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  1. Yeah that was a great change. They're basically ironing out all of the things that slow down getting matches in so you can just machine gun those motherfuckers. Feels good. Unfortunately looks like today isn't going to be a good day for matches. Schedule is funkier than I hoped. Shoot for Weds, bout the same time?
  2. I feel as if my points are being slightly misrepresented.
  3. That has been the track I've been taking. Not that it is new info but it really clicked with me watching a bunch of vids on Sajam's channel of him trying out new games. He really emphasized learning some basics in training mode then getting out there and actually play games. I found that to be a really helpful approach for two big reasons that have always dogged me with FGs: 1) You don't actually know what you don't know. When you are legit new to a game you aren't going to know what you really should be practicing, and you don't have a lot of questions to answer aside
  4. "Interesting" alright. I respect the implementation of her lime green on what little costume was available.
  5. Yeah we could definitely give it a go. East Coast US so about the best you can hope for with a connection. Weekends are vastly more open. During the week I'm trying to set aside time from around 4pm EST to 5ish depending on the day and circumstances to play. Just to stay consistent. Upside is that +R is a really fast game in every aspect so even in a smaller time window its possible to play a lot. Also if you didn't check it out, the new lobby set up they beta'd this weekend was pretty rad. I am a huge fan of how Player Quick Match plays with that set up. Basically jus
  6. Never too late for +R. The game is intense and its a fucking shark tank out there but it is a lot of fun and thanks to it being old it loads fast as hell. In the beta they ran this weekend they basically took the Player Quick Match and turned it into a gigantic endless lobby which was amazing. I played pretty much non-stop for almost 2 hours. I can't wait until they roll out a full version of that and if Strive didn't have it's goofy avatar based system I'd hope for the same thing there (though the parks are kinda sorta the same thing but slower). It is hard to emphasize how much better a FG
  7. I hear ya man. I think you hit the nail on the head with the assessment though: if the game isn't fun to play and compelling it is really hard to justify spending the time it takes to build up skill in it. Compound that with real life stressors and it is legit a better life choice to lean into something else. Like you I don't particularly enjoy playing SFV against random people. Its fun with the folks here but that is a given. Pretty much the whole time I played outside of that I was kind of forcing myself to which isn't a good thing for sustainability. Con
  8. NGL "I-No Who I Am" is pretty strong. Also @Laughingmanmy schedule is kinda funky but I'm trying to play a bunch of +R before Strive drops so if you ever want to get games in we can definitely try to set that up. That goes for anyone on here really.
  9. Yeah one of the nicest things about +R being the way it is (and them continuing to work on it) is that it's just...there. If Strive doesn't jive, the servers are down, or you just miss the feel of that game you can really easily go back to it and it's very playable in the current environment (i.e. functional rollback). Not a lot of series have that luxury with subsequent retail releases (not immediately subsequent since Xrd is still sorta left hanging). I'm very interested in seeing how I-No turns out in Strive. I'm kinda side eyeing her as a choice due to her lore of all things (a
  10. Yeah I've been very pleasantly surprised at how often people are around in +R. There hasn't been a time yet where I haven't been able to find people to play. Though yeah you definitely run into some killers out there. At least when I see someone who has played 5000 matches I don't have an illusions about how the match is going to go. I went the opposite route: although broadly Strive is similar +R is enough of its own beast that I wanted to pick a character that I was interested in specifically for that game. Went with HoS since he hasn't (and won't) be in another game and it's a
  11. Good problem to have. That's a fun cross section of play styles too. Nice way to keep it fresh.
  12. Give em hell and heels Skort. Skullgirls (Panty Mahvel) is on sale for $10 on Steam for anyone interested. I'll probably grab it to fuck around with it.
  13. May have been s3 yeah. I remember a patch coming out with a lot of Cammy teeth gnashing but a lot of the specifics are starting to get fuzzy. Like you I just kinda remember the online Cammy % dropped a bunch and I think right around then Karin went up. That was the trendy switch. Smash cut to Doctrine Dark blowing people up with Cammy for another 2 years.
  14. Aside from regular 'ol player jitters I think that is thanks to when VTs come online. Having to eat her basic mix up is scarier when you're in a one touch/throw situation (or risking corner throw into snowball death which admittedly used to be a lot worse). Not unique to her or like its anything crazy but that has a tilt factor. There also is usually a Cammy Renaissance every season so maybe its just people realizing/remembering that she can be a dick even if she is a boring dick. Freely admit I'm out of touch with the match up. Last time I fought Cammy was probably S4
  15. I'd say she is actually one of the ur-VT characters. VT1 dive kick gets you in and if you don't use it for that it adds solid damage. Its a 2 bar so even on a low health char you can probably see two of them with CCs (and its really easy to burn through the first one so you can build the second one faster). And she has the golden pair of 3f normal + EX DP so she doesn't have to lean on V gauge for outs if she doesn't want to. She doesn't hit the high-highs of Urien Twitter clips - actually her VT1 is pretty boring in terms of flash and everyone has seen it so much they
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