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  1. I’ve been cleaning all day and my leg feels like it’s about to explode. I did the following: * helped my dad run errands around town * cleaned out my freezer, fridge and pantry * cleaned the rest of my kitchen (wiped down every thing, loaded and unloaded dishes as well as hand wash the bigger dishes I couldn’t get to fit. * Cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom * Did several loads of laundry * cleaned my room almost from top to bottom. I still need to vacuum and put the rest of my framed art up. a lot of this I was going to do anywaus because I
  2. I was raised by the MvC2 community. So...a lot? And not on accident. Lol. I don’t use the word anymore and try not to use racial charged words (we all make mistakes) and I’ve gone over why several times over on REDACTED. But the abridged version is I said something racial insensitive around a black friend I was rooming with at Evo that year (I didn’t mean the phrase to be racial insensitive but this person took offense.). As we were going back to our room with everyone else he asked to talk to me outside in private. he explained to me that what I said was not a wo
  3. The Great Power Uti! The name “monkey man prime” is killing me though.
  4. Yeah, I don’t remember when they started doing that at Walmart. I know it was sometime in my 4 years of working there, I just don’t know when. But it’s always been a great discount. Saving $10 is a huge deal on a $60 title. I can count on my hands how many times I saw an undiscounted game regardless of system. shortly before I quit though Nintendo started to not ship 1st party titles on release day. They’d wait til usually the next Monday to send Walmart copies. Likely cause they were losing too much money by people going to Walmart on day 1 instead of other retailers who 9/10 were f
  5. It’s a complete edition so it came with the original dlc that came out for it. Nothing new added. Which is fine, imo given it’s price point of $15. the fact it sold so many preorders and the number keeps going up tells Ubisoft and universal that people still care about the game, still love it and still want to play it. Are there better beat em ups out there? Yeah, sure. Does that matter? No. Not really. They don’t take away from the fact Scott Pilgrim is an amazing beat em up that people have been waiting almost a decade to play again.
  6. LRG sold over 25k copies of Scott Pilgrim in less than 3 hours of preorders being opened. And that’s just on the Switch. so yeah. A lot of people are still wanting to play it
  7. I’m seriously stoked with how good Q1 and the beginning of Q2 is looking for Nintendo Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury Persona 5 Strikers Bravely Default II Ghouls n’ Goblins Resurrection Capcom Arcade Stadium Balan Wonderworld Monster Hunter Rise New Pokémon Snap Honorable mentions: We Will likely get the next Smash DLC character in late March or early April. We may hear more (something?!) about Bayo 3 and MP4. Likely a release date for No More Heroes III something related to Zelda’s 35th anniver
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