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  1. I wanna believe that Haohmaru is probably still the default 1st character for someone getting in the game.
  2. what's this about? I am not familiar with the extended lore of SamSho
  3. It is clear that ArcSys embraced internet culture and the memes hard. Between certain posts on twitter and adding what is clearly a showcase of all things that make a dog into a proper good doggo.
  4. I find Cham Cham charming. Also she's not exactly a sexy bae, though no doubt there are people into that for sure. I'm honestly happy with the roster, I have been wanting Shiki since I found out she existed from SvC (raise your hand if you played SamSho 64) she's super cool. And I played Iroha in VI so I'm covered, I could have done without Mina on the other hand. now if I could play this game online it would be fan-freaking-tastic. but 7 months in and the game still thinks I'm in the US.
  5. NRS only knows how to do cinematic animation.
  6. I'd be ok trading them, 2 birds 1 stone.
  7. I'm gonna put aside my hate for the fact this thread is once again just a general fighting games thread (which exists, in these forums btw and unlike SRK it's not hidden and hard to find in a million of pointless categories) I checked out SRK forums, all the threads in the SF part are indeed basically abandoned, except one. The fuck is wrong with the people of the story thread (still no idea why it is called story thread after reading parts of it)
  8. I'm quite sure it's the opposite, people go to ArcSys because they guarantee a quality product that has recognition from the original crowd of the genere. Look at how Cygames went to ArcSys for the fighting game and to Platinum for the Action combat game. These company have the IP strength so they just pick their best option for gameplay. Who are you gonna go for a fighting game in today's day and age? Capcom?
  9. oh lol that's where I go to play locally xD I was there last saturday
  10. She's the only character that more people might know since she was in CVS2, among LB players, not that popular because she's ass, but her POWER move set is pretty transferrable. Her strength is neutral and doing big damage on punishes.
  11. That weird one day delay. Looks good enough, gotta tell me about that netcode though.
  12. still waiting for this sodding game on Epic Store to realize I am not located in the USA. June 23rd fucking Krispy Kaiser told me in discord they were fixing it.
  13. I recently realized that I might feel better playing this game on a pad instead of a stick. because block button drives me nuts.
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