I'm guessing the vast majority of players don't even use it.
  2. I don't know man. I thought Aquaman was fine but the Birds of Prey trailer looked terrible. I have 0 inclination to see it.
  3. If that's not a sign that anime was a mistake and has been eating its own tail for years then I don't know what is.
  4. If you're talking about Shokugeki no Soma...you should watch it. It's amazing. It's a shounen battle anime with tournament arcs, duels, and some of the most ridiculous shit. Just because it's not traditional fighting doesn't mean you should ignore it.
  5. 2/4/2020: What else? Another minor software update.
  6. People can't handle puppets because it's not the same generic anime style they know. No imagination.
  7. I bet a lot of people who are into it weren't even BORN when those games came out... We're old.
  8. Glad you like it man. Knew you would. I've seen some puppets from this company's other shows on display at Taipei International Airport. They're pretty impressive and quite large -- I think they're something like 3 feet tall. Always wanted to watch their stuff since I was a kid but there have never been any subs. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a collab between Taiwan and Japan, and there are some famous anime creators involved. Loved every minute of it. @Darc_Requiem Congrats on losing weight! Let me know how Ring Fit is. I don't need to lose weight but could def use the exercise!
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