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  1. I never played the Punisher beat em up. Matt McMuscles is about the bust a serious nut..
  2. Prays for CVS1/CVS2/SVC collection.... KALI MAAAA SHAKTI DEEE!
  3. My dad just turned 75 last month and is still married to my mom 45 years this August. While we have had our fair share of arguments, I have always appreciated him in my life. We don't know how long we have with someone so make the most of it.
  4. Transformers Worst Moments: Marvel US #24 (1986) "Afterdeath" There are many times when the Marvel Comics were better than the G1 cartoon. This was not one of them.
  5. I guess you all will have the quad screen test done in a few weeks (16-18)
  6. Sunday Bunday: Audio Edition. Best music to fuck a big booty ho to... Bonus points of you know animated show used this as it's opening song.
  7. I'm surprised Power Rangers has never done any animated series or movies.
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