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  1. What did Chris G do THIS time? If its pertaining to him quitting due to lag/ getting trolled by Reynald in his first match then I already know about that.
  2. So now that I've gotten to a point where S*REDACTED* has shown up in this mission. I'm trying him out and he also reminds me kind of like Nero's rev mechanic. He feels like he might be a beast. Might actually end up being my second main character that I level up seriously aside from Urbosa.
  3. Yeah I'm pretty glad on my decision to not fight the masses in an effort to buy the PS5 right now. I"m perfectly content to wait until next year and HOPEFULLY....the demand will have died down enough to make the scalpers chill out.
  4. Disgaea 6 info
  5. Just giving a heads up for people buying PS5s and Xbox seX's out there...there is some grimy shit going on right now if you buy online.
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