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  1. Thanks man. I'm not quite ready to get shipped off to The Island yet, though I should probably reserve my spot.
  2. Had to break balls a bit. Took me more effort to dig back for that quote than it was probably worth. Its definitely an SF5 thing. Remember how much Akhos would bounce around chars? That wasn't necessarily uncertainty; outside of a rare few characters in this game most characters feel like they're missing something. It is really easy to "grass is greener" yourself in this game. "The character I'm playing now doesn't have X, but this char does. Lemme play them. Ah shit, this new char doesn't do Y for shit. Well that 3rd character does Y well.....fuck they suck at Z." Due to the jac
  3. Also @DayaanI saw your college post the other day and wanted to add another $0.02 to the pile. Late due to being easily distracted this weekend. Getting officially older does that. You seem like you have your shit together so I wouldn't worry over much about the actual effort of college itself. In my experience college is mostly about - and most valuable - in that it mimics life in these ways: no one is going to bail you out or push you to do things you need to do, and a lot of it is learning about how to deal with people. The people I've known who have had the most iss
  4. I think this is apt. Traditional WASP cooking is categorized by its complete lack of seasoning and flavor. When everything you eat tastes like cardboard you need something with the pure corn syrup shock factor of candy corn just to remind you that flavor as a concept exists. My ex-wife's extended family provided side dishes for Thanksgiving one year. I've never had bad mac and cheese before in my life; never even thought it could happen. Learned a valuable lesson that day.
  5. Glad you had fun playing Sagat. Always feels good when you can outplay someone to where they literally lose it. Especially with zoning in this game. I had something set aside for this moment though.....where the hell did I put it.....aha!
  6. Good news for Uni. Still need to lab more (read: at all) MB.
  7. Probably wouldn't help if I said I also really enjoyed "The Lighthouse" eh? I was huge into slashers when I was younger. As I've gotten older I've sort of lost my love of em, so the more artsy fartsy ones are creeping to the fore. Still love horror movies in general though.
  8. +1 vote for Hereditary. That movie is amazing. I actually liked that director's follow up even more (Midsommar) but it's not quite the same thing. Hereditary is the easier recommend and the better Halloween movie. If you haven't seen "The Witch" I thought that was a fun little horror ish flick. Also seasonally appropriate. I feel like I've watched a bunch of horror movies recently but most of them are ones I'd recommend with caveats. Also for Halloween you want a certain feel to a movie. Like "Lake Mungo" was really good, but not quite a Hallowee
  9. Yeah man I hear ya. If you are happy with your char and/or don't have another character really calling to you, no reason to go through all the hassle of switching. Main reason I did is because I know my tendencies don't fit Laura well. Sagat mains have my utmost respect. This game is not kind to him. When I see someone hit a last minute DP to punish a jump over a low shot, I always smile a little. But fuck if I'd go through all the work to live that life. Depends on what you want out of a char. There are enough in the game that if Laura isn't it, you should be able to f
  10. Nah G is really fun but he wasn't quite what I wanted. I feel like the ideal G player is someone with a strong neutral who is a savage gorilla motherfucker at heart. One of the reasons I think Smug plays him so well. Poison is legit one of my fav chars - FF1 is a deeply sentimental game for me - so when she showed up I knew I was gonna give her a shot unless she was absolute trash. And thankfully she turned out pretty good. Kolin is actually my low key favorite at least mechanically. I love her buttons, VT2 is exactly as bullshit as you want a VT to be, and winning a ro
  11. Yeah the tracksuit came along way too late to save me from the side eye. Didn't help that my favorite Laura outfit is the Battle one.
  12. Yeah I can definitely see her coming back. I'd actually really like to see her in another game's system just to see what they would do with her. Now is a great time to dust off Laura. Best spot she has been at in quite a while (S2 probably?) If I played more I'd definitely iDom it up and play Poison on point with Laura around to gorilla some match ups. And also sometimes you just wanna flatten a motherfucker.
  13. Lack of crossplay to PC sucks but I think was already out there (and I never expected it tbh). Free upgrade on the PS4 version to PS5 is a very low hurdle but at least they cleared it. Makes it easier for me to maybe stick to PS4 for a bit.
  14. For sure. They knew damn well what they were doing when they signed off on the top half of her outfit. Only character I ever played that got me in trouble with my ex-wife. @Illwill88 knows what I'm talkin about.
  15. If loving brown women is wrong I don't wanna be right.
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