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    Blazblue Centralfction
    Under Night In-Birth Exe: late (st)
    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (I can kick yo ass at this)
    Dragon Ball Fighterz (like.. I have the game and I played it in the past)
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  1. Kinda getting back into KoF XIII. damn game is fun, sad the roster is that small.
  2. Actually who should I watch footage of to learn Hilde?
  3. I loves EX plus Alpha as a kid, got blisters multiple time playing it on controller. This one, It's just weird.
  4. Has anyone tested how the game's brand new rollback netcode is? I practiced the game a few weeks and was not into it... but I could change my opinion for netcode.
  5. I've taken the first steps towards eventually playing this game. I spent a few hours in practice mode learning Hilde, i started watching match footage. Now I need someone to play with.
  6. fucking SNK keeps doing collab after collab after collab.
  7. full game with upgrade to rev2 on 80% discount https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-and-rev-2-all-in-one-and-dlc-characters
  8. This might be the best so far
  9. Devolver delivering for the 4th year in a row If you haven't been following their storyline with E3 conferences you've been missing out.
  10. I don't know if you people are into podcasts, but in case you should give my boi MacSplicer a look. His other non podacast content about FGs is also nice.
  11. I still ain't fucking buying a console. also if you've not been following, this format of tournament has been going for a while and it's so damn dope. The community has been doing a great job in Asia keeping the game alive.
  12. funny story today I got a twitter notification from an old Tweet from Crackpr0n calling for Infiltration to be banned after his suspension ended. I had replied to it at the time, and someone called him out and necroed it.
  13. The kissing booth is an horrible movie that paints an abusive relationship as a lovey dovey good thing.
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