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  1. You've come a long way, Bluestreak... (aka Starhammer) Left: 2020 Earthrise Bluestreak Center: 2013 Masterpiece Bluestreak Right: 1984 G1 Bluestreak Left: 2008 Universe Bluestreak Center: 2020 Earthrise Bluestreak Right: 2019 Siege Bluestreak
  2. I didn't know you were friends with Stockyjam. I'm glad I dont use FB anymore lol.
  3. I've never seen the first one. They're both in Amazon Prime. I can catch both now.
  4. I just got my ER Bluestreak from one day early! Tracking had it for Saturday!) Yay!
  5. Yes. It's been out 2-3 weeks in my area and exclusive to Walmart. I believe there was a poll on Facebook last year to determine whether it would be Blaster or Skywarp. The Walmart G1 reissues have been coming out since Sept 2018 and included: Starscream Hot Rod Devastator Soundwave Ravage/Rumble Laserbeak/Frenzy Optimus Prime without trailer/roller Astrotrain Blaster
  6. @BB_Hoody, I thought you were living in apt with your dad and brother in Atl. But now you live in Birmingham Alabama?
  7. BB Goody's goodness was taken from us too soon but it was beautiful to behold all the same.
  8. 2013 TR - 70 percent action 30 percent puzzles/exploration imo 2015 Rise of Tomb Raider - 50/50 action/exploration. The story is bland compared to the 2013 Shadow of TR - 70 percent exploration 30 percent action.
  9. I watched the 2 seasons of Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan show. I saw Patriot Games once 28 yrs ago so I'm basically watching this as a newbie lol Pros: decent plots Occasional good action scenes Cons: Outside of some brief snippets of characterization, it feels mostly like a more "global" law and order type procedural albeit more political Showing Jack as headstrong and bucking the rules sometimes goes too much and he usually makes situations worse more than better sometimes (If he were in his 20s, it be understandable, but the guy has a gradu
  10. I'd give the 2013 TR reboot a 9/10 as well as the 2015 Rise of TR. The third is 7.5/10. They are forcing stealth more and the puzzles are mediocre.
  11. But you didn't grow up in India or Pakistan?
  12. This is probably a bit early to revive this thread, but I d rather spam this thread than the saloon. The greatest animated series of all time is on sale for $40 - Batman TAS Buray on Amazon! I dont know if this is just one day or several.
  13. ER Buestreak is available for ship to home or store from Walgreens website! I just ordered it myself (I hope they send the right figure)
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