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  1. Friend back home just surprised me with a $45 eShop card for my birthday. Which isn’t until the 22nd, Ended up getting No More Heroes 1&2 as well as Shantae: Risky’s Revenge - Directors Cut. Once I finish Kingdom Battle I’ll probably jump into NMH.
  2. I’m gunna pick up both plus some other stuff on Monday when I get paid. NMH1&2 are probably in my top 5 or top 10 Wii games. They were both phenomenal
  3. I’ve seen her without makeup a bunch but gosh She’s so damn cute. I can’t get over it
  4. I feel like Kanye and the Graduation album is our generations Michael Jackson and Thriller ”yeah, Ye may be crazy, but cmon man, he wrote, Graduation.”
  5. It’s very old school castlevania/ninja gaiden hard where they show you the “clear path” but it’s never the correct path. You have assets and adapt to every situation before moving, jumping or attacking or you’ll get your shit rocked. The game is very frustrating but fair and very rewarding through mental dexterity of figuring out that level or that boss.
  6. And a lot of of the NXT and UK roster don’t really want to be on the main roster. Not just Ciampa and Walter respectively. A lot of guys and girls in the upper mid and top cards of the NXT brands have said if called to the main roster they’ll refuse to go. They’ll either ask to be a producer, help with booking, be a trainer or just flat out quit/retire. Main roster isn’t end all be all anymore. Why do you think so much of the main roster hate being on the main roster?
  7. Well this didn’t last long. it’s almost like it was a horrible fucking idea
  8. Walters main caveat to signing was outside special dates (takeovers, big 4, access conventions, etc) he’d never have to leave Europe. He doesn’t want to be on the main roster and has no intentions of ever going to main roster. He’s made that very clear.
  9. I don’t know how you even came to that conclusion.
  10. So I’m finally getting around to playing Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (yeah I know) and it’s actually hella fun. It really is babies first XCOM but that’s in no way a bad thing. The battle system is really simplistic but as you go into each battle map you have to be more and more creative with the tools you’re given. You aren’t given many new abilities as you progress either. Mario gets a melee attack, Luigi gets a remote mine. Things like that. They all have cool downs too. But as far as I can tell from the skill trees you’re really just making the few abilities you do get and
  11. Season 2 premier of The Mandalorian brought the heat
  12. watching UK. Wow. When did they sign Rampage Brown? That’s a get. Eddie Dennis just needs to be a manager. He has a much better presence as a manager than as a wrestler. I’m all about The Hunt getting a push. I loved Primate on the indies. I was sad when he said he had to retire due to his jaw injury. Glad he was able to bounce back. I don’t know why Pretty Deadly were even apart of this angle though. Lol I don’t really like the idea of Devlin being back on TV. It’s unfortunate that HBK wants to push him to the moon. who the fuck w
  13. Somehow that’s even more disappointing than daboog saying Riddick Moss
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