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  1. That’s what happens when you put a bakery’s worth of cake on your face as an attempt to look attractive
  2. My parents have pretty much accepted the fact that my nephew is likely the only grandchild they’ll ever get. And I’m fine with only having one awesome nephew.
  3. I just don’t want kids lol. I personally don’t feel I’d be mentally or emotionally strong enough to deal with everything involving a child whether it be good or bad. I’d just rather avoid it altogether. But I also have no issues dating someone with a kid. My ex-fiancé had a 5 yr daughter when we started dating. So...
  4. I just can’t get over the controls. There’s way too many things to keep track of and I’m not as dexterous as I use to be thanks to the neuropathy in my hand. It sucks cause I was genuinely lookin forward to Rise since so many people I know on and off line we’re getting it
  5. I won’t get in trouble promoting Brians wrestling promotion because I didn’t say “AT” Hahahhaha
  6. I like that it’s such a dark blue it’s almost purple. I personally never plan on getting a Lite but the color assortment is nice. The pink one was tempting me just for the sake of it being pink. They should do a throwback Switch Lite where it’s clear like the old GBC
  7. Made some really good scrambled eggs this morning. Outside of the basic salt and pepper seasoning I added 3 different cheeses, minced garlic, some heavy whipping cream and a pretty generous pinch of red chili flakes. Had it with some toast and coffee. I wish I could have had some protein on the side like sausage or bacon but alas, I didn’t have any on hand. Still a great breakfast and a good way to start a busy day.
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