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  1. I'd agree with you. I think he's more of a comedian than a serious thinker and uses politics as the basis for a lot of his comedy but veers into assholeville at times from what little I've seen of him. I wonder if the reaction would have been the same had it been said by someone who's known exclusively as a comedian. And I won't lie, I thought Chappelle's "Space Jews" joke was pretty funny in part because it was so dumb I'm going out on a limb, but when someone says something is "white," it's usually meant in a derogatory way, so it would be correct for that to be a record scratch moment. I'm not saying "aggressively Asian" wouldn't be, and maybe I don't get out much, but I've never heard someone use "Asian" the same way as "white" in that context. Tbh I don't really even know WTF "aggressively Asian" even means
  2. Sure, but everyone would just say they're being fragile and that it's not racist. And to say that his comment is somehow "Asian hate" seems rather fragile to me.
  3. I'd agree with you on both counts, but still, if someone said someone had an aggressively white face, I don't think anyone would be mad.
  4. I'd be inclined to agree RE CV3 > CV2 OST but only because I've played 2 so much that I've heard those songs a kabillion times apiece. CV3 has a pretty tasty OST though, with that Tower Of Terror theme being one of my favorites, and tracks like Demon Seed and Clockwork being not too far behind.
  5. Meh, he's a comedian and if someone had said he had an "aggressively white face" no one would get mad. Fuck the outrage mob.
  6. It absolutely is. There are artists who wrote one big hit decades ago that are still getting paid beaucoup bucks to this day. What did you wife do?
  7. The only reasons I can think of using something like that would be to go air to air with someone or to mitigate risk while jumping in on them. The first case, I don't see why you'd bother if you have an attack that would work better, and the second just nerfs anti airs and makes jumping in safer than imo it should be. I do like short hops though. They add an interesting layer of strategy in the KoF games and they make for some interesting oki in SamSho 5 Special.
  8. I looked up her Spotify numbers, and while they're good, if she's doing an OnlyFans, I have to wonder how much money she's actually making rapping. It's possible she's making money if she writes her stuff but if she doesn't, she probably isn't making too terribly much from it. So there's your consolation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Wow I had no idea they did a remake of this! Wishlisted!
  10. Wizards & Warriors would be a really good series to have in there too. I'm not sure what the criteria is for some of the games they pick, and they definitely have some good ones, but there are some pretty wack choices particularly on the SNES side.
  11. You could always "come out" as pansexual here for the same reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Speaking of NSO, I'd really love to see them add Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and The Uninvited to the NES library. I love those games.
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