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    Sreet fighter V (though I'd rather not)
    Guilty Gear Rev2
    Blazblue Centralfction
    Under Night In-Birth Exe: late (st)
    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (I can kick yo ass at this)
    Dragon Ball Fighterz (like.. I have the game and I played it in the past)
    The King of Fighters XIV
    And for some reason I own Tekken 7

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  1. yeah we don't talk about the XV official site because of the cacophony of colours that has been puked on it.
  2. I ain't touching '98 with a 10 foot pole. 2002 is just better.
  3. I got to play the new patch last week-end. Since then I have been doing Shield into B+C on every request to play Type Lumina and I am back in the lab trying to get some heavy Jack'o muscle memory and finding new setups with the new stuff so I can hopefully eventually get her to the level where my Millia was. But in all of this I wonder: Why the fuck does Ram keep getting buffs after I dropped her? I swear, if I keep failing as Jack'o and at the same time I start seeing Ram gameplay when she's not "playing neurtral" by doing jump slash I might go back to her.
  4. So far so good. I prefer strive. I am not gonna do ranked in this game and keep it as a casual game to play with discord frens. Apparently Ranked mode is broken as fuck n PC so it was not even a bad idea.
  5. Well after hearing the sound Noel does when she gets hit, she's officially out of my possible characters.
  6. I fucking hate his annoying ass. Fighting him it's like trying to catch a particularly annoying mosquito. Have you people not played XIV or what?
  7. by the way damn you for willing Kukri into XV existence.
  8. Does anyone got good resources for learning either C or H Aoko, or C-Hisui?
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