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  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a classic. Lightning in a bottle that I cannot fathom both ever happening again and less so being good. Speaking of cartoons: enjoy MEME MONDAY: (in before robot chicken did it better)
  2. ThAtS HaTe SpEeCh! Check your persons who pee standing up privilege!
  3. We don't agree on everything politically but this is very true. Juneteenth is an important day but it means nothing if the intent isn't sincere. A new holiday won't fix the many issues in the black community. Also I am willing to celebrate the 4th and Juneteenth.
  4. I only ate well done out of ignorance. My mother didn't know better and lived a very poor Mexican life so any meat she could get was well done tough burnt leftovers. It never changed in her life and she passed that onto me until my fiancee broke that from me. No matter what I explain to my mother, she wouldn't change but it's ok. At her age though, she isn't eating much steak anymore anyway.
  5. It's Friday and peeps want to post political stuff this early? (9am PST here hence why I say early) (Edit) - ok I don't know why I still have a quote box. I don't know how to delete on mobile...too early to deal with this...
  6. head reading that. Maybe it was better to have gatekeeping after all.
  7. Came in to say...ADVANCE WARS IS BACK...sorta... I'm happy this series wasn't forgotten...but saddened this wasn't just a new game. Still it's for me a DAY JUAN!
  8. Reminder that Kaido isn't the most intelligent of enemies. Momo was in his hands literally and he tosses him back into the burning castle assuming he will merely die there. I personally blame his excessive drinking for his poor decision making.
  9. No one is arguing he's a bad actor. IMO he deserves a better role than "race swapped RE villain" because he's good at what he does.
  10. Actually when you think about it works TOWARDS the EVIL behind it all is a black man... HMMMM...
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