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  1. I'm actually considering buying the original GTA trilogy cause I've actually never really owned the games and only ever messed around with them at someone else's house. Also it could be nice stress relief to just mess around in on the go with the Switch.
  2. reminder that chilltendo 2 released today Will give it a listen later.
  3. Oh lord...I'm seeing a video in my feed from G4TV with the tagline "Metroid Dread Review: Adam is not pleased" Can't wait to hear what complaints he has to say regarding this game later. If I hear anywhere in this vid "Jaffe was right" I'm turning it right off lol vids
  4. I'm not even really outraged so much as I think it's just a really dumb ass statement to make regardless of the person involved. Again if anyone came to my FGC meet ups and someone suddenly came face to face with a white person and just went 'WHOA...Your face is aggressively white' to someone there that's a record scratching music stopping moment. Again..WTF does that even mean? lol
  5. Haven't played Hollow Knight but I dig this
  6. Grasshopper got acquired by Netease Games... I've got a bad feeling about this slow china creep....I'm hoping I'm wrong though.
  7. I'm afraid to ask the context....because I feel like I may know the answer which doesn't make this any less cringey and dumb.
  8. They've stated prior that this is supposed to be a really young Drake. Like flash back in Uncharted 4 Drake. Because of that Tom doesn't bother me since they already said that's what they're going for. I'm more concerned about Wahlberg as Sully.
  9. WTF does your face is "aggressively asian" even mean?? I'm not even sure how that could even be quantified by anyone without there being some sort of offense involved. "Your face is aggressively *insert ethnicity here*" Like it'd be even awkward to say among friends or people you know but to even say that someone you have no relation to is weird. And this guy said it as a opening line lol. Can you imagine like going on a blind date or you turning a corner nearly bumping into someone and your response is "OOOOOO....THAT IS AN AGGRESSIVELY *insert ethnicity here* FACE?"
  10. I must have missed or forgotten when they announced Antonio Banderas was in this movie. Him being an antagonist is a nice choice. I'm cautiously optimistic...nothing about the trailer screams bad to me even though I still think Mark is weird choice for Sully.
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