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  1. It was on reddit, I can't find it though. I just leafed through a bunch of the Castlevania sub, but there's a site for Castlevania hacks and I think it was on there. The guy was just getting started though so it probably won't be out for awhile.
  2. Apparently the director of the series wants to make a new one for the Switch. So who knows, we could end up with one. I still haven't played the 3rd one though, but I still have copies of the first two around somewhere.
  3. Man, I LOVED those games. I would REALLY love to see them get ported to the Switch because they're incredible horror games that are probably the scariest games I think I ever played.
  4. Just shows how precarious things are when we're as connected as we are. I remember all the fuel shortages after Katrina and it was insane.
  5. I don't know if the Nintendo one is as good but I've gotten games essentially free by using those points. It's pretty sweet.
  6. There are soooooo many ways to make that game stupid too In other news, I just found out about someone doing a hack of OoE and putting Richter in there which is a dream come true for me. I always wanted to play that game with a Belmont.
  7. Grandma died about an hour ago. I finally got into see her last Friday at a hospital she'd been taken to because she'd fallen and broken her hip, and I was there for a couple hours even though she couldn't talk and was pretty doped up from all the painkillers they had her on due to how much pain she was in. Her breathing was pretty labored sounding. I put on some big band music and showed her some pictures I brought of all of us, and of her and grandpa when they were young, and while she was heavily medicated and couldn't talk, her eyes were open and she seemed to react to some of it. I'm just
  8. Wow I didn't know about that either! Crazy that such a powerful super is only 46+Slash. The Heaven and Rune Swords were two of my favorite weapons in that game, I'd dual wield them and obliterate EVERYTHING.
  9. Even if you don't stick with it, +R is, imo, in the top 5 of greatest fighting games ever made. I'm nowhere near good enough at it considering all the time I've spent playing it, but it's just a joy to play, even if you're just mashing out combos in training mode.
  10. I like that game. I get that it can be incomprehensible in some ways but I think they really nailed the "lonely on a hostile foreign world" vibe 10/10. Has a lot of great music too!
  11. Maybe they're hoping to recruit you for Mossad? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Didn't that Dark Prince guy end up being a mercenary or a bounty hunter or something or was that just a tall tale?
  12. I can understand not liking sourkraut but man, good sourkraut makes a reuben so good and it's actually good to marinate meat in.
  13. Because it's fun. Also I can't think of another game where I could play as Simon Belmont and fight people 1v1 other than Castlevania Judgement but that's a different type of game too.
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