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  1. Man, I'm so glad I work for myself and don't have to deal with goofy corporate BS.
  2. To me the "online only" thing means they don't see the game as standing any sort of test of time, it's no different than cheap shitty food, so if the company making it is going in with that mentality, then why should any gamer take it seriously or want to pay for it?
  3. A lot of people lead meaningless lives these days and scolding others like old church ladies is the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves.
  4. Nah not yet. I probably would have by now but every time I play it, I start from the beginning and I'm still figuring out tech and tricks to beat parts of it. Stage 3 gave me a lot of trouble, but I've gotten better at it and I figured out that Holy Water decimates the doppelgangers. I have a save for stage 5 but like I said, I've been going back to the beginning every time because I'm trying to get good.
  5. It doesn't have anything to do with his ability to do his job as a voice actor. Who TF cares?
  6. That companies were willing and able to work with/for the Nazis makes so much more sense now after seeing the way corporations kowtow to CCP/China. Just wow.
  7. Yeah I'm fortunate a lot of my work is fairly solitary but I only have a few clients I see in person and for the most part, they're careful. That's good you got to stockpile some cash too, babies are damn expensive lol! That's a bummer about not being able to jam, tbh it's rare when I get to do that myself, usually only when I'm home and my dad and I play. I will man, they're fun social times and I definitely miss doing them.
  8. I still need to find the new area in the main Bloodstained game. I forgot about it as Classic Mode has gotten all my attention.
  9. I'm a producer, have been since 2013. I was a touring artist before that but I got tired of being on the road and started doing the production thing and have been doing that ever since. I have a lot of friends who are touring musicians that are hurting although one of them is taking this opportunity to start doing different things too. Depending on where you are there's live music around. I think they've opened up the bars downtown, and I'm actually playing at a hotel tonight, first time in awhile, so I'm gonna be rusty af lol Me personally, I think 2020 might have been the best ye
  10. Tech and culture move faster than politics, it'll always be that way, especially with older folks running things. I get why they did what they did, for them, the future looked like nobody buying their record because afaik, the iTunes store hadn't opened yet. There's less money in the music industry than there's ever been. Just like society itself, the winners are winning bigger than ever and everyone else is fighting for scraps. You could make a decent living easier, at least before the pandemic (in the old days if you couldn't get signed it was hard to have a career), but being a
  11. Metallica was well within their rights to sue Napster, but they're old school and didn't realize that sometimes leaving money on the table allows you to make more money in the long run. But yeah the dmca rules need an overhaul because it's gotten ridiculous the way they're employed especially by big companies. THe overall problem that I see tho is that lawyers ruin everything and should all be put to death.
  12. Lol twitch is the worst, I feel dirty having their app on my phone. Metallica's record company probably owns all or at least a good chunk of their publishing, but this is twitch being ridiculous and record companies being equally ridiculous for not figuring out a blanket licensing deal for this stuff.
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