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  1. TF Prime Arcee ($20) TF "Prime" (but G1 esque?) Bulkhead ($30)
  2. Pulsecon TF reveals. Next year Generations Subline will be called : Legacy. Figures will come with translucent energon weapons. Skids ($20) Drag Strip: ($20) --Will combine to form Menasor @MillionX Kickback ($20) G2 Laser Optimus Prime ($50) Packaging design Concept Art
  3. TF Legacy Concept Art Packaging design-
  4. After seeing Wahlberg in 2 crappy Transformers flicks, I dont care to see him in more action roles. Wahlberg is a bit too working man. Sully should be classier and older. Holland would have been good as a flashback to a young Drake, but his boyish appearance works against him here. Nathan Fillion and Tom Hanks would have been my ideal casting. (Yes I know he played the Sully Sullenberger the real world pilot. )
  5. Hes been Native American since the 80's. His mentor was a shaman type that helped the Xmen during the dire wraiths invasion. He has put on tribal markings and used magic to defeat the adversary in uncanny xmen 225 The only thing missing was his true name.
  6. Twitter question: I use to be able to browse the comments/replies to a tweet until 1-2 months ago. (I dont have an account.) Did they change something recently? Thanks
  7. Another G1 actor joins that big space bridge in the sky.. Jack Angel has passed. He was a prolific voice actor. In G1 Transformers, he played Ramjet, Astrotrain, Smokescreen, Omega Supreme, Season 3/4 Ultra Magnus. In GIJOE ,he played Wet Suit. He was 90 years old.
  8. To be fair, she was more of an assist. Optimus does the real work and gets killed (again) She has a pathological hatred of all robots due to being paralyzed on an oil rig by Shockwave. Through most of the series, she attacks the TF both Autobots and Deceps. Towards the end of the series, she is brought on as one of a group of super powered humans organized by her former boss the industrialist Tony Stark err GB. Blackrock However, she is accidentally brought to Cybertron by Primus with all the Tf on Earth to prepare for the Unicron battle. She goes into a catatonic state due to the hundreds of TF and has to be snapped out of it by her boss. However, she manages to briefly electrocute Unicron buying Optimus time to reclaim the matrix, cleanse it of evil, and kill Unicron
  9. More Liver Failure .... Transformers: Marvel Comics Edition: Take a shot every time.... the leader of the Decepticons is NOT Megatron (You'll be fucking fat chicks in no time) The characters Shockwave, Blaster, Ratchet, Thunderwing, and Nightbeat do something cool Grimlock has been leader of the Autobots A character says "have some X, courtesy of my Y" X=damage, Y = special weapon Ratbat stops a mission because the fuel cost is too high The human character Circuit Breaker injures more Autobots than Decepticons All the characters are colored a single color in crowd scenes Any character with black parts is colored as blue (Grimlock/Starscream head, ) The phrases "This is over-finished" "like some vast predatory bird" and "Time I wasnt here" are used repeatedly When a character first appears, a huge dialogue bubble appears in which the character names himself and states his abilities/personality Optimus Prime agrees to be destroyed due to "cheating" in a video game battle with Megatron Optimus Prime's memory fits on a 5.25 floppy disk A white woman helps Optimus defeat Unicron.
  10. Online Dating drinking game.. Take a shot every time... Woman writes "If you cant handle me at my worst, then you dont deserve me at my best" Black woman writes "Im celibate" Next line is "I have 5 kids" Woman writes no hookups, yet 4/5 of pictures of close up chest pics taken from top down. Women writes "willing to try new things" (Is this a code for anal or 3 somes) A white woman has her face cropped out in pics and wants to plowed by a BBC while her husband watches They write "Sapiosexual" somewhere in their profile there is a toilet somewhere in the picture section a 4 ft 10 woman writes "Only 6ft 2 and above" A really ugly woman has only one picture and it is with a significantly hotter girl Black tranny has a screenname like Throat Doctor A seemingly straight man appears in your swipe list despite you setting it to females only. (DOWN LO HO as Ice T predicted!) Woman writes "I love travel" yet all pics are within the US Woman writes "I love my dog more than i will ever love you" (then buy some peanut butter and delete your profile) Person writes sentences without subject "I" and mentions Ghana in their conversation Woman has an image filter of a dog face and tongue.
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