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  1. I don't think anyone here confers with the my pillow guy. You must have us confused with folks on Mexicans who think they're white Whites who think they're Native American People who drop the word Communist at the drop of a hat if you disagree with them
  2. Other than Lewis Tan as an original character, it looks promising. It's crazy that the film is only 3 months away and no trailer. Most films first trailer is usually 5 months (or more ) before the film release.
  3. You've come a moderate way, Jazz.... (Left) 2021 Studio Series 86 vs 2010 Reveal the Shield .....
  4. What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? Plain Sour cream and onion Cheddar Salt and vinegar Dill BBQ Other (Please share.) For me, salt and vinegar then BBQ as runner up.
  5. I can't believe SF2 will be 30 yrs old this year. Alpha 2 is 25 this year too.
  6. IIRc Hbird is in NYC. He works for the public school system and i read an article that school staff are getting the vaccine. Too bad stupid Fl wont do that lol (Im worried for my mom as she is older and comes into contact with people since she is a teacher)
  7. Bond and Indy games in development? Hope they turn out well! Now can someone make a new X-Men single player game!
  8. Harley Quinn TAS Season 1 and 2 coming to Bluray on February 16!
  9. This forum should be renamed to Toxic Shock sometimes.
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