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  1. Not really cosplay...just some chick with milkers emulating the vibe. It would be cosplay if dat skin was pale white... On RE8...freaky...nice!
  2. Aba and Preach are pretty Legit. They see the writing on the wall. also on a lighter note, meme monday came early:
  3. I'm going to stream DKC today...we're planning on doing a full start to end stream of the's going to be casual as I don't remember where all secrets are but hey I will have some fun! 3Pm PST!
  4. I'm a man of simple joys...nothing quite like a homemade burrito with beans and cheese tortillas made from scratch. I cannot make them like my mother's but I am trying.
  5. People hate those that are successful and honest. Peeps like AVGN, Max put in the work. What the haters won't admit is they don't hate THEM, the haters hate themselves because the majority DON'T put in the work. haters WANT peeps like Max to have controversy so it's easier to bring them down instead of building oneself up and improving. Today, it's VERY hard to grow because most everything is saturated BUT it's not impossible.
  6. Mario Maker Monday! will be live in a bit but I start playing at 3PM PST!
  7. I wanted to keep playing but I was starving haha. Thanks my man! I had a blast tonight playing! Maybe we do another one where we do Mario Kart! Great Games!
  8. super late but Imma plan on playing at 7PM PST...I wanted to start earlier today but personal things take priority. TEAM STAR!
  9. I didn't play it nor did i care to...happy though for peeps who have a shot at a physical copy of it.
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