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  1. Sorry @Volt the weekend didn't work out for me after all. I'll try again this weekend. It is more open so hopefully I won't get bamboozled again. I can ping you on discord if that works. I did manage to find time later to mess around a bit more. I think I've settled on a character (HoS) and I even got a few games in. Mostly to test to make sure I didn't have any connection jank. Everything seems to have run fine which is nifty. Playing this game against people who at least sort of know what they are doing is wild. It feels like there is so much going on its enough to
  2. I read this real quick and read the bolded section as "John Travolta" . And now I really want that to be true.
  3. Fuckin' awesome. Day 1. Love the swordfish. First thing I thought of when I saw this news elsewhere was Tubb. Megashock Ride or Die. I need to look into options for us to play Shadow Over Mystara or AvP. Those games are GOAT and we can get 3-4 peeps on.
  4. Yeah I hear you on that. I think Capcom and SNK have both had a really rough time with the transition to 3D. ArcSys probably would have too but they straight up cheated. KOF is actually in an especially bad spot for any kind of engine/art style shift because the game needs to have so many characters. Like you can't do the thing that most games do which is launch with a core and then build out to cut down on your workload; a "core" for KOF is like 30 characters. You definitely saw that with KOFXIV and while they did polish that game's visuals up there was only so much they could do
  5. Tubb's point is important for anyone who hasn't played KOF before. Its not a team game in the same sense that Capcom fans are used it. Its more like each player has 3 lifebars and you're picking how you want each of those lifebars to play. Also gets interesting because it has some meta consideration to it. I'm not the biggest KOF fan but I'll definitely give this new one a spin if the netcode is solid. Also congrats to @Vhozite on the job offer. Fuckin' awesome when that happens. Sometimes just going into an interview and being real pays off. If you had gone in there a
  6. That will probably work, Saturday is kinda booked up for me already. We could try to set something up on Sunday. Once I get into the afternoon (EST) I should be free.
  7. Well that is a good start. What times work best for you? I usually have one open-ish day during the weekends and I can try to line up +R time at an amenable window.
  8. Now you're perfectly configured for the SFV Online experience. Its really cool to see so much positive energy around Rose. Nothing worse than finally getting your character and they are butt. Looking forward to seeing matches with her in the future. Also seeing more Akira.
  9. Ya PC. Sorry, Tuesday was both busy as fuck and then I met up with a buddy for our usual game night. We can and should set something up one of these weekends.
  10. The thirst is real and eternal. It is so prevalent that it spans entire game types. I saw this the other day in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol reddit (tabletop miniatures game for Marvel stuff):
  11. Pretty cool news. As expected its just tweaks to the lobbies but anything would be an improvement over what was there last time. A rematch option alone will be a huge quality of life improvement. Also was interesting to see that they're addressing jump-ins and AAs. Looking forward to seeing what the next version of the game plays like. I managed to fire up +R for a bit recently. Took me some time to just get it configured but after realizing that some of the buttons didn't map I was in business. Need to find time to get back to it. Though with how much schedule luck I'
  12. I still owe you Melty games. If we haven't gotten to it by the time Lumina comes out we can slap fight in that version.
  13. If you're talking about +R, we could give that spin sometime. See if the connection works out.
  14. So after watching so much +R I finally cracked and bought it on Steam. Should be a decent thing to crack into waiting for Strive to come out though I still have Loop Hero on the brain for now.
  15. I spent almost my entire weekend playing Loop Hero. I regret nothing.
  16. +1 for Control. The atmosphere and writing are top notch and on top of that it is just really goddamn fun to play. It takes a little while to open up but once you start unlocking some stuff it became one of my favorite 3rd person shooters ever. Haven't played it on PS4/5, been playing it on PC. But the PS5 should be able to run it well which is doubly good because that game can be a real looker with some horsepower behind it.
  17. SoR4 is only 2P right? I'm in a weird spot with PS5. I'd love to get one but actually getting one is such a fucking pain in the ass that I haven't been able to make it happen. Been sitting on dat PS5 money since the end of last year. Fuck the botters and scalpers.
  18. Congrats on the PS5 man, your wife is a saint. Never ask her how many people she had to stab to get that thing. Heads up the PS5's native storage space is tiny. As you've discovered the actual working size is decently smaller than what is spec'd. Also worth noting that you can run PS4 games off of an external HD and they'll run pretty much the same as they would on the PS4 (there were some concerns over external HDs causing issues with "rest mode" but based on what I've heard its inconsistent and there have been a number of updates since then). If you can try to save that NVMe spac
  19. My tinfoil hat theory is that the reason +R got this out of the blue is because they already had the idea for Strive and maybe used +R as a prototyping exercise. Regardless, very cool feature to get in any game. Considering that modern replays seem to be mostly just saved strings of inputs, its probably something most games could implement given the time and resources (which is always the hard part).
  20. Double Dragon 3 on NES can suck a dick. I was always so excited to play that game due to the different chars but despite renting it and replaying it a ton I never beat it. The game was so unforgiving that at least for me I'd either have a really good run and get pretty far in the game (rare) or everyone dies in the first couple of stages and game over (much more common). Going back to beat 'em ups is always a good time. One of the things that I always find really interesting is the shift you start to see around the 16-bit era where the mechanics get more sophisticated and they basi
  21. That right there is the main thing I miss about going to the gym. Makes cardio a lot easier to get through.
  22. Nah didn't mind at all. I'm naturally more of a turtle anyways so if I have a life lead and we are full screen I'm inclined to just sit on it. I have tried to get out of the habit of chasing when I don't have to and that was good practice. And having the few seconds to let my brain reset didn't hurt either. Fired up training mode to try to tackle some of the more complex Johnny stuff. Not there yet but a baby step closer on some of it. Now I need a nap.
  23. That is a pretty good description of it yeah. Though with how it actually works out is I have to swat the mosquito 10ish times a round. The other thing I realized afterwards is that was the most FGs I've played in quite a long time. Both in terms of length of time and in terms of density of matches. Given the intensity of Xrd and how little muscle memory I have for the game I think that is the equivalent of deciding you want to start exercising and immediately jumping up and running a 5K. I'm surprised my brain didn't totally melt.
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