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  1. Dudes really be going out of their way to let the world know they are pedophiles these days. Hanging with them smashers at Evo got y'all feeling yourselves.
  2. Sad that not a single Inuyasha fans even knows shit about this or any other Takahashi stuff
  3. This dude still quoting me and rambling about some dumb shit he started? Anyways drop it, you wanna cry about a mod or their decision like @AYO?!banning someone that was given a ton of chances and was just generally annoying ppl and being a racist/sexist troll, then do it somewhere else. Keep that shit up and you can get fucked @DoctaMario You wanna @misterBee like the bitch I know you are then I will do it for you. In other news I saw this and now you all have to as well.
  4. Okay so you aren't mad but you were just crying about it like a little bitch, make it make sense my dude. My post obviously has you tight in the chest guy otherwise why bother with all this? All you are doing is just exposing yourself not that anyone wants to see that. 👀
  5. Just little dick nrg I suspect. Like he applauds the poor trolling from b-tier that no one likes but gets mad at me for trolling an entire fandom for shits and giggles. Breh big mad that the person typing the stuff that he agrees with is gone. Now he can't rub his sandy pussy to b-tiers low effort shit post. And yeah naruto went down hill when hxh went on hiatus XD
  6. Oh you were talking about my post? I could care less, die mad about it.
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