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  1. mobile gaming would be more appealing if there were games I wanted to play on it and without it feeling clunky (I don't like tapping a touch screen for the lack of buttons) The only game I would be playing now is MTGArena but my phone is too old/underpowered to run it (I have a Blackberry Key2 for my main phone and use my older LG V20 for photos/video/media)
  2. It was too optimistic to believe people being at home would make them realize what's important is to connect with your children and help them grow up into successful individuals. finding joy in teaching a child something and watching them grow, learn should be something all parents should be happy to do. Working at a theme park I have sadly seen many families that: 1) expect the public to take care of their children - I have seen parents leave a BABY in a stroller as the rest of the party go on a ride... 2) use their children as a tool to
  3. The ROG phone seems neat BUUUUUUT the backside will be pointless if I throw on a case and attach to that case some magnetic accessories. Sony's current Xperia line is amazing and great for pics movies and some games...problem is the phones are price wise a bit much but I can see why.
  4. I'm not even in on all this but a simple search helps peeps. You're welcome!
  5. Last of Us Mobile confirmed and i know ALL of you who play Sony games are SUPER excited I bet!
  6. Take the time to understand "The Smurfette Principle"
  7. Just after I bought the LRG ver...I KNEW there was going to be a repackaging of the og 2 games for switch...but I think the best option is to keep the LRG as a collectable and buy the trilogy as my playable ver.
  8. You're going to get the gay gene and will leave your family for a chubby black dude in West Hollywood. See you at Disneyland during gay days!
  9. so I bit the bullet and bought the limited run games ver of NMH1 and 2. I love artbooks and despite the price, I couldn't say no to a series I love.
  10. Disney doesn't know how to into vidya gaems. For a brief time they had something going but never really grew it very well and let Disney Interactive just fall apart. Such a shame...
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