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  1. If there was a reaction stronger than thumbs up I would give it. Your 3S stuff is always a great read, even for someone way on the outside of it like myself.
  2. Yeah at this point there are a decent # of small game teams that have managed to pull it off. Hell Tough Love Arena has rollback and that can't be a small team, and the game is totally free. I feel like part of what "costs" means to these FG teams isn't just raw monetary costs. Even "big" FG teams probably aren't that large, and you gotta figure that if you were going to implement rollback correctly from zero it is going to "cost" you dedicated time of at least one person, probably more. So as a project you have to decide if you can afford the cost in either time (having someone on
  3. The KOF15 rollback stuff is interesting. Not that I'm super invested in KOF but broadly any rollback attempt is better than them not trying at all. With some effort they should be able to get something solid out the door, even if it isn't Strive level or anything. The way I would interpret "internal" is "we don't want to spend money to hire anyone to do this so we're going to figure this out." Considering that a variety of indie FGs have been able to implement working rollback hopefully the KOF team can figure it out. Hell even if it releases in a jank state at least the groundwork
  4. Don't think so sadly. He sort of waxed and waned back in the SRK forums and I think when that died he just nodded and TK'd the fuck outta forums in general. My very rough understanding is that he is on Twitter (I don't twitter so can't verify) and he updates his YT channel regularly enough.
  5. Content is good like always but Highland's music choices are always the highlight for me. This one cracked me up.
  6. People hate change. Sort of meme answer but its true, and about a lot of things. Especially if you've spent a ton of time with something. Have it change into something different - even if its better/"better" - is disruptive and unpleasant. I've seen this kind of table flip for years in tabletop gaming. FGs are no different. Or maybe they just really hate her new haircut. Those people are monsters though.
  7. Not unless you were in the EU lobby yesterday. Does suck that we didn't play during the beta but hey we can fix that when the full game drops. When I mean blocking, maybe too much, I mean that they were blocking all the time. Not a lot of activity, blocking on jumping forward, stuff like that. Maybe 5-10 dolphins the whole game? Its hard to describe but there is such a thing as blocking too much. Especially with beta May who can (and should) be going a little fuckin crazy to make you have to scramble with her. Her buttons and specials are just so goddamn good and pesk
  8. I had the same experience with Chipp. My years of Bronze Kens prepared me well for their mania. I think its just the archetype. Though the one Ky player I ran into was also squirrelly as hell. Its probably just in the low ranks everyone is still overly active and antsy. You know the one player I ran into that legit blocked a lot, maybe too much? A May player. I know, I was surprised too. Then I threw that b to deff I'm interested in seeing how chars are in 1.0. Also whenever Johnny shows up he is going to own this game unless they p
  9. She definitely seems strong. Great buttons, some random bullshit, good damage, works the corner (giggity), reversal super in a pinch. From my very limited perspective she also has weaknesses but I couldn't hear them over the sound of me hammering on the slash button. We'll see how she is in 1.0. Also I don't eat glue. Paste is much less runny and goes on toast.
  10. So I managed to sneak in a little more beta time thanks to the extension. This time I went to the EU tower lobby to try to force some longer distance connections. Hard to tell where everyone is of course but assuming everyone is actually in Europe (the one guy had a German tag line so that one is 70% likely) things ran really well. A few of the matches had some noticeable minor rollbacks but nothing disruptive. Seems like you can cast a pretty wide net with this game. Additional lobby impressions: The "parks" are a good idea since they let anyone play anyone and theoretical
  11. At least she didn't drop a bus on him. Twice. Someone check the files to see if that was a character specific instant kill that just somehow didn't get found out.
  12. Capcom knows Juri fans like to suffer. Its character appropriate. They were toying around with the idea of a 3rd new costume that can only be unlocked when the player mails the dev team a thumb drive with a video file wherein they put a lit cigarette out on their neck and call themselves a dirty little bitch. It was ultimately decided that effort would be better spent on Ryu playtesting and refinement which does seem to have worked out.
  13. I legit had to pause for a minute and actively try to remember what Laura's VT2 was, and I ran with that thing for like a month. This patch would have hurt me. Kolin got kicked in the gut and Poison seems workable but also took some whacks. Fuckin' boo.
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