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    Sreet fighter V (though I'd rather not)
    Guilty Gear Rev2
    Blazblue Centralfction
    Under Night In-Birth Exe: late (st)
    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (I can kick yo ass at this)
    Dragon Ball Fighterz (like.. I have the game and I played it in the past)
    The King of Fighters XIV
    And for some reason I own Tekken 7

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  1. Whatever, if Angel is not in I'm gonna say XIV is better
  2. Borrowed the PS4 from my brother in-law once again I'm ready.
  3. My hype is slowly dying. New characters that were not in XIV are well curated, but every returning character has the same animations as XIV.
  4. Not an impressive feat. Also someone please donate a neck to Ryo
  5. for the record Londrekia is on 50% discount on steam.
  6. seriously no fucking idea. double reveal for mature and vice? a character is holding a jacket over the shoulder? an hand out stretched to choke? A character that is 2 in characters you switch between?
  7. Are ya'll really complaining about how KoF XIII looks? You blasphemous bastards, you shall all be purged!
  8. Still, fuck the little twerp. Between him and Hibiki I am getting 2 weeks of no hype.
  9. Shermie was ass tier mostly because of combos and her cr.D. But she already had some good buttons. But in modern KoF she'll be alright, plus her cr.D seems quite faster. Just look at how strong Blue Mary, another historically ass tier character, is in XIV and really all that changed was the ability to combo off a cr.B (thanks to maxmode) and a j.CD that doesn't suck ass.
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