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  1. That whole movie was bullshit. Fuck Endgame.
  2. Yes. But I still don’t see them doing World War Hulk unless they tie it into a Maestro story… which I can’t think of how they could do that.
  3. we already got world war hulk in Thor Ragnarok. Not literally mind you but as close as we’re going to get.
  4. If you can somehow squeeze in Xmas you could pitch it to hallmark
  5. I feel this way about most content creators things like reactions, let’s plays, unboxing, etc. I just don’t fucking care and I can’t understand why people do. They get uncomfortably attached to these personalities
  6. It’s because on the surface both Drake and Sully are horribly miscasted. Does it mean the movie will be bad? Not at all. But it’s going to have to do a lot of work to convince us they made the right call with the casting.
  7. So they just smashed all four of the games together into one movie.
  8. So, GameStop had a company wide walk-in interviews/job fair today for seasonal. I went to two because why not. One offered me seasonal with a loose promise of being hired as part-time after. Which is usually how it goes with seasonal. The second GameStop offered me to be a keyholder while training to be an assistant store manager. guess which one I’m taking
  9. Nemesis as in Dr. Nemesis? If so he became Legions psychiatrist lol
  10. Arn Anderson being a stone cold gangster is probably the best wrestling meme since John Cena theme Rick rolling
  11. So a lot of Eternals spoilers including but not limited to the post credits got dumped on the internet last night thanks to some of Variety’s reporters. So be warned when browsing
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