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  1. Sacha Baron Cohen, Van Damme,and Tommy Wiseau should make a movie together one day.
  2. I love kielbasa and I'm Catholic. If only I wasn't brown, they would probably love me over in Warsaw.
  3. I'm surprised Capcom hasn't done a new Final Fight game or asked a new developer to in recent years. They want to remind people of the FF characters in Street Fighter games,so why not make a new FF game?
  4. Wait a minute? People didn't love silently creeping up between tanks and then shooting a missile in their bootyholes? What a shock!
  5. G1 Ironhide's modern altmode should be a red pickup truck. IMO it suits his personality more than a van or minivan. The CW Ironhide alt mode was pretty good;the robot mode is a bit generic. Im sure a future toy could improve on it though.
  6. I never looked at 4chan for anything, but apparently there is cool stuff. A Prototype of Studio Series 86 Slag with Daniel figurine (all white figure on top of dino mode)! I'm not really a super dinobot fan, but this looks great. I have the POTP Slag, but the black headsculpt looks so flat compared to this red cartoon one.
  7. I wanted to see the recent Godzilla/Kong films , but since renting them all through youtube would cost the same as 1 month of HBOMax, I bit the bullet and subscribed. I have never seen any of the Japanese films of either creature except the 1998 Matthew Broderick one, which was mediocre. Quick Thoughts: Godzilla 2014 - 7.5/10. Decent film and effects but outside of Bryan Cranston's character, I didn't care for the humans. Also, GZ only makes his appearance 1 hr into the film and a lot of his srceentime is blocked which is annoying. Kong Skull Island
  8. Call me simple ,but I prefer the blase ps5 name to whatever the xbox counterpart is. Either MS should have used the arabic number system in ascending order like sony or use microsoft Xbox: "Word" like nintendo. Switch /gamecube/ (not wii or wii u) Wii makes me think of urination.
  9. and finally.... the Titan Class figure for this year ($150) The Autobot ark spacecraft transforms into a 19 inch robot that has a face based on the Last autobot from the last few issues of the Marvel Comic. It has a Teletraan -1 computer section that transforms into a robot that is simlar in appearance to the autobot Mainframe (Action Master from 1990)
  10. part 2.... It only took Hasbro 35 years to do seemingly good figures of these leaders introduced in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. MY LORD GALVATRON!! ($50) Commander Class RODIMUS PRIME! ($80)
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