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  1. I stuck with GreyFoxx due to a close friend giving me that nick name in my UT99/Quake 3 days. He said since i face sometimes inhuman foes from cheater to practice with Godlike bots back in the day i should have a name that reflected that. Granted would never take the real mantle because hey you don't miss with the Cyborg Ninja!
  2. Side Note one of my discords did a watch along of the new MH movie. It was okay and had more gore then i expected honestly. Wasn't bad but i would for sure grab it on the cheap and see if with fellow MH buddies.
  3. Damn i leave for a weekend and SRK goes into Read-Only Mode. Good thing Mega Shock is the new place to be
  4. Wow i had a trip back memory lane and dug up Karas to watch. Wish they made a series of this with a nice budget.
  5. Everyone i know has shit taste in RE because it became a action game when 4 hit. I honestly haven't played 4 and from what iv'e seen i would like it easy. Did play 5 thru and enjoyed the change of pace/story and the lack of real zombies due to some Biological Terror. Currently playing thru 7 and the world intrigues me very much so.
  6. I hated dalhsim due to his reach and stretch arms.
  7. I've been on the should i buy a TV front but my TCL series 4 is doing okay but i mostly watch movie/stream stuff and barely play any console games. If not ill just sit on it or maybe see how my brothers OLED since he got the newest 65 In LG OLED. So besides OLED what is suggested for a great picture? Nanocell from LG or QLED or some off shoot?
  8. I collected most of Death Note/Hyper Police and recently snagged Gundam Thunderbolt and Dance in the Vampire Bud. Sadly most of my Death Notes got damaged in basement flood so i need to replace those down the road.
  9. LOL. Yeah this chick has been the typical got to post those inspirational posts or posts of locations that would be awesome to go with a significant other. Maybe take a step back and see what your doing wrong no one said ever to her.
  10. Gets on FB of course the single female who has struck out on many relationships claims "Why is it so hard to find a committed relationship in this Hook_up culture?" Goes on a rant about it and echo chamber of those who are in the same boat and claim they are Demi.
  11. I been binging the hell out of Fireforce S2 and the fights are pretty clean. Also Arrow...she THICC under all that baggy clothes.
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