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  1. I was playing Tetris 99 last night with the joycons detached and suddenly for about 3-5 seconds it was like the Bluetooth cut out. None of my inputs registered at all. This isn't the first time it's happened so I was wondering what might be causing that and if it's something you guys had experienced too.
  2. Maan I was going to pony up for the PS4 version of Standard Edition but it's still $50. Guess I missed the sale If I bought the SE would I still be able to throw hands with you guys or would it make me upgrade to Ultimate?
  3. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 downloaded onto my Switch. I'm hyped to get to try it out but like every other preorder I've copped, the game and everything is there ready to go, but it's locked for the rest of the week. I don't understand the logic of having it sitting there on my card and not being able to play it at all. Are they trying to conserve bandwidth by having stuff download before release like that?
  4. Is it at all possible to customize the home screen in any way?
  5. Double post. Been messing around with Rain tonight and his third variation is pretty fun. The amplified Water ball shenanigans and Argus bubble dash thing are nice and he's got some interesting combos. I can't figure out what that water spout move is for though. Dunno if it's supposed to be like Shang's ground sparks or something but him being up in the air like that makes it seem a bit risky.
  6. Ordered a new cube last week, finally got to try it out today and maaaan does the Banderas gif apply! It's so fast and easy to manipulate compared to the official Rubik's brand (which I've come to find out are about the worst cubes on the market and pretty expensive for what they are) I have. Solved it a couple times waiting tracks to mix down today and it feels like the difference between a shitty starter guitar and a nice one.
  7. I was watching a video on Kano in Ultimate and I don't think I knew his amplified Acid attack had him dropping a lighter. I don't think I ever used the amplified version because I always was using it in the Dirtbag variation.
  8. There's nothing worse than wandering into a boss fight with a ton of souls and debating whether to warp out and spend them because you don't want to lose them if you can't beat the boss in one go, but also knowing that if you do, you'll probably have to go all the way back through that level to get to the boss again and still have another big cache of souls and if you die, you'll be having to dodge the boss while trying to pick up the souls you lost when you died. From making you choose between a shit sandwich and a diarrhea burrito.
  9. Yeah let me know if you grab it. I got a ps3 copy ages ago but thought having it portably would get me to play more and I put a good bit of time into it but at some point I put it down. Would like to run through it with someone though. And I'm down to play Bloodborne anytime! Were back in our house now so I'm back on my ps4 a good bit these days. You should. Its one of those slow burn type of games where what you initially think it's about is only part of the story and there's a lot of great lore too. The combat is actually really great for a souls type game and there are lots
  10. I'll play with you too if you're down. Bloodborne is easily one of my top 5 games of all time. AMAZING game!
  11. You don't happen to have DSR on Switch do you? I've started DS1 several times over the years and never gotten too far but it would be fun to coop.
  12. I don't have pizza too often these days but sometimes if I'm staying late at the studio I'll order one of those small Jets pizzas that's only like 6 slices and it takes everything in my power not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Usually I succeed but once in awhile I give in.... And usually wind up with the shits for my trouble.
  13. I grew up using traditional SF style notation ("d,df,f+P" etc which sucks and is way harder to type than the much better "qcf" or "dp" system) but learned numeric when I started playing SamSho and to me the numeric system makes more sense especially when you consider that SNK and GG games have attack buttons tht could be confused with directions (SNK's B & D buttons and Guilty Gear's Dust button.) As an older player I get what "dp" or "tk" connote, but if we aren't playing street fighter then they're just more esoteric concepts that make no sense to use in a game that d
  14. Tyson is still one of the GOATs and I have a lot of respect for him not just as a fighter, but as a man, because given how he grew up, it's a miracle he's even alive right now, and he's turned himself around a great deal, and that's arguably a tougher challenge than any opponent he ever faced. If he hasn't written a book by now, he should, I bet he has some super interesting stories.
  15. I've been getting into the cubing thing lately and got my first solve tonight! I'm going to let it marinate like this for the night before I mix it up again tomorrow lol
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