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  1. And this is what I fear, anything that Team FF has (Bad Batch, Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic) will be attacked by team KK because reasons.
  2. I brought this up in the lounge and mentioned that KK does have her in the crosshairs...the whole thing is about breaking down what opposes her...and everything Mando reps is that unfortunately.
  3. Let the past die...Kill it if you must... - Kylo Ren SRK will go out with a whimper...very sad but it is what it is...
  4. Did they read some internet memes? Also I want ranch to be eliminated from existence. Ranch is gross and looks like bird poop to me
  5. The situation will continue to get interesting as KK is now laying low and is hoping people get tired enough for her to rear her head and act like all is cool. So far...things aren't going well at Lucasfilm and with Disney upper Execs. here is what I do know. Years ago Bob Chapek (current Walt Disney Company CEO replacing Bob Iger) came from consumer products as he moved up so the guy knows what sells and how to make cash for the mouse. Why is this important? Because KK is rocking the boat and in the long term can be a liability from that side of the company as the return on invest
  6. Against my better judgement, Imma spend to watch Raya this weekend...will drop my feels later on...
  7. MY ORIGINS: my OG name when I played PC games on cafes long ago was Shadow Angel to coincide with the clan I was in playing Counterstrike...the Angels of Death. Long story short we would (at the time) be a thing in our local scene and we all developed alt names and shorted the names to the AOD moniker. my friends saw I was "on fire" one day and I just replied back "then call me from this point on, 'Infernoman' because I'm hot as hell right now!" and it stuck.
  8. Sanji is in a weird spot with the crew powerwise...He got some upgrades buuuut...has a weakness that while understandable is comical and undermines him in random fights. That and now Jinbe be upstaging him in resourcefulness and power...
  9. made the vid a while ago about the gender neutral potato but here Yes the simple thumbnail and text was made to be clickbait with the assumption I was outraged by it. edit - for those that glanced at my vid thanks for the support...edits are crude and simple but still trying to refine my editing skills between other things I do.
  10. It was a joke as I cringe when I think about it but I cannot lie in that I should be open to options in terms of platforms. Right now i'm merely focusing on building content for my channel and promoting said content. seriously though, right now, I'm trying to understand how to use Twitter to my advantage and it has been frustrating as it's a platform I hate. I feel Instagram might be better but we'll see.
  11. I hate waifu worship...and while it has made some series in gaming/manga flourish, it's ruined other places at the same time.
  12. If YT doesn't work out for me...guess i'll sign up and shill myself on that darn tik tok the kids talk about. edit - video for Potato head is done but having PC issues so hope to have it up late night.
  13. I...kinda want to make a video on this too I am in the middle of my next MTG video. seems now it's less virtual signaling and more of a publicity thing. dropping the official name to just "potato head" but still selling them as to separate toys doesn't change anything.
  14. There's another timeline out there where Fighting Games became the first and strongest pillar of Esports followed by FPS and Strategy Games...
  15. Easier to model as there's less flowing cloth and the look actually fits very well into the style of the game. the small bonus is well, the outfit and how it was designed memes itself quite well in 3D.
  16. Not something that is talked about here BUUUUT: Esports continues to be an iffy thing here...
  17. two things CAN be true, Gina was fired for "wrongthink" based on Lucasfilm's decision. That doesn't mean every future firing will be politically/socially motivated. KK may just not like you. Rosario is playing a character that was originally non canon and made officially Disney/Star Wars Canon and has grown to become a beloved character in the series. Now that Mando officially brings Ahsoka into the mainstream, the character is the target. Filoni made Ahsoka and is on the Favreau side kinda see where this is going. The endgame of course if to just get rid of team FF. Again
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