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  1. Im glad GIJOE is getting a game with cel shaded graphics. I dont now if it will be good or bad, but if its atlleast simple fun, that would be a win. Im glad they are using the new toyline designs (which are basically tweaked versions of the classic 1982-1994 Real american Hero era.) Pretty cool that we have a Transformers cel shaded game that was pretty good in the same console generation.
  2. I dont want to get political , but here's a cute pic of Rudy Giuliani's daughter and Kamala
  3. Ranking graphic looks cool. Its funny that it is bigger than the regular srk1 av though.
  4. MisterB Don't feel bad about what that guy said. Hes almost a borderline troll. Most of us feel megashock is leagues better than Srk1.
  5. Review of the first wave of GIJOE Classified figures...
  6. Favorite Joe characters General Hawk(one of the few figures I had) Roadblock Shipwreck Cobra Commander Destro Zartan
  7. The man was a SUPER G1 fan and did some good work for the TF brand. He will be missed.
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